TVP news advertising by Donald Tusk from the National Broadcasting Council

Donald Tusk He is one of the “anti-heroes” in the main versions of “Wiadomości” on TVP. The purchase order head appears in negative contexts in correspondents’ materials, with varying frequency.

In mid-April, TVP1 and TVP Info showed a documentary by Marcin Toliky called “Our Man in Warsaw”. The author praised the late Lech Kaczynski for his tough stance towards Russia, and in return, Donald Tusk emerged as a politician who favored the Kremlin. Radical images of the wars in Chechnya, Georgia and Ukraine appeared in the document.

Viewers complained about the film – the National Broadcasting Council received 7 complaints about the broadcast. Regarding Tusk’s criticism, viewers have recently complained not only about Toliki’s documentary. – KRRiT receives general complaints about the way Donald Tusk is shown on TVP, without specifying specific versions of “Wiadomości” or broadcast date. The main allegations in the complaints are a lack of objectivity and a lot of material on the subject – Inform Cuzcosman.

Pomaska: TVP’s material about Tusk “does not constitute impartial information.”

Complaints about the way Donald Tusk was portrayed have also been submitted to the National Broadcasting Council by Agnieszka Pomaska, PO MP.

– Even the National Broadcasting Council admits that the “Wiadomości” TVP material dedicated to donaldtusk “does not constitute impartial information” – PO Deputy Agnieszka Pomaska ​​wrote on Twitter. It also published a scan of the message from the head of the National Broadcasting Council.

We read it according to the National Broadcasting Council In its previous premiere coverage, TVP allowed the public broadcaster to use measures that “do not constitute impartial information”. The board calculated that TVP “repeatedly demonstrated in the same material the method of framing” Tusk; “I wove into various materials fragments of archival recordings taken from their context.”

Witold Kolodzewski, President of the National Broadcasting Council, addressed TVP in a speech drawing attention to the need to comply with the provisions of the Broadcasting Act “which obliges the public media to reliably present events and phenomena”.

After Donald Tusk returned to national politics in the summer of last year, the National Broadcasting Council received about 40 complaints about the way politics was presented in “Wiadomości”. Viewers have complained, inter alia, of the frequent repetition of footage in which Tusk utters German words, and also appears as “escalating struggles and quarrels.” The material is illustrated with repeated shots.

The exploitation of this subject in subsequent editions of the news services provoked the opposition of many viewers who – in the opinion of the National Broadcasting Council – could feel overwhelmed by the excessive accumulation of the same information and the repetitive images accompanying it, which was associated with their lack. Or a little bit of new news – was the response to the complaint to the National Broadcasting Council.

Therefore, the head of the Polish Television Council addressed, in which he stressed the need to adhere to the provisions of the Broadcasting Law, which “obliges the public media to present events and phenomena objectively and reliably and to encourage the freedom of formation of public opinion . . ”

In April this year. TVP1 had an average audience of 470,696 viewers, with an audience of 7.78%, after a decrease of 16.2%. every year.

The average viewership of TVP news on Jedynka and TVP Info in April 2022 was 2.50 million (1.75 million on TVP1 and 751 thousand on TVP Info). In contrast, the site’s share was 10.13%. (A year ago it was 20.07%, which means an increase).

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