Jubilee Glass Heritage Center in Krosno

CDS in Krosno summarized ten years of its activism on Saturday (May 14). There were also memories and thank yous. There were attractions waiting for visitors, including young ones.

On June 2, 2012, a party was held on the Market Square in Krosno, during which the official document of the city website was read: “We Piotr Przytocki, praise be to God, Citizens at Elections, Mayor of the City of Krosno, declare who ought to know it, everyone who reads or will read this Memorandum now and in the future, that after consulting the Krosno City Council, we desire to give our city greater advantages, as a city Glass, we define and turn it into a city with a glass character. We are motivated to do so by our interest in the city, as well as the hope that many hikers and travelers will visit our city, turning the estates of Krosno residents into flowering gardens.”

The owner of the “City of Glass” project is dedicated to the Glass Heritage Center. A year later (2013) it was recognized as the best tourism product in Poland.

There would be no CDS without the creator of this project, the person who put together the concept, then the project, and finally the financial assembly and the right team of people. The person who made it possible for us to celebrate our foundation’s 10th anniversary today. I mean Krosno’s president, Piotr Przytocki, father of the Glass Heritage Centre – said CDS President Paweł Szczygieł during the jubilee celebrations on May 14 this year.

“Father” of CDS President Piotr Przytocki (center) with President Pawe Szczygieł and City Council President Zbigniew Kubit

President Bäuwisz تشيižek presented to President Pyotr Przytuky a commemorative plaque.

Our goal was not to build a monument, but to build a tourist product. I would like to express my gratitude to all participants for their contribution, for the preparation of a suitable project for which we have received funding from the European Union. I would also like to thank the Krosno city council with the president and members of the local government club, if not for them, the project would not have been – said the mayor of Krosno, who, together with the mayor of the city, Zbigniew Kopet, casually handed President Graverton a congratulatory letter.

President Paweł Szczygieł emphasized that CDS is a place for modern arrangements and display techniques compared to artists who show their work live.

The entire project was financed under the Innovative Economy Program 2007-2013, its value amounted to more than 23.6 million PLN (total). The amount of eligible costs is more than PLN 18.9 million, the amount of support is PLN 9.2 million.

Today, CDS is, among other things, a modern building equipped with various multimedia solutions and systems, and this also means exquisite interiors decorated in a modern and tasteful style, as well as workstations where various activities are carried out with glass. An interesting fact is the painting by Ryszard Paprocki, at the time of the opening of the CDS, one of three such in Poland, in addition to the escalator, not only for tourists visiting tourists, and the glass of Chu Chu – said President Bowie Szczygieł.

Bronisław Komorowski at CDS
President Bronislaw Komorowski visited CDS in 2013

The Glass Heritage Center of Krosno is a modern and interactive museum that presents visitors to the glass heritage of Krosno, the region and Poland in a very attractive way. CDS data shows that in 2013, 36,841 people visited the center, and in 2015 there were nearly 40,000 of them. So far, 2019 has been a record year, with 48,898 tourists visiting the CDS. Due to the pandemic and related restrictions, the number of visitors has fallen dramatically in the past two years – to 17,750 in 2020 and 30,497 in 2021.

It is also worth noting that the survey conducted among tourists showed that 60 percent of people said that visiting the City Development Center was the main reason for their visit to Krosno. – Paweł Szczygieł emphasized.

Over the decade, more than 100 temporary exhibitions have been presented, including group exhibitions from the collections of national museums and private collections, as well as thematic exhibitions of Polish and foreign artists, studios and studios. In Piwnice Przedprożnych, among other galleries, you can also see a collection of unique glass items, works by famous glass artists.

Cinema hall and jubilee participants
The jubilee celebration was held in the cinema hall of the Glass Heritage Center

Saturday’s jubilee celebrations were an opportunity to thank CDS staff. Occasionally congratulatory letters and figurines were given to Dr. Hanna, the grandmother of Lawera and Hrihori Malik. People who have been associated with CDS from the beginning were also honored with messages of congratulations and gifts. This group included: Dorota Niziołek-Borek, Dr. Hanna Wajda-Lawera, Małgorzata Mrozek, Hrihoriy Malyk, Anet Kozak, Marcin Ginalski, Adam Okólski, Mirosław Penar, Zbigniew Rajs, Sławomir Wojtowicz, Tomasz Nowotarski.

Children at CDS Krosno
The youngest CDS visitors had no time to get bored

The 10th anniversary celebration was also attended by the Chairman of the Podkarpackie Voivodeship Sejmik, Jerzy Borcz, who congratulated him on 10 years of excellent work and conveyed the best wishes of Władysław Ortyl, Podkarpackie County Marshal; Deputy Mayor of Krosno Bronislav Baran; Rector of KPU University in Krosno, Dr. Love. Zbigniew Barabasz, KPU Professor; City Council Counselors: Anna Dobell, Piotr Grodez, and Grzegorz Rachua; Director of the Department of Glass and Building Materials at the Institute of Ceramics and Glass in Kraków Michau Wiecorek; Former CDS chairmen Stefan Dziadosz and Ryszard Rabski, Mayor of Wojaszówka Sławomir Stefański Municipality. Represented by Katarzyna Rysz-Jęczkowska, MEP Joanna Frydrych-Katarzyna Janas, MEP Elżbieta Łukacijewska.

Among the attractions on Saturday, marking the 10th anniversary of the founding of CDS, were a free tour of the main building, an exhibition “Created in CDS Studios”, children’s animation, “Mały designer” workshops, concerts and vocal groups from the complex of the Music School in Krosno, Commemorative medals, 3D mapping on the plate. The store offered products with a 10% discount on the entire collection.

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