Kinny Zimmer “Letnisko”: great product, less record [recenzja]

This debut was undoubtedly one of the most anticipated and most commented songs in Polish rap. He is Kenny Zimmer and his summer resort Did he fulfill the expectations placed on them?

Burnt out in starting blocks

You know what I don’t like more than poor albums? Weak albums recorded by rappers with great potential. But I like projects about something. Or, on the contrary, theatrical recordings were skillfully created around nothing. In contrast to these two positions, there are projects that convince by their envelope that they are something more than they really are. I really don’t like it that much anymore.

Since you’re reading this album review, you’d expect me to drink. Yes, I really don’t like him that much summer resorts Kenny Zimmer. Mainly because I thought for a while that his debut could be more than just another product SBM تسمية label. And even if it was a product, it might have been manufactured to a high enough standard to make it interesting despite being launched into a label key. I thought it would be different, let’s be clear: Kenny Zimmer He is a very talented artist, but he is one of many who, despite their skill, burnt themselves at the starting blocks. At least in terms of technical level, because when it comes to areas and recognition, summer resort It turned out to be a huge success. I bet dollars for nuts. But what are the specific charges against this album?

If we close one ear…

Focus on the content itself summer resortsIt’s worth starting with one of the few huge pluses in this album. As you might expect, this album looks really cool. She is spoiled for art, small decorations, keys, and kenny He has an excellent ear for melodies, as evidenced by a few choirs. If you are only listening to it in the background, while doing another interesting activity, you may get the impression that it is a very interesting album. However, we are interested in meat. These are the famous rhymes and ringtones that you have to listen to. In this matter it becomes less interesting.

A word that accompanied me during all the hearings summer resorts It is “excess”. Topics he deals with Kenny ZimmerIt was painfully predictable. When I tried to jot down interesting lines, the only thing that caught my eye were some hilarious meanings in the famous beginning Leadership (Here, when a stone falls from the heart, it usually breaks your leg / or stays in the kidneys, he is sick / everything is sick, but no one is a doctor / How do you want to shoot my head, how do you do you have a water gun?). Surely the most memorable lines are, unfortunately, the shivering embarrassment. However, I will not detest them at this point, because their common denominator in a broader context is more interesting, called dummyvibe.

Kenny Zimmer – Riding

To be like Podsiadło, but not quite

Kenny Zimmer She is an expressive character. The artist himself admitted in an interview during the concert Poppiler 2022His image is a specific creature. One of the most distinguishing features of this creation, also seen in vlogs, is a kind of… embarrassment. The rapper, by his behavior in music videos or cast lines, often resembles a very lost boy who is actually a 22-year-old adult male.

She said dummyvibeWhich she’s famous for, for example David Podsiado (do it brilliantly), kenny It turned into a very childish thing, and its consequences as well wisdom How do: Even though we are boys / We can’t stop playing with dolls (blurry line), If you want, I’ll make you a baby / If you want, I’ll make your chair folded too (child)You have to take care of me, for I am a flower, water for me or I will fall (I’m zahra). Not to mention the non-sarcastic rap of pick-up lines about closing stars in the eyes or an embarrassing number minus 420 (Why is all this funny? Why do I feel so hungry? Can Johnny make it louder? / I think I’m high…) for the company with activity Successful Bobo I will sue SBM تسمية label On site Free Cannabis Association. domefibI’m complaining about it, but it seems to work, judging by the popularity of the tracks on the platform tik tok.

SBM-core does a great job

I really don’t want to get into things tik toka if Disadvantages of such actions I’m driving at night in Masuria 2Above all WCHJ In the context of the age of the majority of recipients of the music he is the author of Kenny Zimmer. There will be time for this in a separate text, which will soon appear on the pages of our website. However, it is impossible to ignore another phenomenon, a strong example of which is the album, i.e. SBM-nucleus. Close this definition with a specific program line introduced by SBM تسمية label on the plates of their representatives. We have a very special concept of disk explained here. The title of summer resort, exploration, camping, rest and fun in the lap of nature, slips here only with individual accents such as crying from the lake in the widget lake (Given the content of the work, they can z and orphan crying elsewhere, seriously), while the vast majority of the songs don’t fit the concept in any way. It doesn’t matter, however, because it fits the assumptions of the singles label’s policy.

There is a path to marijuana smoking, a lot of wealth and women, at least one more aggressive path. One sad and absolute song SBM-nucleus Magnum Opus honed to perfection on Maffija 2 . Hotel: party banger. With a very distinctive sample, preferably on an unusual instrument, simple chorus and verses abstract enough to grab attention, and at the same time simple enough to immediately stick in your memory. Let’s add a track around driving very fast sometimes and we basically have a grand prize. Again, before the actor’s album audition SBM تسمية label I knew exactly what to expect from him.

Kenny Zimmer – Swiss watch

perfect product

The worst part is that somewhere in my heart I really thought it would be different this time. However, instead of interesting subgenres, at least in places, we have trap’n’b subgenres, we got a lot of inspiration Don Tolliver With SBM Intelligence. The spoiled sound of the album is a very good necessity Imagine it from Switzerland (brilliant raised key) Not enough in the face of awkward lines, monotonous chops, and totally unappealing songs. Songs where some catchy chorus, instead of impressive, provokes a sense of shame when you find out you’re ringing the chorus again I drive in Masuria at night 2And child if blurry strokes.

Because as a product and unattractive Music for listening in the background summer resort It works perfectly. If that’s what you were expecting kennyThen it is possible that you will call me names after this review or you may not have reached this sentence. I expect something different from the work of very talented artists. It is a pity that there is a real pearl in all this, namely the original verse and the chorus from the first version Benz dealer kebonafed. It’s hard to find a sad ending to such a powerful, catchy, and emotional stanza of a song as sweet and uninhibited as possible Letsko. I did well kenny ZimmerYou did it oh my god!

Kenny Zimmer – summer resort

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