Galeria Wiślanka promotes an ecological lifestyle

May is not only the perfect time for a spring house cleaning, but it’s also the time to take a moment and see the beauty of nature come alive. From May 20-21, all Galeria Wiślanka customers will be able to deliver used batteries and environmentally hazardous electrical waste to a professional recycling company – Enviropol, but also learn how to take care of the well-being of our planet on a daily basis.

As part of the event under the theme “Eco Spring”, ory town residents who deliver used equipment and batteries to the shopping mall will receive live plants and herbs in a vase as a gift. In turn, people who bring the largest number of used batteries on a given day will be able to count on attractive prizes – smart watches and smart bands.

The issue of storing and disposing of electrical waste can be annoying. Smartphones, laptops, tablets, broken microwaves or hair dryers are often hidden in the nooks and crannies of our homes for many years. A similar situation applies to batteries, which can quickly pose a threat to our health and the environment after using them.

On May 20-21, from 12-19, all Galeria Wiślanka customers will have the opportunity to completely dispose of electrical waste and non-functioning batteries in an ecological manner. As part of the “Eco Spring” event, a collection point will be set up in the corridor of the mall where all broken batteries can be returned. On the other hand, in the parking lot in front of the exhibition, an Inferopol car will be erected, where you will be able to leave electrical waste for free.

Event participants who bring at least 10 different types of batteries, incomplete household or electronic equipment, will receive a potted plant as a gift. Galeria Wiślanka, together with Enviropol, will distribute a total of 500 flowers and herbs in pots for two days, which will become a beautiful decoration for homes or balconies.

Promotions for ecology

However, this is not the end of the surprises! To encourage the residents of Żory to lead an ecological lifestyle, the shopping center will distribute 5 main prizes every day to the participants of the Wiślanka Club loyalty program who bring the largest number of batteries or used batteries to the collection point. The winners of the game will get smart watches and smartbands as a reward. In addition, every day participants of the event will be able to get acquainted with different types of environmental curiosity and participate in numerous competitions with prizes for children and adults.

Our work is not only aimed at promoting pro-environmental attitudes in everyday life, which are increasingly important over the next few years for the benefit of our planet, but above all has a practical dimension. Many people still do not know exactly how to properly dispose of waste electrical or batteries without harming the environment. So we decided to make it easier for all city dwellers to get rid of unnecessary equipment and reward them for participating in the event with nice gifts – says Marta Szwakoska, Galeria Wiślanka Director.
Eniviropol, which specializes in professional e-waste treatment, will dispose of non-working equipment and batteries delivered to the shopping center.

– Every year there are more and more electronic equipment in stores of various categories of products and materials for which batteries and accumulators are necessary. Almost all of us have many smartphones, laptops and a cordless kettle or toaster in our homes. Each of them makes our daily work easier, but the life of the equipment is very short nowadays. It should be noted that non-working household appliances or household appliances become electrical waste hazardous to the environment. A similar situation applies to broken batteries, which are often located in drawers. Few people still realize that even one hour’s battery can pollute up to 50,000 liters of water. That is why it is so important to properly dispose of unused equipment – adds Isabella Pacota, director of Enviropol’s ZSEiE Processing Plant.

20 thousand square meters modern area

Galeria Wiślanka is the first modern shopping mall in ory, offering customers an area of ​​nearly 20,000 square metres. square meters of modern retail space (GLA), where their stores were opened, among others: Reserved, Mojito, Krupp, House, Sensai, New Yorker, Douglas, 4F, Orsay, Diverse, Tatum, Rico, Wogas, Sizer, Green Point, Isotek, Triumph, CCC, Drogerie Polskie, Rossmann, KS Sport, Empik, Smyk, RTV Euro AGD, Vistula, Wólczanka, Bytom, Kubenz, Home & You, Apart, Yes, Swiss, Vision Express or Pepco. The popular food discount store Lidl has also opened with its latest retail concept, Helios Cinemas awaits those thirsty for its cinema premiere. The gastronomic offer is also enriched by restaurants such as Pizza Hut, Macaron, Burger Route 66, American Ice Dream, Sobelik or Ludomania.

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