Men’s fashion weeks fall-winter 2022: the best collections

Dior / Pictures. Acielle / Style du Monde

Men’s Fashion Weeks, the most important European event dedicated to the future of men’s style, has ended in Milan and Paris. Fashion houses are slowly emerging from the Covid haze. Big and rich companies are best. Here are collections for the fall-winter 2022 season that we will not forget, because they will shape the future of fashion.


Xenia: Il nuovo abito as an alternative to a suit

Zinnia / Photo. IMaxTree

The fashion house of Xenia combined a real show with the premiere of the film. The event begins in the Biellesi Alps, in the Oasi Zegna park. The complex surrounds the company’s first factory founded in 1910. Oasi is not much smaller than Białowiea National Park, it consists of a ski lift and vast expanses of reclaimed nature: forests of different types, colorful gardens, picturesque meadows. Zegny Park has been under construction since 1993.

The Italian symbol of luxury has been updated this year. Two brands – Ermenegildo Zegna and Z Zegna – merged into one. The new Zegna has a new logo. It consists of the name of the company and two strips of light brown color with a touch of yellow. There is a black line between them. The composition symbolizes the road and mimics the scenic path of Oasi Park. The road to the future connects the past with the present, characterized by care for climate and nature.

References to alpine landscapes can also be seen in clothing. Asymmetrical, unbuttoned shirts with pleats whose shapes resemble the outlines of peaks and tracks immersed in clouds. The color scheme of the collection harmonizes with or harmonizes with the landscape of Oasis. The clothes resemble the costumes of former shepherds and farmers.

Alessandro Sartori, creator of Zegna, once famous for her suits, is looking for children Novo Abito, any new suit will become a comfortable, noble and elegant outfit to be worn at home, on the streets of Turin, and on the roads of Oasi. The film ends with footage showing Milan Street, where a crowd of dancers creates a pattern that imitates the symbolic Via Zegna emblem.

Fendi / Pictures. IMaxTree

Fendi: Strength of String, Delicacy of Pearl

Fendi / Pictures. IMaxTree

The most beautiful models from the main collection Silvia Venturini Fendi are those that reveal masculine wishbones. It reminds us of the creations of Audrey Hepburn. On the platform, the woolen chimneys adjacent to the neck, decorated with hoops of pearls, were also delightful. The model was wearing a tailcoat, and was carrying a small evening bag. Another wore a cropped tuxedo. Oscar Wilde looms large in audiences’ minds, Lunch and Ex-Masters, as well as the polyamorous Orlando from Virginia Woolf’s novels.

The catwalk was dominated by handbags: baguettes, as well as bags and suitcases reminiscent of the style of officials in the offices of the Polish People’s Republic in Warsaw. Handbags as pendants. Bags on bags. Handbags are held by hand and hung over the shoulder. Handbags, bags, handbags.

The shoes from the Fendi winter collection are fashionable sneakers or slippers with interwar motifs. Some are decorated with clocks and attached to knee socks made of sock material.

The main shape is 3D printed strings. Their strength and expression contrasted with the charm of the paper of pearls. The cells took the shape of a redesigned letter FF.

This glamorous, glamorous collection was created by uplifting the strict gender divisions. Silvia Fendi plays with gender patterns and uses an unlimited range of forms and mediums drawn from the various European traditions and Roman heritage of the Company.

Prada: As in Blade Runner

Prada / Photo. IMaxTree

The most famous show in Milan was the Prada show, because it presented film and television stars. lynch slotIt is Kyle MacLachlan, and it was concluded by expressionist Jeff Goldblum, known for the example from the horror movie Mucha. Younger colleagues walked among them: Thomas Brody-Sangster, Asa Butterfield, Damson Idris, Tom Mercer, Jaden Michael, Louis Partridge, Ashton Sanders, Filippo Scotti. Actors walked the stage using: talent, magnetism, individuality, beauty and style.

The dark, futuristic atmosphere, large shoulders and high collar were reminiscent of Blade Runner from 1982. Space workers’ suits, geometric backpacks, and robot-shaped earrings appeared on the catwalk. Knee-length jackets with wide stripes of mohair fur are also remembered.


