Give your vision a voice – as part of the European Year of Youth 2022

When President Ursula von der Leyen declared 2022 the European Year of Youth, she wanted Europe to listen carefully to young people in order to better shape the Union in line with their expectations. To this end, the European Commission has launched the new 3D digital platform “Give Your Vision a Voice” as a central element of the European Year of Youth: an interactive platform where young Europeans can record their own unique and personal message.

The aim of the Give Your Vision a Voice platform is to empower European youth from all walks of life and corners of the continent to express their vision for the future – from employment, integration, peace and security to climate change, education, mental health and much more.

In the face of the global pandemic and the ongoing war against Ukraine, the voice of young people becomes even more important. Give Your Vision a Voice is a modern interactive space that allows people to literally break their silence and speak out by recording their personal message to share what they think is most important.

The platform is designed to transmit any message in all official languages ​​of the European Union (as well as Norwegian, Turkish, Serbian, Macedonian and Icelandic). Once added, each sound generates its own unique 3D wave that connects to all other recordings on the platform and allows anyone to hear any speech in any language, on any device, at any time.

As European Commissioner for Youth Maria Gabriel says: “Give your vision a voice” A common platform was created in the spirit of youth, objective and open discussion during the Year of Youth. It is a discussion that allows young Europeans to introduce themselves, speak up and share their doubts and ideas for the future. The time when the platform was created was not accidental – these are very important moments for all young people, not only as European citizens but also as members of a community that has lived through these difficult times.

Speaking about the importance of the European Year of Youth 2022, Commissioner Gabriel added: We ask all young people to be active and involved. Their voices are an essential part of the European journey towards development, knowledge, innovation, opportunities and the best carefully selected solutions geared to young people. We are listening carefully and ensuring that our youth policies are developed in more open spaces for collaboration, and that all voices are heard and answered – not just this year.

One of the most important elements of the European Year of Youth is the participation of Member States in national and local promotion, which aims to involve young people in a variety of activities.

As part of the European Year of Youth in Poland, 33 events have already been organized, and we already know about 13 more events planned in the coming months,” said Szymon Dziubicki, National Coordinator of the European Youth Year in Poland. In each, young people will have a unique opportunity to join the conversation on issues that are important from their point of view. The European Year of Youth is an excellent continuation of the activities carried out in our country for young people, as was the largest in history “Consultations on the Strategy of the Republic of Poland for the Young Generation” last year with the participation of 30 thousand. Young Citizens, organized by the State Commissioner for Youth Policy, Piotr Mazurek, and the Council for Dialogue with the Young Generation.

Upcoming events include:

  • “EKS Warm-up Training” organized by the European Solidarity Corps and directed at representatives of foundations, organizations and institutions interested in hosting or supporting volunteers, who have not previously implemented volunteer projects.
  • “Volunteering and Study Abroad Webinar. Why is it worth leaving?” Organized by the National Office of Eurodisk Poland.
  • EuroPeers Polska Network meeting organized by the National Agency for the Erasmus + Program and the European Solidarity Corps. The EuroPeers Polska Network is a group of young people who have participated in European youth programmes, such as Erasmus+ or European Solidarity Corps, and want to share their experiences with their peers through different types of active activities.
  • Conference “European Youth Perspectives Day” organized by EU Professional Ambassadors at the University of Warsaw. The event aims to gain practical knowledge and inspiration from people associated with the European Union, which is especially important in 2022, which has been announced as the European Year of Youth.
  • “Catalyst for Business Development” workshop organized by Youth Business Poland – a comprehensive and innovative project for the development and support of start-ups in Poland.

The new ‘Give Your Vision a Voice’ platform will promote these events and will become a hallmark of the European Year of Youth 2022 after its end – youth voices will drive change and fuel future policies.

Information about the European Year of Youth 2022

The European Commission has declared the European Year of Youth 2022 “a year dedicated to empowering those who have given so much for others,” President von der Leyen said in his State of the Union address in 2021. So it is a year entirely dedicated to young people, to support, encourage and enrich them with new opportunities and new ways of active participation. In the community.

The overall objective of the European Year of Youth is to encourage all young people to express their views and participate by sharing their vision on the main topics of this year[1]So is hope for the future of Europe. In addition, throughout the year, activities are carried out to ensure that European values ​​are reflected and strengthened in statements of solidarity aimed at youth and support for Ukraine expressed in many different forms.

At the same time, the European Year of Youth is characterized by an atmosphere of co-creation and collective participation, to which hundreds of youth organizations contribute most actively. This translates to many national and local activities – over 1,650 activities have already been published across Europe on the European Year of Youth website, which unites young people in a positive and objective celebration of their year.

For more information, see What is the European Year of Youth? | European Youth Portal (

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