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The four are looking for extraordinary people, with extraordinary interests, as well as innovative ideas. The campaign, which was launched back in March, is aimed at those who do extraordinary activities and create unique things on a daily basis. The only requirement to participate is between 18 and 35 years old. Until April 17, the public can submit applications from among family members, friends, acquaintances, co-workers, and even themselves, and the jury has already selected the top ten. We start voting by listeners on The Four. There are valuable prizes to be won: digital radios, as well as Bluetooth headphones and speakers.

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An extraordinary person is someone who participates in life. She said a man wants more Hanna Dugowska, Managing Editor of Al Arba’ Magazine and Chair of the Referendum Jury.

The finalists are:

Alexandra Bednarek, 24, from ód. She was the first Pole to win the Triple Crown in open water swimming by sailing from the mainland to the island 34 km via the Catalina Channel, 46.5 km around Manhattan in New York and 42 km across the English Channel. He studies Biomedical Engineering at Lodz University of Technology, where he explores knowledge of the applications of 3D printing in tissue engineering. Its motto is a quote from the movie “Zebra with class”: “Don’t bother your head, just burn a horseshoe.”

The finalists are 21-year-old Paytom, Łukasz Luky Franusik. This is amazing A dancer and musician who works in an organization on a daily basis, helping people in different life situations. He is the founder of “Życie kolem się się” – a charitable campaign aimed at raising money for a wheelchair. In 2021, he released his first EP “Funky Boy”, and is currently working on a new album.

Hubert Gross has 24 years old and comes from Rzeszów. Student in aeronautics and astronautics, participated in the Mars rover peer project. He is a member of the Innspace team, where he continues to carry out space projects and is the leader of the Innspace Rover project. He is currently working on a research and development grant for a satellite communications transceiver station at Rzeszów University of Technology and is a member of the Student Council of the Polish Space Agency President.

Jagoda Hoffmann, 24, from Katowice this is pA fifth year medical student, he is a junior scientist and future psychiatrist. He also improves his knowledge and skills in Germany, Austria, Denmark and the Netherlands. She is an author of scientific publications, participant and organizer of international medical conferences, and is currently working with scientists from Cambridge and London on an algorithm that enables early detection, thus preventing the deterioration of cognitive functions.

21-year-old Mishao Korejik is DrSocial activist from Warsaw. He is the President of the Wyciskarka Potencjału Foundation, thanks to which he is included in the Forbes 25 under 25 list. His mission is to show youth development opportunities and remove barriers to accessing education and information. He built a community of 180,000 members today. He is the youngest medical student of the year, a prestigious scholarship holder and an international volunteer, working, among others, in Brazil, Croatia, Greece and Ukraine.

The 2022 average starts above in March

Małgorzata Leśniewska from G.austinin MAt the age of only 17, she sat on the control seats of the plane, thus fulfilling her dream of flying, and today, two years later, she is one of the youngest women in Poland to be granted a permit to perform aerobatics, and she is currently training for an airline pilot’s license, demonstrating the That nothing is impossible. In addition, he plays the accordion, loves to play the piano, compose and learn foreign languages.

Kornelia Olkucka, 18 years old from Chotomów sShe’s been professional karting since the age of 14 – the only girl in Europe to compete in the men’s fastest and most demanding DD2 class (a two-speed go-kart with a speed of 140 km/h). He is also a Polish representative at the 2022 Marseille Motorsports Olympics in the endurance karting category. Every day he works hard in the gym and on the track, showing that it’s not our gender that defines us, but our heart, our skills, our aspirations and our passions.

Bartosz Ustavsky, 35, from Krakow He is perhaps the only professional sports driver in the world who drives a car with his foot. He has an international racing license from the FIA ​​and successfully competes on an equal footing with skilled drivers in the Polish Drift Championship and the European Championships. He is also an artist and a member of the VDMFK publishing house, which brings together people who paint with their feet and lips.

Marcelina Rosinska has 26 yearsis social and works as a lawyer, and is also a builder Social initiatives such as Law Worth Poznan or Eco-logically about waste. Since December 2019, he has been running the Mental Health Friends Network – a bottom-up peer support system for people with mental health issues, which has supported more than 1,000 people across Poland. In 2021, she was on Forbes’ list of 25 Poles under the age of 25 who changed the social and economic face of Poland and won the Inicjatory 2021 competition for the best initiative created in Poznan. Fluent in Spanish, Portuguese and English.

Jacob Tiemann, 33, from Shrem then pEducator, pre-school educator, art teacher, academic lecturer, author of educational books for children, creator of modern educational projects and non-traditional solutions in education. The initiator of the national social campaign “Schools without homework”.

last year Rademenez, i.e. Radosław Blonkowski, became the best in 2021the 2021 Guinness record holder for the longest single rap marathon, broadcaster, musician, bee boy, beatboxer, a man full of creativity and commitment.

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