Music Production – Everything you need to get started

Almost every music producer or DJ has been asked “How do I start composing/playing music?” When you decide to start your music production adventure and what steps to take next.

Music Production – The Basics

Music is like a living being – the whole is influenced by many factors that, when working well, bring beneficial effects, while when something goes wrong, they can cause a domino effect. Everything starts with the desire You love music, you want to be admired, or you win the heart of your chosen one – awesome! No good reason. In order for your ambitious plan to continue into the next morning, you have to answer the question, “Have you got it? the timeIt is a difficult and time-consuming process, comparable to the highest level in an online game. It needs hard patience And Skill listeningBecause nothing comes out right away and you can easily turn off the music – you have to try. For your attempts to be effective, you need two basic things that are more important than the device itself – Idea and knowledge. You learn all your life – it’s a truism of course, but if you don’t have it, you won’t do much, even if you have suitable conditions. Do you like the music of a particular artist, have you liked a sound or a movie lately? Wonderful! It’s not like a piece harassment: I knew it would be like thisTradition is a negative thing. Yes, the 1:1 version was not very good, but most of the music ideas came from inspiration than it was before. For example, if you want to compose music like your idol, the method is free – you need information (such as knowledge) how he created his music, what instruments he used, made him love his voice. start searching. In the age of internet and globalization, the availability of knowledge sources is practically unlimited and it is definitely faster than it was 20 years ago. You read different websites, compare opinions, watch videos, tutorials etc. Who knows, maybe you will meet your idol and personally ask what you need. The process of learning and expanding your knowledge and competencies is continuous and will accompany (I wish you) all stages of your music adventure.

Music Production – Playback Equipment

The good news is that you can create great music (even music that can satisfy millions of listeners) using a laptop (yet a phone or tablet), DAW software (even in beta), speakers or headphones. When it comes to popular music, you can recognize a good producer or DJ by what they mean cleverness And Feeling What will the audience love and will help the party get started. It doesn’t even require tremendous academic musical knowledge or a lot of expensive equipment. They are a bit like snowboarding suits – they definitely help you get better results, but the most important thing is the talent itself, which depends on I’ll think And Knowledgewhat should be done.

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Stromae has achieved his greatest success with Reason and a simple console

You may have heard of some producers who have spent tens of thousands on their dream studio or graduated from music academies and still haven’t made headway in the market. Of course, this does not mean that the investment will not improve the quality of your blends. In order not to drown your money in unsuccessful investments, you need to ask yourself what you really need. Below I will give you a little cheat sheet – you are most welcome

Music Production – Phase One: START

When you start, you can create good dance music with your laptop, phone, tablet, reasonable headphones, and a basic speaker DAW With sample package and free synthesiser. Psst! You only need to master one DAW It is the standard among club music producers Ableton Live.

Musoneo – Ableton Live 8 Course – Session view vs. Rank view

I started from Reason for Propellerhead – The program’s graphic interface looks like real tools from Euroracwhich was attractive and useful to me, because it was easier for me to understand the specifications of drum machines, different vehicles, effects, etc. a reason Can be connected as a plug VSTAnd at the time I started, the Swedish program had a closed structure (if you want to put some of your loops in the sampler, you have to have an additional program recycle), as opposed to an externally open plug AbletonWhich became the most popular thanks to the famous session view DAW A standard in club stages.

Reason 11 – Promo

Fortunately, when I started in music production, I got to know him Cuba Sojkawhich started production workshops in Ableton LiveEven before the uprising Modern Music School. Thanks for working with Other people and more experienced producers It was easier for me to absorb new knowledge and use it in my music, so it’s always a good idea to consider studying with the best.

Music Production – Phase Two: Development

A console, a pair of mid-range studio monitors, and an audio interface should be among the first adjustments you make — they’ll push your work and your music forward. It is also worth investing in the workplace. Buy a comfortable armchair, desk, tripods and, if possible, work in a place where you can work quietly without disturbing others.

BEGINNER HOME STUDIO SETTING (and why every musician needs one)

Additionally, you may be tempted to buy better quality virtual tools. In the past decade, many people have realized that virtual instruments have the same capabilities as analog devices. Extras like: particle from original machinesAnd Silent 1 from linar digitalAnd Spectrum omnivir. Recently, I often see in my colleagues in the industry Serum from Xfer.

Live Act – Best Virtual VST Installer

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Music Production – Phase Three: SOLID SETUP

The next step is usually to invest in higher quality screens and a better audio interface, while also expanding your software offering and adding a few key elements to your music – a synthesizer, a better controller, or a microphone. The track you choose when expanding your studio depends on your personal preferences as a producer and musician. If you love the sound and look of old analog synthesizers – buy them. If you regularly record vocals – a reasonable microphone will be on your wish list. It is well known that there are many ways to part with money on the endless road to the “perfect” studio. A computer with a higher specification will allow you to work on more complex projects.

The Best Computer for Music Production – What’s Needed and Why!

Are you making more and more advanced parts, but during production you start to have processor stability issues? As it turned out, in all configurations it is not necessary to purchase the latest equipment for a few thousand. You have an empire With Atari teen riot He found his balance in the studio. check it out!

Alec Empire (Atari Teenage Riot) vlog: Angry with your $60,000 Mac Pro?

Are you used to working on new software and plug-ins that might devour your hardware? You have two options to advance your production. Stop using sockets or eating software, buy new components, or a computer that can keep up with your ideas. latest price MacBook Pro with processor M1 Max And 64 GB of RAM hovers around 20,000 PLN. producer and youtube El Dre He scored a test on a new laptop where he reloaded his project into it Ableton Eating process stoppers original machinesAnd omnivir And radioactive isotopes – In addition, I set the sampling rate to 64 samples. The effects are visible.

The new Macbook Pro M1 Max is crazy!

I hope my advice and ideas will be useful to you. Of course I invite you to ask questions, comment and share your memories of the life of the product.

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