Where to spend a cheap vacation in Poland? These places are amazing!

The period of planning your summer travels is a period of excitement, but it is also a period of making difficult choices.

Vacations abroad – Italy, Turkey, maybe the Maldives or maybe Poland and our beautiful lakes, mountains or sea. When we decide to stay in the country, the most developed tourist places come to mind – Hill, Sopot, Gdynia, Zakopane, Krakow or Mikołajki.

These are charming destinations, but we can be sure that in the summer season we will meet the largest number of tourists there and pay dearly for accommodation.

If we do not want this, we should look for less obvious corners for a vacation.

Until recently, Lower Silesia was an underappreciated voivodeship in terms of tourism. The hilly and mountainous terrain is ideal for mountain hikers, and the number of monuments, such as palaces and palaces, pleases the eyes of those who love history.

While in Lower Silesia, it is worth visiting Polanica-Zdrój. The town is a charming spa in the Bystrzyca Dusznicka valley at the foot of the Table Mountains. It is famous for its mineral waters and good climatic conditions.

People with heart and digestive problems seek relief here. There is the Spa House, which was founded in 1906. The facility is equipped with hydro and electrotherapy equipment and 60 cabins for carbon and mud baths.

From the Second World War, Dom Zdrojowy works as a sanatorium “Wielka Pieniawa”. In Lower Silesia we can also find spas such as Duszniki-Zdrój or Lądek-Zdrój, where water rich in radon, sulfur and fluoride are used for treatment.

However, it is worth taking a look at the smaller towns, such as Nowa Roda. The city is located in the Kłodzko poviat district on the Włodzica River. It is part of the Wałbrzych conglomerate. Nowa Ruda was granted a location in the city prior to 1360.

The small town captivates with its unusual market square and beautiful town hall. The building is an example of historical architecture, a product of local builders.

We can also find a beautiful trail that leads to the watchtower on Mount Saint Anne, which was built in 1911. The trail can be walked as a loop.

The yellow path leads to the top, and you can return to the center of Nowa Ruda along the green path. The track starts and ends at the railway station in Nowa Ruda and is more than 4 km long. Nearby is also Table Mountains National Park, where mountain hikers will fall in love with Błędne Skały.

There is also a tourist coal mine in the city, there are also castles and ghettos. In the city itself you’ll find the 16th-century Stillfried Castle, not far from Dwór Dolny in Włodowice, the Upper Manor in Nowa Ruda, Stillfried Manor in Drości and the palace in Jugów.

If we still have few impressions in the context of archeology and architecture, then near Nowa Ruda we can find Moszna Castle, which looks like a fairy tale, and Sarny Castle in Ścinawka Górna.

Pomerania is often associated with a crowded beach, screens and shouts of “ice cream, cotton candy, boiled corn”. Of course, in the summer, the beaches burst at the seams, but you can still find quiet spots in the area, even in summer.

Warsino is a town located in the Pomeranian Voivodeship, in the Zubsk District, in the municipality of Kobes. People who like historical buildings will be delighted. Here there is a palace, where Chancellor Otto von Bismarck spent the last years of his life.

The Iron Chancellor ordered the construction of a family shrine here. To this day you can see the grave of Joanna von Putkammer – the beloved wife of the commander.

Nature lovers will not only appreciate the sea and forests. Mechowskie Caves, which are a unique example of a lowland cave, delight with their beauty.

The cave is located in the village of Mechowo, within the Żarnowiecka Upland, which was formed in the fluvial deposits of the glacial Baltic Sea. It has the exquisite shape of a stepping stone and has been protected as an inanimate nature monument since 1955.

For those who love magic, there will also be something in Pomerania, specifically in the village of Węsiory. Nearby, a Gothic cemetery dating back to the 1st and 3rd centuries has been preserved. There are three stone circles and part of the fourth and 20th mound. The diameter of the largest circle is 26 meters and it is made of boulders about 1.5 meters high.

In the middle of some of them there are stone tombstones. For centuries, stone circles have become the subject of many Kashubia legends, including the presence of the legendary Stolem giants in these lands. They are attributed magical powers and there are many people who like to sit and meditate for a few moments.

People who love forests and nature and enjoy the best rest among the trees will feel like they are in heaven in Podlasie. There is Naro Valley, which is a paradise for people who like to “fish” with their camera – more than 150 different species of birds live here.

Łomża Landscape Park in the Narew Valley was established by decree of December 10, 1994. It includes: Narew Valley preserved approximately in the immediate vicinity of Łomża in the Piątnica Poduchowna-Bronowo Department and its edge area.

The total protected area is 19,596.8 hectares, of which 7,368.22 hectares constitute the core part of the park, and 12,228.58 hectares constitute its own protection area.

If we want to do some sightseeing in Podlasie, Tikosin, the pearl of the Baroque, is waiting for us. Agnieszka Osiecka fell in love with this city. Located on the Narew River, it delights with its climate. A unique synagogue and a Jewish quarter have been preserved here. There is also a unique Baroque design of the trapezoidal market square with the Church of St. Trinity.

In Podlasie we can also find … The magical Land of Open Shutters, that is, three villages: Socy, Puchły and Trześcianka. This is a trail where ancient and original architecture and folklore will enchant us.

The carved decorations, unique to any other part of the country, delight visitors. The wooden huts, never seen in this form in other parts of the country, are charming with colorful shutters, rich gables and arcades that still remember the times of Queen Bona.


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