Militia found a party in W³adek, on Kolegialna Street, where they served coffee a century ago, at PGS You can watch the play through viewfinders

Those who persevere can go back to their childhood for a while, when there were dominoes, shards, or hopscotch instead of computer games. After the games, oranges were served at the bar. In the next part of the room are minute details – a suitcase, cutlery, a sofa, a mop with pinned postcards, a rooster watching everything.

How was it there? It was a reference to Broniewski’s nickname and his ability to mimic the noises of a rooster.

What went wrong? While the deaf phone played the phrase “You’re beautiful, Mazowsze,” almost nothing survived in the original. But everyone proved that this development is wonderful for them. Rock ‘n’ roll and Broniewski dancing in a circle? Everything is possible in a library on Museums Night.

Museum Night at the Block Library Photo of Piotr Hejke / Agencja

Unfortunately, “Władziu” did not attend the music class, so he was eagerly replaced by guests with hand-made triangles and rattles (loaded with dry pasta, rice and peas). Wishing people could send a telegram, for example with answers to the question of what they were waiting for, what they needed in Płock … – I hope it will come true – said the girl, throwing a telegram into the mailbox.

At the end, everyone went down to the garden, where a recital task awaited the willing of adults – the reading of a poem (it was necessary to play the role of a priest or a frightened recruit), and for children – wheelbarrow races. It is remembered that Broniewski was one of the founders of the Boy Scouts.

Museum Night at the Block LibraryMuseum Night at the Block Library Photo of Piotr Hejke / Agencja

The last stop was like a prison cell (Broniuski was detained in 1931, then in 1940 he spent 13 months in Lubyanka prison). The event participants wrote on the walls: “Anxiety has arrived”, “Stop the war”, “Your Highness”, “Free Ukraine”, “Let this war end”, “Children need peace”, “War after war and war” .for peace between wars.”

During the group conversation, music, buzz and coffee were as expressive as Tamara

At Kolegialna 6, the first guests rushed from the beginning, that is, from 17. The museum staff kept the order in mind, so that there was no confusion, and to allow everyone to understand the essence of the exhibition.

The Art Deco gallery made a great impression on the visitors. She was admired by both mature and young people. They liked the most practical and luxurious furniture. For some, they looked close and familiar, others compared them to modern ones (in favor of those in the Art Deco style). Of course, the beautiful red convertible from 1926 caught the eye – people loved to photograph themselves in front of it.

Museum Night at the Masovian MuseumMuseum Night at the Masovian Museum Photo of Piotr Hejke / Agencja

The exhibition was of great interest, among other things, foreign trainees from … Institute of Physics of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw. The two young men watched the exhibits intently and discussed them in English. My friend is from Hong Kong and I am from Spain, but we currently live and work in Warsaw. We came here as part of an excursion from our institute. We were walking around town for a bit and saw that there was an art deco fair here. Tana told us she was interested in us.

They were particularly interested in the presented interior designs and contrasting elements. They read information about the presented method. Unfortunately, they did not have time to visit other facilities in Block that evening. – Perhaps we will come here next year – our interlocutor added.

In the courtyard of the dwelling house on 6 Kolegialnaya Street, an Art Déco cafe was arranged. Guests can try hot coffee called Tamara (inspired by Tamara Chimpica) – with candied aromatic orange peel. The City Quartet, which played interwar songs, made the time fun.

There were also guests at the Themersons Gallery, as well as in the Pocczan Gallery of the 20th century, where, in addition to information and souvenirs from the life of, among other things, Władysław Broniewski, you can watch films with the participation of Mira Zimińska-Sygietyńska, listen to her sings and watch films about an ensemble Mazowsze.

On Sienkiewicza Street, there are pictures in a plastic picture shop and plenty of space for creative expression

On this year’s Museums Night, the Płock art gallery encouraged people to search for symbols and learn about myths. Guests can see the photo gallery of Grzegorz Piaskowski “Gateless Gate”, and in the dim Kreski gallery there was an unusual exhibition “Leben-Stein. Jan. Fotoplastykon”. On the walls, instead of paintings, there were scenes identification devices in which we could see fragments of the works of the Polish painter and artist Liebenstein, full of expression and surreal elements. Those interested can hear about the artist in the author’s meeting with Dr. Krzysztof Cichoń, who promoted his book Lebenstein. Small Dictionary of Archetypes”.

In front of the gallery a very long sheet of paper was waiting for guests – old and young – everyone could try drawing on it with their own hands. PGS employees were encouraged to design their own symbols, emblems, and coats of arms.

In the old market square – contrasts

Rubble, plywood instead of windows in the hospital, wrecked cars – this is what our partner city Zhytomyr looks like now. During this year’s Museum Night, photographs from the exhibition at the House of Darmstadt (“Heaven over Żytomierz”) created a striking contrast with what was behind the porch – people enjoying Saturday evening at Ania Dąbrowska’s party, filling half the square in front of the Town Hall and chanting: ” Anya, Anya.” Plus floating balloons, red and white umbrellas, yellow and blue umbrellas.

And with Kazimierz Wielki different views of the world

In the granary, Pock residents admired Nikifor’s work collected in the “Nikifor” exhibition. Painter over painters. The mother explained to the child: “You see, everyone sees the world a little differently. What is ugly for one person, it will be beautiful for another.”

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