Film debut of Daria Travankovska. This is how she started her career

The three directors managed to rein in their individual aspirations, making “Test Shots” an amazingly coherent work, both formally and mentally, despite the assumption of the composition of the short story. Realistic notes of the creators are accompanied by fragments of the original test images woven into the plot. As a result, their young filmography became even closer to life – we read on the website of the Polish Film Database.

The “Test Pictures” campaign begins with the end of the school year celebration in a small town. Anka High School graduateDaria Travankovska) reads the poem. After that, at home, with a friend, they choose pictures that they will send to the film production department that advertises in the newspaper in search of young candidates for roles. Anka has high hopes that this contest will move away from the boring family home and live a life full of colour.

At a youth party, he was impressed by Tomek, his classmate. Agree to go with him and his friend to a camping center. He has his first love adventure there. Tomek handles it “in sports” and suggests that Anka sleep with a friend as well. Anka is shocked. After returning home, she was called to take test photos. He leaves for Warsaw.

Bowie leaves the orphanage and goes to his first job. During a medical examination, he falls in love with a nurse, who turns out to be the wife of the director of the community center where Baweche begins work. There is an affair with a more experienced, older and burdened child Christina. Pawe admits the truth to Krystyna’s husband, and naively believes that honest handling of the case is the right solution. Christina does not agree to abandon her husband. Pawe goes to Warsaw to take test photos. He meets Anka there. They are brought closer by working on experimental shootings and similar unsuccessful first life experiences. They spend the night together in a hotel. The next day, in rehearsal footage for Anka, improvising the actors’ poses, he re-established their intimate conversation with the hotel. Pawe is rebellious and escapes the plan, refusing to sell himself at any price.

Daria Travankovska was a theater, film and television actress. She graduated from the acting department of the National School of Film, Television and Theater in ód. For 25 years, she performed in Warsaw theaters, first at the National (1979-1983), and from 1983 at the Powszechny Theater, where she played, among other things, in “Ivona, Princess of Burgundy” and “Goldberg Variations” by Tabori and “Wesele” by Wyspiański and more recently in “Demons” according to Dostoevsky.

She gained the greatest popularity and sympathy of the audience thanks to the role of Danuta Dębska’s sister in the series “In Good and Evil”. She last appeared in a television production on March 1, 2004, a month before her death.

The series “On Good and Evil” impressed viewers with the actress, but not everyone knows that she previously had financial problems. And the actress was not shy about talking about those bad times before “Sister Danuta”.

“The instability of our profession makes us worry more about tomorrow than others. My most difficult moment was during my mother’s illness. Despite the fact that I “worked” on radio, television, theater, and even tried my strength as a journalist – I didn’t earn much, visits to doctors, nurses’ duties and medicines consumed a lot From money. I was drowning in debts, borrowed from some to give back to others and so again and again … For the first year working in the series, I returned the debts ”- Daria Travankovska told Małgorzata Puczyowska in the book“ Being the Son of Legend.

In August 2003, doctors diagnosed Daria Travankovska with pancreatic cancer. The actress died on April 9, 2004 in Warsaw. She was 50 years old. Her funeral took place six days later, on 15 April, at Powązki Cemetery in Warsaw.

When Travankovska fell ill with pancreatic cancer, she did not want to talk about her illness. Friends and acquaintances supported her in the fight against cancer. With their help, I went for treatment at a clinic in Salzburg, Austria.

“I am experiencing such kindness and love that I have no choice but to recover,” she joked in one of the interviews. Unfortunately, she was unable to beat cancer.

“When I found out about her illness, it was a great shock to me. A week ago we talked as if nothing had happened. (…) Dusia lived beautifully. She was able to find good points in the worst of things” – writes Małgorzata Puczyowska in her book.

Daria Travankovska was the wife of the director Valdemar Dzeki, but their marriage broke up, and Dzeki married another actress, also known from the series “For Good and Evil” – Małgorzata Foremniak. Trafankowska and Dziki had a son, Wit. Born in 1980, now a journalist, TV presenter and singer, Being the Daughter of a Legend tells of his mother: “She was a good man. I took her opinion seriously, because she was my greatest power.”

“Our house was constantly crowded with people who had nothing to eat, nowhere to sleep, and who found sanctuary with us. My mother refused to help anyone. (…) I do not know if I could be a believer like my mother The Mother of God Travanco joked about her and it would be Difficult to find a more accurate nickname “- admits Fet.

In 2007, three years after the death of the actress, thanks to the initiative of a group of friends who raised money for her treatment, Fundacja im. Daria Travankovska, who helps save the life and health of artists. The last will of the actress was to create a basis for helping seriously ill people.

“I consider myself a very happy person. No one is immune from the hardships of life, but in these experiences that I had to face, I got a lot of support. I never felt lonely. My relatives and friends were always with me” – the actress said in one of the last interviews.

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