Ignacy Gogolevsky is dead. The star of “Chłopi” was 90 years old

“Ignasi Gogolevsky, a great actor, died this morning. Master of Heroes !!!” – Luther wrote on Facebook on Sunday morning.

“His acting success lies in the brilliant portrayal of the inner human tears,” he wrote of him. Hence the success not only in creating theatrical or television movie characters from the cards of Mickiewicz, Słowacki, Pushkin, Shakespeare or Dostoevsky. Antek Boryna’s success in “Chłopy” by Jan Rybkowski is also based on this characteristic. (…) The second dominant feature is the sound and the complete sensitivity of the musical sentence of the spoken word. It allows the artist to highlight all the colors and beauty of his expressions ”- added Father Luther.

Information about Gogolewski’s death was confirmed on Facebook by the Union of Polish Theater Artists. “We regret to inform you that Ignasi Gogoliwski, actor, director, screenwriter, theater director, president of ZASP in 2005-2006, honorary president of the branch of distinguished members of SPATiF-ZASP and, above all, a wonderful man, has passed away this morning “- we read in Facebook page ZASP account.

The actor also said goodbye to Krystyna Janda on Facebook. The actress wrote, “Gravity!!! Bye! What a pity! What a loss! We will never forget.”

As a theater actor, he initially attracted a lot of attention with the role of Gustaw in the post-war Grandparents’ Eve, directed by Alexander Bardini (1955, Teatre Polsky). Critics then wrote that he “starred with outstanding talent and mastery of technique”, and “enchanted the audience with his personality and beautifully presented his poem.” The young actor was considered a continuation of the romantic theater tradition and for many years was considered one. He has, among others, the roles of Conrad, Cordian, Fantasy.

A separate chapter in the professional work of Ignacy Gogolewski considers excellent cinematic roles. He made his debut in the cinema in 1953 with Stanislav Roussevich in the film “Turbulent Love”. He performed, inter alia, in: “Soldier of the Queen of Madagascar” by Jerzy Zarzeki, “Troubled Love” by Stanislav Rozevich, “Countess of Kossel” by Jerzy Anzac, “Johnny” by Janusz Morgenstern.

The most memorable role was played by Antik Purina in the series “Chłopi” (1973), which is based on the novel Władysław Reymont by Jan Rybkowski.

“Sometimes I laugh that Antik Purina from Chłopów gave me more fame than all romantic performances in the theater. But thanks to this series I was able to buy a modest wooden house near Pułtusk. Today my grandchildren roam in it, it gives me a lot of joy ”- Gogolewski spoke in an interview with “Tele Tygodień”.

“All my love ended in despair,” he once said, adding that one of the women he was involved with attempted suicide when their relationship broke out!

He met his first wife – actress Katarzyna Shaniuska, Josefina Lasik from “Belbania” – during his studies, and his marriage lasted 10 years. The second wife of the unforgettable “Chubei” Antik Purina – an official from the Ministry of Culture, Marina Nisikowska – died in a plane crash only 3 years after the wedding.

Only in the arms of his colleague in the National Theater, Ewa Kojic, did Ignasi Gogolevsky find true happiness. They have been together for many years, but never decided to legalize their relationship. Although the actor calls Ewa his wife, they are not married. “Like many spouses in the world, we live on a cat’s paw,” – he said.

“I have never strived for popularity, and I do not regret not playing a superstar in the National Stadium. And to this day, playing in the theater gives me the most satisfaction. Thanks to my acting I can function normally,” Gogolewski told ‘Tele Tygodni’.

Gogolewski was the director of the Śląski Theater in 1971-1974. In 1980-1985 he was the director of Teatr im. Juliusz Osterwa in Lublin, and in 1985-89 at the Rozmaitości Theater in Warsaw. In 2005-2006 he was president of the Association of Polish Theater Artists. In 1999, he was awarded the Commander’s Cross with the Polonia Restituta Medal “for his outstanding achievements in artistic work and achievements in cultural development activities”.

In 2010, he was awarded “Gustawa” – an award given by the Union of Polish Theater Artists for special services to the theater community. Three years later, he received the Grand Prix of the “Theatre” festival in Sopot for his outstanding acting achievements in the Polish Radio Theater and the Polish Television Theater.

He wasn’t interested in TV production because… “You have to take care of your good name.” “I was offered a job in a popular series, but I found that the role of the lawyer who was murdered was not very suitable for me. As a dead person, I would not look very aesthetic!” – He said in one of the interviews. However, we can see the actor as a guest actor in several series: “Na dobre i na bad”, “Doctors” or “Galleries”.

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