Investing in Coins with Robert Lewandowski. Collected coins are a magic medicine for inflation

The data that is updated every month by the Central Statistical Office (GUS) is more and more pessimistic. In April, Poland’s inflation rate was 12.3%. It was the highest in 24 years. In just one month, food prices rose 4.2 percent. Most of them are in the history of the Central Bureau of Statistics so far.

The increase in the cost of living and the decrease in savings every day means that we are looking for new opportunities to allocate money, thus protecting it from rampant inflation. Pooling coins is one way to get an efficient and safe form of investment, especially those from the first series of issues.

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Contemporary coins are minted in gold or silver of the highest quality. These materials are resistant to inflation. And most importantly, in the event of an economic slowdown, their prices will rise, which in turn affects positive ratings. Investing in gold and silver is one of the safest forms of capital investment also due to its high liquidity for sale and worldwide recognition.

It is also worth emphasizing that the coins issued by the Gdansk mint are legal tender. Most of them have a face value (in New Zealand dollars) and a government guarantee from the government of the Pacific island of Niue, under the authority of the President of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. The mintage also includes Central African Francs, Ghanaian Cedi, and others. According to Polish law, only Narodowy Bank Polski has the option to issue zloty coins.

Unique set with “left”

Recently, the Gdańsk Mint minted a coin with the image of Robert Lewandowski. This is the first series in history with the image of the captain of the Polish national team and one of the few cases in which a prominent figure has appeared while still alive. Thus, Robert Lewandowski joined the group of great Poles, incl. Józef Piłsudski or John Paul II.

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But it’s not surprising given Lewy’s accomplishments. Two Bundesliga titles with Borussia Dortmund, eight with Bayern Munich, winning the Champions League. It is impossible to mention individual awards. “Leoy” was named the best football player in Poland 10 times, and in 2020 and 2021 he won the FIFA referendum for the best football player in the world, and in a moment and for the seventh time in his career he will win the title of top scorer in the German League.

Coins with Robert Lewandowski will form a seven-part series titled “Droga do marzeń”. All of them have been prepared in such a way that it advances the footballer’s path towards the best football in the world and reminds him of his greatest successes. The best Polish medalists work in the group. By 2028, the mint will issue a total of 56 monetary items in various variants. The chain consists of gold and silver coins of the highest quality. As they are collector items, each will have a very limited working effort, which is their big advantage.

The high-quality 999 Silver “Talent” coins are already available for pre-sale: two ounces for $5 and one for $50. On the back of the first image are four portraits of Robert Lewandowski and a 3D accessory imitating a ball. On the obverse there is a shirt of a football player with the name and number 9. In pre-sale, the currency currently costs 1,799 zlotys, and its circulation is 3000 pieces.

The reverse of the one-kilogram coin shows the footballer in a privileged position after scoring a goal. The coin is also decorated with a 3D insert imitating a ball. In contrast, there is a football field on the face. The current pre-sale price is 14,999 PLN. The minting of this coin is only 200 pieces.

In the following years, the Gdansk mint will make new parts of this unique collection: “Winner” (2023), “Record Player” (2024), “Krol Strzelko” (2025), “Capitan” (2026), “Best Player” “(2027) and “The Master” (2028).

Coins guarantee big profits

The first coins of the Mint of Gdańsk series are always an excellent investment and get more expensive over time, at least 50%. A good example of this is the series “The Witcher”. In the case of the one-kilogram silver coin, we are talking about an increase from PLN 13,000 on the day of issue to PLN 24,999 in April of this year. In turn, the two-ounce silver coin increased its value from 1,300 zlotys to 6,999 zlotys.

Another coin in the series, The Blood of the Elves, sold out within two hours of its premiere. Moreover, the list price in February 2022 was PLN 2,999, and now it has increased to PLN 3,999.

Recently, the Gdańsk Mint also included the First Collector’s Coupon in its offer. ‘Cyberpunk 2022’ joins the premium collection ‘The Punk Universe’, a series of coins dedicated to sci-fi trends depicting alternate realities related to mechanics and technology. The coupon was issued in circulation of 5,000. Its pre-sale price is PLN 79.

Most importantly, the voucher is secured with nine specialized and innovative technologies, both duplex and flip. The use of Polish Security Publication Paper ensures the security of the applied data.

The first coin of the new “Argonauts” series – Jason and Chiron, which has a great relief, also impresses with the quality of workmanship. was minted with 2 ounces of pure silverThen he surrendered to her oxidationTo give an antique finish. selective gilding Emphasizes the important role of Jason. The Argonauts, led by he, were a group of 52 participants who, according to Greek mythology, went on an expedition to Colchis for the “golden fleece” of the miraculous ram.

The pre-sale Jason and Chiron coin costs PLN 1199, its work has been limited to 500 pieces (there is a limit of 2 for one buyer).

Another wonderful statue created by the Gdańsk Mint has been sold. It presents Guana Yu, one of the most famous historical figures of ancient China. Guan Yu lived in the years 162-219 BC, he was an outstanding general who showed courage, honesty, and wisdom. After his death, he was considered a deity who protected the Chinese Empire and its people. The pre-sale 10 ounce silver coin costs 4,999 PLN.

11 Reasons to Invest

  1. Robert Lewandowski is the most prominent Polish athlete, great football player and great Polish ambassador in the world. The Gdansk Mint series honors his great merits and achievements.
  2. The minting of each coin is strictly limited. Small sets of 2 oz coins – 3000 pieces, 1 kg of coins – 200 pieces is a great feature. Robert’s fans number in the millions all over the world, and coins are definitely not enough for everyone.
  3. The unique design of the coin expresses the most important feelings associated with the road to victory; Passion, strength and determination. Includes an innovative 3D accessory that imitates a ball. The coin was created by the best Polish medalists.
  4. The first coins in the Gdańsk Mint series often gained value, as evidenced by: The Last Wish 2 oz (increased in value by 400%) and 1 kg, Rusalka, Jupiter, Spartacus, Big Bang, Guan Yu, Assassins, Cyberpunk, Mesopotamia.
  5. The New Zealand dollar is the currency of many valuable coins and is used as a currency. It is minted from the finest quality 999 silver with a very high 3mm engraving.
  6. History shows that ores are particularly resistant to inflation and are considered one of the safest forms of investing money, and their value is increasing systematically.
  7. The Road to Dreams series follows Robert Lewandowski’s path to the pinnacle of Olympic football.
  8. Great interest in coins makes it likely that they will sell out quickly.
  9. The idol of millions of children around the world and thousands of future footballers has also been forever inscribed in the pages of history as a series of coins. This coin will become an excellent family heirloom, preserved from generation to generation.
  10. Robert Lewandowski joined the small group of great Poles: Joseph Piłsudski and John Paul II, who were commemorated during their lives with a coin.
  11. Football-themed coins, such as those for Euro 2012, are always very popular, which affects their value.

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