Matt Jersey Trilla. The actor was 80 years old

Jerzy Trela, Polish theater, film and television actor, has died. He was 80 years old. He played about 350 roles in his life.

Jerzy Trela ​​was born on March 14, 1942 in the village of Leńcze in the Wadowice region. He graduated from high school in Krakow and worked first in the puppet theater at the Ludowy Theater in Nowa Huta as an actor, puppeteer and stage designer, and then in the Groteska Puppet and Mask theater.

connected to Krakow

He studied at the acting department of the Theater Academy in Krakow, where he later became a lecturer and dean for many years from 1984 to 1990. He made his stage debut in 1969 – playing the main role in Gogol’s “nose” in Teatr Rozmaitości in Krakow.

He was one of the founders of the Krakow Theater STU Scena, played in the theaters of Krakow – Teatr Rozmaitości, and from 1969 to 2014 in the Stary Theatre. He left the Stary Teatr troupe as a sign of protest – the reason was the performances approved by the new management of the theater, which, in his opinion, mocked the director with whom he had previously collaborated, Konrad Swinarsky.

Jerzy Trela’s most important theatrical roles – in the Stary Theater include: Piotr in Iredyński’s “Żegnaj, Judasz”, dir. Swinarsky (1971); Gustaw-Konrad in Mickiewicz’s Dziady, dir. Swinarsky (1973); Konrad in “Editing” Wyspiański, der. Swinarsky (1974); Jasza in Chekhov’s “Cherry Orchard”, der. Jersey Jarokee (1975); Raskolenko in “Crime and Punishment” after Dostoevsky, dir. Maceage Bros. (1977); Claudius in Shakespeare’s Hamlet, Der. Andrzej Wajda (1981); Anatole in “Portrait” by Mrożek, der. Jaruki (1988); Ignasi (father and king) in Jumprovich’s “Wedding” (1991), dir. Jaruki. Mephistopheles in “Faust” after Goethe, der. Jaruki (1997); At the National Theatre: Samuel in “Judges” Wyspiański, der. Jerzy Grzegorzewski (1999); Prospero in “The Sea and the Mirror” after Auden, der. Grzegorzewski (2002); At the Słowacki Theater: Lear in “Who will draw the hangman card, who is the clown?” Based on Shakespeare, Der. Paweł Miśkiewicz (2015). The actor’s collaboration with Andrzej Wajda led, inter alia, to the character of Claudius in Shakespeare’s Hamlet, Regent Melczyk in Fredro’s Zemście, and the poet in Wyspiański’s Wesele.

Jersey TrillaJacek Turczyk / PAP

Film and TV Actor

He also played in films and series, including “Stuka is Greater than Life”, “Columbash”, “Janosic”, “Pod Klepsedro Sanatorium”, “Decalogue Ninth”, “Three Colors. White”, “Pan Tadeus”, “Koo”. “vadis”, “is going” or “dark, near night.”

In recognition of his artistic activity, he was awarded many honors and awards, among them: Tadeusz Boy-eleński, as well as Alexander Zelorowicz. In 2011, President Bronislaw Komorowski honored him with the Commander’s Cross with the Star of the Order of Bologna Restituta. Last week, the Krakow City Council unanimously awarded the actor Krakow’s highest honor – honorary citizenship of the royal capital of Krakow – “in recognition of his special contribution to the development of theatrical life in Krakow and Polish culture” – it was justified.

In 1998 a documentary about him was released called “There Is Such a Man” by Andrei Mag.

Trilla was 80 years old. “It is with great sadness that we received the news today that Jerzy Trela ​​- a wonderful actor, a wonderful man, a legend of the Polish theater – our friend – passed away today,” the Stary Theater representatives wrote in social media. “Every word seems insufficient at the moment. We are united in pain with family and loved ones,” they added.

Łukaszewicz: The legend of my generation

On TVN24, it was mentioned by actor and friend Olgerd Łukaszewicz. – We have been on friendly terms with Jurek since the time of study – he said. – This is a legend from my generation, a person who knew how to combine the courage of a student’s experience with remarkable precision – he added.

He spoke of his “extraordinary energy, beautiful voice, accuracy of spelling, strength of expression, simplicity of expression, sentences and message”. “He had such an explosive amount of energy inside of him,” he said.

– It was simple. He was able to show that he is not an actor, that he is ashamed of it and that he is embarrassed. Only the wings, the momentum, the energy that he transmitted to the audience, he got in the theater – Łukaszewicz’s description. “He was a theater worker,” he added, noting that his acting was a measure of “literalism.”

Seweryn: A great actor, a great man and a friend

Actor Andrzej Seweryn also spoke about Trela ​​on TVN24 on Sunday. “A great actor, a great man and friend is gone,” he said.

– He was a representative of that school of theater thinking that attached great importance to the text. Jerzy was less concerned with what touches the director personally, touching himself, and more concerned with serving the author. It was great – remembered Seweryn.

He described him as a “good and warm person”. You just have to thank him for everything he’s done and remember what he thought about work, and about the world. The actor said it must be very important to us and it must be kind of a go-to sign for us.

Seweryn: A great actor, a great man and a friendTVN24,, PAP

Main image source: Jacek Turczyk / PAP

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