Designer Ania Kuczyńska works with Klarna

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Ania Kuczyńska began to collaborate with Klarna. Using Klarna in my online store makes shopping easier for my customers – says one of the greatest Polish designers.

What does fashion success mean to you?

Success is the unknown and what is to come. I am glad that my brand has been in the market for 20 years, and that my style and nature of my projects are recognizable.

How do you introduce your new collections?

Collections are offered by season, but they are not seasonal. They connect and complement each other. I adopted this business model three years ago. It’s consistent, compact, ecological, and modern. Clothing and accessories are depicted on models whose personality inspires me, reflect the mood and personality of the collection, and indicate the beauty of the ideas that accompany the design process. I think the personal connection sets my brand apart and tells us a lot about it.

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Shanghai Note Small Bag

What’s in your latest collection?

The Sole collection is inspired by love, the sun, its shape and symbolism, nature and the starry sky. It celebrates women’s beauty and natural glow. The structures refer to organic forms inspired by nature. Her character references the sporty, baggy silhouettes of the ’80s and ’90s, the music of Michael Sempelo. The inspiration for the collection is Michelle Pfeiffer.

What do you think we will be wearing in summer 2022?

I always invest in high quality, natural fabrics, timeless designs and local production. In the summer, I will wear baggy pants, T-shirts, and T-shirts. Black will be in contrast to the evening summer coats of chamomile and strawberry ice cream.

How has your business model changed since you sold online?

Ania Kuczyńska is not a place, but the distinctive aesthetics, lifestyle and philosophy of life that I propose. Regardless of the space, they remain unchanged.

The Internet space has no limits, it gives my brand a breath. The year 2020 has revised many concepts, including business concepts, it has cleared our heads. The world stopped for a moment. This important moment allowed us to reflect and try to understand the essence of our work, to review our plans and actions. He has set and changed our priorities. Our new normal is becoming more alert.

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Mia Note leather bag

For me, the environmental aspect of my work became important, as well as its timeless and unseasonal nature. The high quality and limited number of manufactured clothing and accessories is an expression of my concern for the environment.

My brand was created out of love for design and fashion, it is personal and organic. I feel that the idea I created over 20 years ago works, evolves, and adapts to the present.

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Have your customers’ habits changed too?

I dress women with a halo, clothes complement them. Online shopping has become a new luxury that we bring to your doorstep. It is a very democratic business model that allows you to go everywhere. It is intimate, confidential and anonymous. Brand customers appreciate the possibility to choose between online shopping and the possibility to visit the flagship store in the Warsaw Powiśle region.

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My new place is an added value for those who are interested in it. Clothes tell a story, and the intimate space helps them make sense of it.

Why did you choose to work with Klarna?

Klarna opens my window to the world. Thanks to the cooperation, my brand – accessories and clothing – will be present in nine European markets. I also treat cooperation as a gesture towards my clients, because the ability to use Klarna makes their purchase easier and reduces unnecessary cash circulation.

How do you shop?

I love quick online shopping, and I usually do it in the evening. I also appreciate the magic of stationery shopping. I love the niche brands and their personal, groundbreaking boutiques that tell their story and the context of their creation. I’m shopping while on vacation – it’s such a great pleasure and relaxation for me.

What is your latest discovery?

I’m back to reading, books are my fetish again. I recommend the book report by Joan Didion and published by The Publishing Group.

From now on, you can buy timeless products from the Ania Kuczyńska range and pay for them after 30 days with Klarna.

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