Wiesław Ochman is “Christian’s grandfather” for youth. His career is impressive

  • He began his career in the song and dance ensemble of AGH Krakus. Since 1967, he has given foreign opera performances, including. La Scala in Milan and the Metropolitan Opera in New York
  • In 1963, he married Kristina Bruce Vikoska, whom he met while studying at the AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow. They have two children and five grandchildren
  • For 25 years, he has organized charity events for the Auxilium Foundation. The funds collected (more than 1 million zlotys) were allocated for the purchase of equipment for the district hospital in Zawiercie
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A world-famous singer, but above all a charming man, says those who had the opportunity to meet Wiesław Ochman. She loves life and jokes all the time. Moving with the times and at his best in 21st century technologies, his international career began in Berlin, then through Hamburg, Paris and Milan, finding his way to New York. He has performed with leading opera artists such as Kiri Te Kanawa Montserrat Kabale. The family tradition was continued by the great-grandson of the tenor – Christian Ochman, who won the eleventh edition of the talent show “Voice of Poland”, and is currently participating in the 66th Eurovision Song Contest. Wiesław Ochman always comments on the successes of his grandson with a smile. He said in an interview with Radio 2:

He dreamed of painting at the Academy of Fine Arts and chose ceramics at AGH University of Science and Technology

Wieslaw Ochman He was born on February 6, 1937 in Warsaw “in an apartment on 48 Zubkovska Street”. He has a brother, Andrei, who is four years older than him. for him Father Jean was a mechanic, At first he worked at the Lilpop company in aircraft repair, then at the AVIA company for the production of machine tools. He also dealt with the manufacture of locks, and had a workshop in the ul. Zubkovska. Bronisław’s mother was a librarian At a technical school in Mokotów in Warsaw at ul. Wiśniowa.

In October 1944, immediately after the end of the uprising, the Gestapo arrested Jan Auchmann. It was then that Wiesław and Andrzej saw their father for the last time. They never found out what had happened to him. He was probably sent to Auschwitz and died there.

Wiesław sang from the age of four, but tied his future to painting. His mother grew in him diligence, ambition and consistency in work, and he grew up in Braga taught him acceptance.

“Prague has given me the important thing that I should not envy anyone. We had equal rights to this tower, which practically means nothing. As toys, we had one bike without pedals and two sleds, but one had to be tied with a string. Prague taught me that you must accept what you have and that there is something anyone can strive to be in better conditions– Remember Wiesław Ochman.

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After completing primary school He went to Bolków in Lower Silesia to study at the local art school. He lived in a boarding school, to which he and his friends first had to bring water and electricity. In 1952, students from the high school in Bolków were transferred to the Technical Ceramics School in Szczawno-Zdrój. Wieslaw Ochman He was not only the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Mickiewicz Group (Its members charted the poet’s travel routes and recited his poems), But also the captain of the soccer team. He also started practicing boxing.

“Not because I liked fighting, but I’ve noticed that my fellow boxers are more successful with girls and also get extra food. You are registered with Spójnia Jawor. She fought at the weight of the paper. I remember that I played football from 12:00 to 15:00, and from 17:00 the boxing matches began. I was perfectly fit and managed to avoid blows,” he admitted years later.

althoug He wanted to study painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in KrakowHis colleagues convinced him to go to ceramics at the AGH University of Science and Technology. They persuaded him for several days. Finally someone asked:

He answered that it might have a problem, and he heard:

He went. He started his studies at AGH in 1954. He started his music career there and met his wife.

Photo: Woody Ochnio/PAP

Wiesław Ochman in the dressing room of the Great Theater in Warsaw (1976)

Love started with…egg and cheese sandwiches

Krystyna Prus-Więckowska also studied at the College of Ceramics. She first saw Wiesław Ochman when she was checking the admission list.

“My attention was also drawn to a group of men who resented mercilessly. The person who made everyone laugh the most, the person who made everyone laugh, the person who was the youngest and most handsome, was Wiesiek– she remembers.

They met only in lectures and at dance rehearsals in the Krakos student group. Wiesław sang and led the host, Krystyna danced. Four years later, they chose a specialty – precious porcelain, that is, porcelain and earthenware.

“At that time, we already had all the activities together. It took place in Krzemionki. Every day I bring egg and cheese sandwiches and show them to Wiesio. Those were beautiful times. This is how our love began ”- said Mrs. Christina.

They married on August 10, 1963. In the Church of St. I. Two years later I gave birth to them Ibn Masijwho played keyboards in the band Róże Europy in his youth. Today he specializes in television production, television and film communication. He lives in the United States with his wife Dorota and his three children: Natalia, Christian and Alexander (born in 2003). In 1972, the daughter of Krystyna and Wiesław Ochman was born – Margaret. She graduated from Marketing and Management Studies at the University of Warsaw School of Management. She lives near Warsaw with her husband Krzysztof Pat and two children: Gabriella and Jacob.

Photo: Zouadeh/Akba

Wiesław Ochman with his wife Krystyna

Tenor with diploma in ceramic engineer

I persuaded my colleagues Wiesław Ochman not only to study at the AGH, but also to perform at the Jubilee Academy. Then that was the professor. Gusto Seraphine persuaded them to take singing lessons. In 1960, Uchmann received a diploma in ceramics engineer, But he decided to go the artistic path, especially since he had already achieved success at the local singing competition. Participate in the Silesian State Opera in Paetum. He first appeared in “Lucia z Lammermoor”. After three seasons, he moved to the Krakow Opera, and a year later he moved to Warsaw. In 1967, he was offered to perform in Berlin. This is how he started his international career. Interestingly, she recorded all Wiesław Ochman’s shows – illegally! – His wife.

“I recorded all the training and all his performances In a very elegant way, in a beautiful dress with a very beautiful bag with a tape recorder. You recorded it for me The husband could question him and see if he was okay, had he had a grudge against himself or not. The husband must have known how to sing– said Mrs. Christina Uchmann.

Photo: Piotr Fotek / REPORTER / East News

Wiesław Ochman – The Polish Guarantee of World Fame

He was always using his fame to help others

Wiesław Ochman, a wonderful storyteller, never talks about his commitment to helping his neighbour. In 1997-2008 he organized 10 Polish painting auctions At the Consulate General of the Republic of Poland in New York and the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Washington. From the funds collected, incl. The Adam Mickiewicz Museum in Vilnius was reconstructed and an electronic stage reader for Silesian opera and piano was purchased for the Music School in Paitum.

For 25 years he has been involved in organizing charitable parties “Wiesław Ochman and His Guests” by the Auxilium Foundation. More than one million zlotys have been collectedfor which equipment for the district hospital in Zawiercie was purchased.

In his spare time, Wiesław Ochman pursues his second passion: He paints portraits, especially landscapes. He has about 60 exhibitions and solo openings in Poland and abroad. Always donate money from selling his work to charity! Explain:

He repeats that “he only felt that he was going to become a singer, but he would always know that he was going to be a painter.”

When journalists ask Wiesław Ochman if he would have the opportunity to change something in his life, the artist replies without hesitation that he will not. And he does not regret anything, not even the rejected offer of permanent residence abroad. Polish fans of the master’s talent are delighted with this decision.

Photo: Jacek Bednarczyk / PAP / PAP

Vernissage from Wiesław Ochman’s paintings – “Spanish Impressions” (2001)

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