An emotional version of Gdynia at the Open House Festival

This is the eighth edition of the Festival for Architecture, History and Residents of Open House Gdynia, which will take place from May 20-22, 2022. The theme of the event is ‘Back to Eden’. The program includes 3 days of guided tours, walks, lectures, photography exhibitions and workshops. Entry is free, except for places included in the reservation.

Open House Gdynia is the Polish version of the international festival Open House Worldwide, which opens all doors to a well-designed space. What is the festival? Architecture lovers from all over the world united with the idea of ​​meeting a living city and its inhabitants. Gdynia became the first city in Poland to implement the idea of ​​an open house.

This year, the organizers invite you to more than 60 extraordinary sites, inaccessible to daily visitors: public institutions, private apartments – all in an atmosphere evoking the wonderful years of political transition, an emotional, magical and mysterious period, when everything seemed to be – and it was possible.

During the 8th edition of the festival, we will go back in time and let the memories of Gdynia from the 80s and 90s drive us away. As usual, we will look at the forgotten and mysterious places, but this time we will focus on Gdynia from the perspective of our feelings: places that used to be teeming with life. With a pinch of salt, we will bow to postmodernism and give the inhabitants of Gdynia reasons to be happy – says Diana Lennart, founder of the festival.

One of the reasons for the joy will be the Papa D party, that is, Pawe Stasiak and the legend of the 80s – Papa Dance. The band will perform for the residents of the amphitheater on the Camina Jura. Several times the winners of the Polish Song Festival in Opole, today they perform at the largest music events in the country, incl. At this year’s off festival in Katowice. Synthpop songs Papa D will introduce the audience to the festival atmosphere of the 80s. Saturday, May 21 at 19:00.

The organizers also announced the first locations that will appear on this year’s festival map.

s.We will buy ourselves memories, not forgetting that Gdynia is constantly changing due to new architecture. That is why we will once again invite event participants to invest Portov, sponsor of the festival, Invest Komfort, as we will open this year’s edition of the festival on Friday 20 May. “Friday in Portova” will be an opportunity to enjoy panoramic views of the city from the 17th floor and Vita Street with great music and delicious cuisine! – says festival coordinator, Michao Migo.

The program also includes the headquarters of the Marine Fisheries Institute/National Research Institute, which is certainly one of the most amazing and mysterious places in Gdynia. In this huge edifice, hundreds of scientists conduct research on marine ecosystems every day. NMFRI structures also include the Gdynia Aquarium, where, among others, the world’s smallest crocodile lives. The institute’s over 100-year history will be available on Saturday, May 21.

The great advantage of the festival is also the opportunity to see the unique interiors of the houses and apartments of Gdynia residents. This time, festival participants are invited, among others, by Magdalena Frąckiewicz, who deals with upcycling and responsible approach to fashion on a daily basis. Guests visiting her apartment in Forest Plots can count not only on a warm welcome and delicious tea, but also on interesting stories and the company of two white cats.

On Sunday, the sponsor of the festival – Invest Komfort – invited fans of beautiful interiors and greenery to get to know the investment of Nowe Kolibki better. It is a very intimate project inspired by the idea of ​​”slow life”. The noise of trees and water as well as architecture mixed with nature make it hard to believe that we are in the middle of a city, specifically on the border of two cities – Gdynia and Sopot. Right after touring around Nowe Kolibki, in the picturesque surroundings of Swelina Stream, there will be an intimate concert by guitarist Roman Walczak. We will learn more of the program points soon.

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