Eurovision 2022. Voting results. who won?

He made the history of Eurovision 2022 in history. The Kalush Orchestra of Ukraine won this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. Great Britain came in second. Pole ranked twelfth.

Behind us is the grand final of Eurovision 2022. This year’s edition of the Eurovision Song Contest – the largest music competition in the world – was held in Italy, after the victory of the Manskin group in Rotterdam in 2021. The event was held at PalaOlimpico in Turin, where 13,000 spectators gathered.

The Ukrainian national team won only after counting the votes of television viewers and users of the voting application, scoring 631 points, and after the jury voted, Sam Ryder, representative of Great Britain, took first place with 283 points.

The Kalush Orchestra won Ukraine’s third Eurovision win. Earlier winners were Ruslana in 2004 with the song “Wild Dances” and Jamal in 2016, who captured the heart of the song “1944”. The hip-hop group, drawn from the Ukrainian musical tradition, performed the song “Stefania”. The song is a poem by Oleh Psijuk’s mother – the leader of the group. After the Russian invasion of Ukraine on February 24, “Stefania” has become the favorite song of mothers whose children are forced to fight the invaders.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky commented on the team’s victory. “We wow the world with courage, our music is conquering Europe! Next year Ukraine will host the Eurovision Song Contest! This is the third time. And I believe it will not be the last. We will do our best to host Eurovision in Mariupol, Ukraine. In a free, peaceful and rebuilt country. Thank you for winning The Kalush Orchestra and everyone who voted for it,” Zelensky wrote.

Eurovision 2022 – Closing Ceremony

Rockin’100 kicked off the concert with the song “Give Peace a Chance” from John Lennon’s repertoire and Plastic Ono. Then Laura Bossini sang a set of her songs, followed by the traditional show of all 25 national teams that participated in the final. This year’s concerts were hosted by Italian TV presenter Alessandro Cattelan, Italian singer Laura Bossini and British-Lebanese singer Mica.

Eurovision 2022. Competition hostsPress office PAP / EPA / GOIGEST / HANDOUT

The closing ceremony was attended by representatives of the Czech Republic, Romania, Portugal, Finland, Switzerland, France, Norway, Armenia, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, Ukraine, Germany, Lithuania, Azerbaijan, Belgium, Greece, Iceland, Moldova and Sweden. Australia, Great Britain, Poland, Serbia and Estonia.

Poland represented in the competition Ochmann, ie Christian Ochmann with the song “River”. The singer finally took 12th place.

During the voting break, Maneskin performed their new song. Then the legend Gigliola Sinquetti remembered her wonderful song “Non ho l’eta”, which won her at Eurovision in 1964. Later, Mica sang a collection of his greatest songs. Finally, a video of Italian astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti, a member of the crew of the 68th International Space Station crew, was shown.

Eurovision – short story

The Eurovision Song Contest has been organized since 1956 by the European Broadcasting Network, and is inspired by the oldest European song festival, the San Remo Festival. Since then, only one version of the competition has been held – in 2020, due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 epidemic, the European Broadcasting Union canceled the competition that was to be held in the Netherlands.

Every year, the final is broadcast to many countries on all continents. According to official estimates, the competition attracts 600 million viewers. Interestingly, in 2015, during the 60th edition of the competition, the Australian team took part as a full participant. This was the first time that a country that was not an active member of the EBU could participate in Eurovision.

This year, 41 national teams were originally scheduled to participate, but on February 25 – a day after the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine – the European Broadcasting Union excluded Russia from the competition. Representatives of 17 countries participated in the first semi-finals and 18 in the second.

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