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Biotechnology in line with the philosophy of vegetarians and the environment, and knowledge in the field of psychiatric dermatology. A recipe for an invention worthy of a Nobel Prize? Only if it is awarded in the field of cosmetology. Then the new Roses line of the Polish brand YONELLE will be a candidate.

It’s hard to believe that 9 years have passed since biologist Jolanta Zwolińska and doctor of chemical sciences Małgorzata Chełkowska decided to create the YONELLE brand, which easily won the hearts and shelves of demanding Polish women. A shared passion for learning and the joy of creativity is evident in every new product of the brand, featuring innovation and above-average anti-aging efficacy. What is the secret of cosmetics closed in luxurious jars under the letter “Y”? In the original concept of Skin Penetration Revolution ™, where the primary function is played by NANODYSKI ™, that is, innovative transporters of active substances that cross up to 14 layers of epidermal cells.

It is not difficult to use the latest active ingredients in cosmetics. The trick is to get them to break through the skin barrier – only then can they work effectively. This is the biggest challenge in cosmetics of the twenty-first century and the priority of the brand June Explanation of the founders. This idea also guided them while working on another unique series, the symbol of which – in addition to the main component – was the most noble flower – the rose.

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Care full of roses

Rose is synonymous with love, tenderness and sensuality. Its effect on the skin and the senses is invaluable, and the extraordinary fragrance and wonderful properties of the rose make us rediscover it again and again. – Says the founders of Unil. And they add:- a series Roses MADE WITH OURSELVES IN MIND: Women who are looking for not only innovative and effective ways to look beautiful, but also to have extraordinary pleasure in everyday care..

In the Roses series, the YONELLE brand has applied a special innovation – a multi-technology of infusion of five roses, to obtain a wide range of actions to meet the needs of different skin. Roses: Damask rose, white, Provencal, alpine and wild rose are the source of several hundred ingredients ideal for skin care and beauty.

by the cosmetic industry JuneWe constantly rely on innovation. It couldn’t have been otherwise in the Roses series and we are very proud of it. Here, we were able to use natural rosehip cells with enormous and well-targeted biological potential. Obtained by a revolutionary method of biotechnology breeding. It can be safely called the biotechnology of the future, based on the philosophy of vegetarianism and the environment. A live plant is not damaged or destroyed in any way! It grows more in natural conditions. We use the billions of cells we get from a small fraction of them to achieve amazing renewal and improve the appearance of the skin – says Małgorzata Chełkowska.

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Five types of roses are rich in vitamin C, which protects the skin from free radicals, participates in the formation of new collagen, brightens the complexion and increases its resistance. Closed in NANODYSKI™ – carriers that increase their penetration by up to 270%. Interestingly enough, one cream app has 850 trillion NANODISKS™!

Emotional beauty effect

When creating the Roses series, YONELLE also used knowledge from psychodermatology, a field that deals with the analysis of brain, skin, and brain interactions. – It has been shown that the quality, appearance and health of skin can be closely related to a person’s emotional state, especially with their stress level.. When creating rose cosmetics, we decided to use it and get the emotional beauty effect according to the model: better well-being = better appearance = better well-being, etc. In this way, we increase the possibility of giving the skin a perfect look. Jolanta Zwolińska explains. How does this mechanism work? The enchanting scent of roses is full of “molecules of happiness”. It gives emotional pleasure – a feeling of bliss and a feeling of femininity. It improves mood, gives energy and optimism. The brain receives these signals and processes them to normalize the metabolism of the skin. As a result, the skin becomes more beautiful and radiant. Less redness, sensitivity and calmness The expert explains.

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Beautiful skin like a rose petal

The Roses series is a unique dual-use cosmetic. Thanks to the extraordinary features of the blush and its skin-friendly base, it perfectly cares for the skin of the entire face and the delicate eye area. It has anti-wrinkle properties, improves microcirculation and skin quality, as well as its elasticity and firmness. They amazingly brighten the skin tone, giving a refreshing effect and extraordinary smoothness.

The line consists of five products. The first of them is the star of the series – Beauty Elixir enriched with rose that provides amazing shine and delightful softness, dramatically beautifies and rejuvenates the appearance of all skin types. It perfectly moisturizes and rejuvenates, and also delights with its relaxing scent. As much as 95 percent of all its ingredients are those obtained from roses. The second is a rose-infused beauty cream for the face and under the eyes for the day, which intensively rejuvenates the appearance of the skin, providing antioxidant protection against wrinkles. Illuminates, brightens color, gives delightful softness. Perfectly revitalizes and moisturizes. Its action is perfectly complemented by the third product: a rose-infused beauty cream for the face and under the eyes at night, with powerful regenerating properties that allow you to stimulate cellular metabolism while you sleep. The complexion is radiant and vibrant and wrinkles are reduced in the morning.

There are two other products that promise to be popular in summer. It is a luminous “Color Glow” day cream with SPF 30 and color pigments, that is, a combination of care, sunscreen and makeup in one product (it can be used with any type of mature skin, including cuproose and prone to irritation). Contains flavonoids and resveratrol – a very powerful shield that neutralizes free radicals. The cream subtly darkens the color, which emphasizes the expression of the oval of the face and provides beautiful holiday illumination. The second product is Ultra Serum for couperose skin at night – a cosmetic intended mainly for skin with problems with blood vessels and prone to hypersensitivity. Provides a comfortable, velvety finish, flexibility and powerful anti-aging protection. Reduces wrinkles and removes signs of fatigue. The escin included in NANODYSKI™, tranexamic acid and a super complex based on succinic acid, strengthen blood vessels, reduce redness and have an anti-aging effect.

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