Ignasi Gogolevsky is dead. The actor was 90 years old. imagination. Who was he

  • Ignasi Gogolevsky was born on June 7, 1931.
  • After the suggestion of a catechism teacher, he considered the profession of a clergyman. Against this was… the future actor’s grandmother
  • After his theatrical debut and negative review, he was devastated, but after convincing his older colleagues, he decided to continue acting
  • He has created many unforgettable film and theater roles. He played in the first post-war film “Dziady”, performed on the Polish stage, and in the series “Chłopi”, where he played the role of Antek Boryna
  • His first wife was Katarzyna Shaniuska. The second marriage ended in tragedy: Marina Samet-Nisikowska, director of the program department at the Council of the Head of the Cinematography Department, died in a plane crash.
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Information about the death of the actor was presented on the official Facebook page of the Polonia Theater, with which the actor has been associated for many years. “Ignacy Gogolewski passed away this morning. Goodbye, thanks for everything” – it was written.

Ignacy Gogolewski was the director of the ląski theater in 1971-1974. In 1980-1985 he was the director of Teatr im. Juliusz Osterwa in Lublin, and in 1985-89 at the Rozmaitości Theater in Warsaw.

In 2005-2006 he was president of the Association of Polish Theater Artists. He’s been performing important jobs at ZASP since the 1960s. In 1965, he became a member of the main council of ZASP. In 1993, he was awarded the title of Outstanding Member of ZASP. In 1996-2002 he was president of the Warsaw branch of the union. In 2000, he became a member of the Merit branch of ZASP, and since 2002 he has been head of the chapter.

“I was devastated, but the gentlemen were assured”

Gogolewski was born on June 17, 1931 in Ciechanów. In 1953, he graduated from the acting department of the State Drama School in Warsaw and soon joined the Polish theater in Warsaw. Gogolewski’s theatrical appearance began on that theater – the actor appeared in the role of Klitander in Molière “Misanthrope” monastery. Janusz Warnecki (1954) with inter alia Wieńczysław Gliński. “Jan Kott wrote about Gliński and about me that we look like disguised local officials. I was shocked, but the gentlemen consoled: Don’t worry, boy, you’ll wait yet” – he recalls years later in an interview.

Photo: National Digital Archives

Ignacy Gogolevsky. undated photo

As a theater actor, Ignacy Gogolewski first attracted attention with the role of Gustaw in the post-war Grandparents’ Eve, staged by Alexander Bardini in 1955 at the Polish theatre. Critics then wrote that he “starred with outstanding talent and mastery of technique”, and “enchanted the audience with his personality and beautifully presented his poem”. The young actor was considered a continuation of the romantic theater tradition.

“We removed Krupnyuk Gogolevsky”

After the Polish theatre, where he played until 1959, Gogolewski performed, among others in the Warsaw theaters: Theatrical (1959-1962, 1968-1971), National (1962-65) and Współczesny (1965-1968). He then returned to the Polish national team in 1975-80 and 1992-2000. From 2000 to 2009, he could be seen again on the stage of the National Theater; Then the Bologna Theater at Kristina Janda in Warsaw.

He has, among others, the roles of Conrad, Cordian, Fantasy. He played a lot in Shakespeare’s dramas, including. “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”, “Macbeth”, “King Richard II”, “Julius Caesar”, “Othello”, “Anthony and Cleopatra”.

At the National Theater, he performed, among other things in the contemporary repertoire – “Operetta”, Der. Jerzy Grzegorzewski, “The Last One” by Tadeusz Bradecki or “On All Fours” by Kazimierz Kotz. “Cotes himself described my appearance at the National Theater very frankly,” said the actor: “We took Krupnyuk out of Gogoliwsky, we fried it, and now it is edible.”

“Do you not go to school?”

A separate chapter in the professional work of Ignacy Gogolewski is excellent cinematic roles. The actor has performed, among others, in: “Soldier of the Queen of Madagascar” by Jerzy Zarzycki, “Troubled Love” by Stanislav Rozevich, “Countess of Kossel” by Jerzy Antzac, “Johnny” by Janusz Morgenstern.

The most memorable role was played by Antik Purina in the series “Chłopi” (1973), which is based on the novel Władysław Reymont by Jan Rybkowski.

In 1983, Gogolewski became a member of the National Council of the National Movement for National Revival, and in 1986 – the National Council for Culture. In 1999, he was awarded the Commander’s Cross with the Polonia Restituta Medal “for his outstanding achievements in artistic work and achievements in cultural development activities”.

In one of the interviews, he mentioned that before he started pursuing his dreams of acting, he was supposed to be…a priest. “I remember how my catechism suggested I become a priest. He said to me, ‘Sing, don’t you go to seminary?’” “What can I say. It was 1945, maybe 46 years old. (…) One thing is for sure, I want to study, I go to middle school. My grandmother Antonina didn’t like the idea. She thought I should be a locksmith. , because I will always find a job. However, my mother, in some act of despondency, gave me 100 zlotys to pay the entrance fee to the gym. And I did not become a priest ”- said Gogolewski. “After high school, I went to the Ministry of Construction, where I was a novice writer, but despite the work I had just started, I decided to apply to theater school” – he recalls.

Coffee, cigarettes and love

Gogolewski’s own history is fascinating, too. He did not follow the doctors’ recommendations and was smoking a pack of cigarettes a day. Nor did he regret the coffee he drank at the Telemena café on Krakowskie Przedmieście.

I gained the heart-breaking patch. His first wife was actress Katarzyna Shaniuska, known to young viewers for the role of Grandma Josiah in the “Priestly Church”. The couple had a daughter, Agnieszka. The marriage broke up in 1964.

Gogolewski’s second marriage ended tragically. His wife, Marina Samet-Nishikowska, who was the director of the program department at the Council of the Chief of the Cinematography Department, died on March 16, 1978 in a plane crash. Together with Deputy Culture Minister Janusz Wilhelmy, she returned from Bulgaria.

In subsequent years, Gogolewski had a relationship with “Tele-echo” star Irina Dzidzic, and then with singer Joanna Rawick. The actor also has a son, Tadeusz, with Elżbieta, an employee of the Ministry of Culture and Arts in the 1970s. Eventually, Gogolewski became engaged to theater expert Ewa Kwiecień.

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