Thermal water will supply the water park in bad? – The first step has already been taken

If the plans of the mayor of Wiązownica can be implemented, then something special may come out of them for residents and vacationers. Krzysztof Strent’s dream is to use groundwater in the Radawa water park. It will be the first such center in Podkarpacie. The first step has already been taken.

Krzysztof Strent, Municipal Director, recently received a study titled “Gmina Wiązownica. Possibility to determine the geothermal power generation potential” by the Department of Geology and Exploitation at PGNiG. The company has a well-known geological structure in the municipality of Wiązownica, thanks to the 2D and 3D excavation and seismic work carried out there, which were carried out during the exploration of natural gas deposits. PGNiG shared this data with the municipality. The deputy from Yaroslav turned out to be useful. I once spoke about geothermal energy with Representative Tadeusz Scherzan. He became interested in it and led us to get such a study from PGNiG – says the mayor of Wiązownica.

Several ways to use

As the presentation text shows, on the basis of parameters such as average temperature gradient, heat flow and projected temperature maps, it is initially possible to assess the prospects for geothermal energy in the Wiązownica municipal area as the national average. The average temperature gradient in the municipality area ranges from 3.3 to 3.7 K/100 m, a value close to the average for the Poland region and slightly higher. At 500 meters you can expect the temperature in the range of 22-25 ° C, at 1000 meters: 32-41 ° C, and at a depth of 2000 meters: 60-80 ° C. It ranges from about 50 MW / m2 to about 55 MW / m2, which – according to the PGNiG study – is slightly below the average value for the territory of Poland.

After estimating the amount of thermal energy accumulated in the rock mass, it is necessary to analyze several alternative ways of using this energy, in specific local conditions, taking into account the infrastructure, demand or potential recipients in the context of economic analysis ”- reads the conclusion.

Another step must be taken

It is a very general study. – It is now necessary to take the next step, which is to involve professors from AGH, who will prepare a detailed project. In Poland, there is a limited group of specialists who deal with this matter. We have assurances that if requested, PGNiG will provide archival data. Based on this, you can create a project and apply for financing – Krzysztof Strent confirms. Such a project costs tens of thousands of zlotys. Then you can apply for financing to drill the well. Depending on the parameters of water, chemistry, temperature and salinity, it can then be used properly. One of the methods of use can be, for example, heating. But the most obvious use seems to be a thermal water park. Such monuments are located in Malopolska, in Podkarbassy it will be the first water town of this type.

You can get money for exploration

Wiśniowa Municipality in Podkarpacie recently received excavation funding. On March 27, the mayor of this municipality signed an agreement with the National Environmental Protection Fund for the task “Identification and documentation of thermal water resources in the municipality of Wiśniowa”. The total cost of this project is 31.5 million PLN, of which 29.5 million PLN will be co-financed by the National Fund. As part of the mission, a pit will be made 4,705 meters deep and hydrogeological, geophysical and laboratory tests will be carried out, as well as preparatory and final work (assembly and dismantling of drilling equipment, access road, unloading pipeline), including land reclamation and waste disposal.

At the moment, the water dam is on Lubaczówka

The Mayor of Wiązownica is also dependent on a grant from the National Fund for Environmental Protection in the future. However, in order to apply for such funds for drilling, the above-mentioned project by experts is necessary. Its cost must be covered by the municipal budget. According to Christoph Strint, mayor of Wiązownica, this year it will likely not be possible, because there are already a lot of tasks ahead of the municipality. This week, for example, a contract to renovate the dam will be signed at Lubaczówka in Radawa. Works will include first implementing emergency hoses, then refurbishing corroded panels as well as completing and refurbishing covers. The renovation will block the water and thus start the season. The dams are scheduled to be built on June 14.

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