What happened to Nicole Kidman’s face?

For years, the media and fans have been paying special attention to Nicole Kidman’s face, looking for signs of plastic medicine or plastic surgery. One of the photos that the actress posted on her Instagram is sure to increase this interest and attract a number of hateful comments to the star.

Nicole Kidman posted a photo from the set of a new series on behalf of the Amazon streaming platform on her Instagram profile. The actress’s face that appears on her surprises with its perfect shape and smoothness. Kidman She looks a little puffy and her skin looks unnaturally tense. The star image gives the impression that it is ineptly corrected in Photoshop.

As expected, Nicole Kidman’s bizarre appearance sparked media attention and drew criticism from her fans’ viewing. This isn’t the first time Kidman’s alleged treatment has been publicly discussed. rarely, however, What is the pressure under a mature actress And how the discussions about her appearance on social media affect her well-being…

Nicole Kidman – Mature woman in Hollywood

A citizen of Australia Nicole Kidman will turn 55 soon. For almost 40 years he has appeared in films, serials, and on the stage. She started life as a creepy 16-year-old with a storm of red curls and a feisty smile. Since her debut in 1983, she has starred in 70 cinemas and nearly 20 television productions. She won, among others, six Golden Globe Awards, two Emmy Awards and an Oscar. She is one of the most talented actresses of her generation. But this did not save her from the pressures faced by women in the film industry.

Hollywood demands that its stars remain young and thin despite the passage of time and changes in their lives such as pregnancy, childbirth and menopause. And Those who do not meet Hollywood’s strict requirements are denied access to the screen. It is noteworthy that show business is not strict with male actors.

The situation is much different for actresses over 50 than it is for actors over 50, said 65-year-old “Thelma and Louise” star Gina Davis in an interview with CBS News. Most of the female characters are in their twenties and most of the male actors are in their thirties and forties.

According to Davies, After reaching a certain age, the job opportunities for actresses decrease. There are no roles for mature women. No wonder mature actresses who want to pursue their profession try to cheat time with the help of plastic surgeons and plastic surgeons. They often undergo painful and dangerous treatments not because of vanity, but because of the unrealistic expectations of film producers, directors, and fans.

The face of Nicole Kidman – a recurring theme of defectors

Or not Comments about Nicole Kidman’s unnaturally young appearance surfaced as early as 2003. They wondered how the 36-year-old actress could have – despite her very rich facial expressions – have such a perfectly smooth forehead. The lack of wrinkles was explained by the use of botulinum toxin. Three years later, Kidman’s cheeks, cheeks, and mouth looked fuller. This time, the changing appearance of the Australian was supposed to be a result of the use of fillers.

In 2007 in an interview published in the magazine “Marie Claire” Nicole Kidman said she’s ‘totally normal’His youthful appearance is due to a healthy diet, regular exercise, the use of sunscreens and “all-over care”.

I have nothing in my face. I use sunscreen and don’t smoke. Nicole Kidman said I take care of myself and I’m very proud to say it.

In 2011, Kidman once again answered questions about her perfectly smooth face. And this time an actress He admitted to using Botox but…in the past:

I did not have any surgery. I’ve tried Botox, unfortunately, but I’ve given it up and can move my face again – Nicole Kidman revealed in an interview with a German TV journalist.

However, in an interview published by the Italian newspaper “La Repubblica”, the star said:

Everyone can do whatever they want themselves – I don’t judge anyone. But personally, I believe in being in good physical shape. This is how I was raised.

Since then, Nicole Kidman has avoided or dodged questions about her appearance. while Her face keeps changing and… raises suspicion. We asked Dr. Agnieszka Bliżanowska, a dermatologist and esthetician to dispel them:

Failed Botox treatments a few years ago made Nicole Kidman a synonym for bad aesthetic medicine. In the meantime, you can not see good aesthetic medicine. That’s why no one notices or comments on the face of Agilina Jolie, Jennifer Aniston or Meryl Streep — says Dr. Bliżanowska. But going back to Nicole Kidman, the Botox she made on her forehead really did lower her eyebrows. Lots of negatives. For the rest: she has a finely crafted mouth, it is possible that the angle of the jaw was outlined with hyaluronic acid (you can not see a hamster that should already appear at this age), the oval of the face is well defined. The skin in this photo looks static, but it’s hard for me to judge – maybe it’s due to the filters applied in the app? If this picture had not been addressed, Kidman must have benefited from laser treatment and mesotherapy.

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