Prime Minister in Raszków: ‘Without families, Poland will not survive’ [ZDJĘCIA]


Organized, among others by the Ministry for Family and Social Policy and Raszków Municipality, the picnic was an opportunity for Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki and Minister Marlena Maloj to convince participants how important families are to the government and what programs they support. This is also remembered by the inscriptions on the tents and many other props bearing the names of government programs such as Family 500+, Toddler+, Retirement+, or Mama 4+.

The area adjacent to the primary school in Raszków was turned into a stadium that was signed, among other things, on Sunday. Logo of the Family 500+ program and other assistance programs proposed by the United Right Government. After the epidemic was broken, representatives of the ruling coalition once again traveled throughout Poland to promote their policy among families.

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Prime Minister: “Without a strong family, the state will not last”

The picnic along with the festival was an opportunity for Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki and Minister Marlena Malogh to convince the importance of families to the Polish state. The Prime Minister announced that the policy of the Law and Justice Party in this regard will not change. For us, for our government, the family is the core of politics. We know very well that the state will not survive without a strong family. Poland will not survive without the hearth in which mom and dad take care of the children. And this difficult time in which we are working makes us realize that with full force – The Prime Minister announced.

The prime minister also noted that the government has not prevented parents from deciding what age they would like their children to attend school: six or seven. However, he does suggest maternity leave and pensions for mothers who will have more than four children.

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What the prime minister won’t say, the minister will add

The Minister for Family and Social Policy, Marlena Maloj, began her talk by reaching out to residents of Raszków municipality about what – in her opinion – is most important to Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki’s government: For the Polish government, for the government of Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, the family is the most important. She also spoke about a “ruptured knee” in the context of caring for their children from the first day of life and continued: – There is a point when they leave us. They go out into the world and we help them achieve their dreams. Because really, parenting is a great adventure in life.

The festival was organized on the occasion of the International Day of Family, which falls on May 15th. Despite the calm atmosphere aimed at having fun with the little ones using the attractions prepared for them, the prime minister could not refrain from referring to the policy of his predecessors, acknowledging: On such a fine day, I don’t want to point out much what family politics was like before, before 2015, because I probably spoiled the mood of a lot of people. Minister Maloj soon picked up his allusion to the government style of political opponents, and boasted of the accounts: – State support in 2022 from all these programs i.e. 120,000 PLN per child from birth to 18 years old. The prime minister doesn’t want to say how much it was before 2015, but I’ll say it – it was zero.

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It also announced the introduction of more solutions to improve the situation of Polish families. As I explained, the government is doing this during the pandemic and the ongoing war in Ukraine. – These are tailor-made solutions so that you can combine professional work with family life: Family Caring Capital, co-financing of nurseries – She added, referring to the names of programs of this type that the government had previously provided.

Speeches by Prime Minister Morawiecki and Minister Maląg You can see on our fan page at this link.

On the way to the hospital

A government helicopter landed in Michaukov. Znim arrived at Raszków, and stayed in a hospital in Ostrów Wielkopolski, where he met medical staff and patients. From there only he went, with the help of the State Protection Service, to the festival organized at the school in Pogrzybów.

Przemyslav Guslawski’s photo

Photo gallery from the festival in Raszków

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