Housing and Housing Fair at Expo Kraków this weekend

This weekend, on May 21 and 22, another edition of Krakow Apartment and House Fair will take place in the exhibition hall at ul. Galicyjska 9. As every year, residents of Krakow and the surrounding area will have the opportunity to see the current offerings of local developers. The exhibition program also includes consultations with credit advisers, and even the possibility of showing a perception of apartments. According to market analysts, it wouldn’t get any cheaper, so now is the best time to find your dream home.

Last year was a record-breaker, and what awaits us now in the housing market?

According to JL data, 69,000 apartments were sold on the primary market last year in Poland’s six largest cities. More apartments (three thousand to be exact) were sold only in 2017, that is, before the outbreak of the epidemic. The increasing demand for new real estate only proves that the Poles still attach importance to their M. The intense demand for apartments has caused a sharp rise in prices, which are rising faster than the rapidly rising inflation. According to analysts, we can count on other small increases, or perhaps a slight decrease in real estate prices. One thing is for sure – the quantities per square meter that we remember a few years ago will not return. Does this mean it’s your last call to find your dream apartment within your planned budget? There are many factors that confirm this.

For several months now, we have been noticing how building materials are systematically becoming more expensive, and so far there is no sign that anything will change in the near future. What’s more, the disrupted supply chains in connection with the pandemic and war in Ukraine can only increase prices. In addition, there will be no more land for housing development, and less land will be available. It should also be taken into account that the economic and political situation in Europe that has prevailed for several months will soon lead to an increase in interest rates rather than a decrease in them. Those whose credit eligibility has fallen significantly see opportunity in the government program “Apartment without special contribution”, which will be introduced at the end of this month. This, in turn, could exacerbate already record-high home-buying demand. Given that an oversupply is unlikely, it is best to check what the developers are currently offering in their offering.

The exhibition of apartments and houses in Krakow is a great opportunity to buy real estate

On May 21 and 22, another exhibition of apartments and houses was held in Krakow, organized by Nowy Adres SA, which belongs to the MTP group. This time, in the exhibition hall, you will be able to get acquainted with the presentation of Krakow developers, including April Development, Budopol, Excon, Dasta Invest, Dom Development, Frax-Bud, Helvetia Haus, Imperial Capital, Instal Kraków, Inter-Bud Developer , Kasztelańska, Kontrakt Development, KRJ Development, Kujawska Residence, Megapolis Osiedle Ozon, Nokturn Deweloper, Osiedle Twój Mników, Proins, Qercus, Samm-Bud, Semaco, Socha Home, Urba Futura Projekt 1, Urba Probajekt Obo Village and many more . The fair will also feature companies offering homes for sale – Danwood and DMDmodular, real estate agencies with a wide range of properties from the secondary market: Consilo Finanse i Nieruchomości, Green City, Kurpiel Nieruchomości, Manufaktura Nieruchomości and Superopcja.

On the other hand, in the credit advisor platforms, a credit expert advisor will be available, in addition to Phinance, where you will be able to find out about the possibilities of financing the purchase with a mortgage. Being at the exhibition is also a great opportunity to take advantage of discount offers prepared only by the exhibitors during the event. The exhibition will also feature companies specializing in interior design and finishes – Excellent, Podłogi Interior Stairs, Gardens and Terraces – Leroy Merlin, Jaar FHU or BeCLM. Visitors will certainly be interested in the innovative smart solutions and new ways to improve home comfort and safety, offered by Somfy.

And what else have the organizers prepared?

The organizers made sure that there were also attractions this time around, so this year’s Spring House and Apartment Show will be an excellent opportunity to gain essential knowledge. There will be two seminar rooms at your disposal – the purchasing area and the financial area, where free lectures by real estate experts will be held. Not only this, you will be able to seek the opinion of premium financial advisors as well as industry professionals. During the exhibition, you will also get a hint on how to get a loan for an apartment cheaply and without fear. All attractions will be complemented by a virtual 3D walking area – in this place, you will be able to visit the already built, equipped and already completed apartments from the show of individual exhibitors.

Being at the Housing and Homes fair, it is also worth visiting the company’s pavilion “In the stilettos on the construction site”, where consultations are given on the technical acceptance of houses and apartments under development, as well as an overview of the technical condition of real estate from the planned secondary market. Galicyjska 9 is a must-visit address this weekend with the goal of buying the home you want.

Source: KRN.pl | 2022-05-16

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