Louis Vuitton / Photo. press material

Louis Vuitton: A Kaleidoscope of Virgil Abloh’s Legacy

Louis Vuitton / Photo. Getty Images

The Louis Vuitton show was, of course, an unforgettable Paris event. The mourning fashion house has showcased its latest collection whose authorship has been attributed to Virgil Abloh, who died last November. The projects were based on ideas developed by an African American over the past eight seasons.

Surrealism, illusion, humor, the combination of the sacred and the profane as well as other opposing elements, boundless imagination and painting on poetry are terms that describe Abloh’s legacy and L.V.’s latest collection. The show’s design was similarly multidimensional and fun.

Louis Vuitton Fall Winter 2022 is a kaleidoscope spectacle in which an array of multicolored and shaped glass has been replaced by a gorgeous legacy from Virgil Abloh. The designer, born in Illinois, within a few years became one of the most respected creators in the history of fashion.

Bianca Saunders: Against Conservatism

Bianca Saunders / Photos. IMaxTree

The first Paris show of blonde Bianca Saunders, who, inter alia, refers to the heritage of the West Indies, where her family comes from, will go down in history. Saunders is one of the most talented male fashion designers. Its collections delight in a wise design that is not obscured by icons. The films and accompanying clothing images are multi-layered images of contemporary men breaking free from the shackles of conservative culture. These artistic documents tell about the character, sexuality, sexuality, and culture of black heroes.

Parisians and Parisians had to have Saunders at home, and they won it thanks to the prestigious French award – the designer was awarded the ANDAM Grand Prix 2021.

Her Paris runway is characterized, among other things, by costumes whose prints create optical illusions resembling the art of suspense. The illusion is deepened and diversified by sophisticated and simple clothing shapes. A unique expression is also created by: sharp cuts, asymmetry, curves and flashes.

Dior: The Splendor of Christmas

Dior / Pictures. Acielle / Style du Monde

The show of the fashion house Christian Dior to celebrate her 75th birthday was completely Parisian. Champion Kim Jones, who adores the art and heritage of the brand, is in charge of the men’s collections. The display set was created by a copy of the bridge of Alexander III. Named after the Russian Tsar, the building connects Invalides Square with the Champs Elysees. The landscapes of Paris visible from here have been recreated on the screens. The soundtrack was created in conjunction with Christian Dior sound recordings, and on the podium, typical Dior elements were admired, such as: Toile de Jouy prints, leopard spots, elegant grays, applications – flowers and bouquets, quilts referring to the Lady Dior purse, models new look Combined with jackets, coats, and jackets, as well as adorable hats designed by Stephen Jones. Modesta has been with Dior for 25 years.

Of course, femininity and masculinity and their confusion were greatly shaken and confused.

Lowe/Photo. iMaxtree

Lowe: Imagination and Harmony

Lowe/Photo. iMaxtree

JW Anderson premiered an exciting collection created under his name. The show was held in a nightclub in Milan. The following week, in Paris, we saw a beautiful collection designed for Loewe. Of course, the ‘male’ / ‘female’ categories are becoming a thing of the past in both cities.

The clothes seemed to have stalled in the process of transformation: undressed, altered, repainted, distorted, rounded, enlarged, reduced, ripped, lengthened, turned upside down and inside out, lighting up. A down jacket with bright light grabs attention. The sleeves resemble neat lampshades. However, none of the above remedies caused the chaos. There was an imaginary and expressive harmony on the podium. Anderson portrayed the process of transforming the real world intertwined with virtual illusion.

In Milan, Jonathan Anderson showed surrealist handbags in the form of hyper-realistic bathrooms, and in Paris – glossy, fairy, shell-shaped. In France, owl lids and covers and applications in the form of drain stoppers for sinks were also a surprise.

The set’s striking design made of multicolored ribbons is the work of artist duo Joe McShie and Edgar Mossa. The soundtrack was full of magical phrases, including “I love you more than anything in the world” and “I love the rising sun.”

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