Weekend in May – It’s going to be a sport with a big dose of culture

We have another weekend with many interesting events. We will not complain of boredom in the coming days. It is worth familiarizing yourself with the schedule of events and making time to participate in concerts, picnics or exciting sporting events.

Friday May 13

Gentar cinema repertoire

  • 16:00 Video: Pet Games
  • 16:30 Movie: Captain Nova
  • 18:00 Video: Doctor Strange in multiple madness
  • 18:15 Video: FUCKING BORHOLM
  • 20:00 Video: Doctor Strange Into Many Multiple Madness
  • 20:20 Video: Firelight

the time. 16:00 – the fifteenth of the Arkadiusz Gołaś memorial – Arkadiusz Gołaś

On Friday May 13th. at. At 16:00 the 15th Arkadiusz Gołaś volleyball memorial will begin under the auspices of the President of Ostrołęka, ukasz Kulik, organizes the Youth Category Championship Olimp Ostrołęka and continues until Sunday, 15.05.

the time. 18:00 – Vernissage exhibition “Ukraine in the Struggle for Freedom” – OCK . Hall

Since 2014, Russia’s war with Ukraine has shifted from east to west. Pictures from the Polish-Ukrainian border crossings and stations are unforgettable, but this is not the first wave of refugees from the east. We saw the first one 8 years ago at the railway stations of Lviv and Drubich. They were refugees from the Russian-occupied Crimea and Donbass.

19:00 – Scene from the author’s theater in Ostrołęka: “Between us is good” – Oczko Club.

The scene of the author’s theater in Ostruka as part of the theater spring in Ostruka. This is a play about words, about encountering different languages, all of which are equally powerless to describe the world. In a poor apartment, where representatives of three generations live: a grandmother who remembers the war, Halina – fascinated by television and Little Metal Girl – learns more and more annoying words from the Internet … Screenplay: Dorota Masłowska Scenography: Grażyna Kulesik, Tadeusz Kowalewski Directed by: Wojciech Kraszewski OCZKO Club, entry is free

Saturday 14 May

Gentar cinema repertoire

  • 4:00 PM Video: Dr. Gharib in multiple madness
  • 18:15 Video: FUCKING BORHOLM
  • 20:00 Video: Doctor Strange Into Many Multiple Madness
  • 20:20 Video: Firelight

the time. 14:00 – Majówka in Biała Góra in Łęg Starościński

Project Radomir with residents of Łęg Starościński is organizing a prevention and educational event entitled “Majówka on Biała Góra.” The event will take place on Saturday 14 May 2022 in Łęg Starościński, a small village colony. The meeting starts at 2 pm

Meeting with nature in the backwaters of Narew oxbow lake aims to show how important it is to implement plans related to protecting the natural values ​​of the aquatic environment. The planned ecological walk with members of the Ecomina Association will allow the participants to learn about the richness of nature and expand cooperation in the field of environmental protection. The program also provides sharing of services responsible for security, such as Police Ostrołęka, WOPR Ostrołęka, Fishing Guard and Nadzieja Ostrołęka Rescue Group. In addition, there will be a display of recreational water equipment and an integrated fire

the time. 15:00 – Meeting for refugees from Ukraine, OCK

Safety, medical care, education of children and adolescents and all matters relating to social assistance – these are the topics of the information meeting planned in a few days for Ukrainian citizens fleeing the war, who were housed by the inhabitants of Ostruka and Ostruka with deaths.

Police officers of the Ostruka Municipal Police Headquarters with partners: the local government in Ostruka, the Ostruka Municipal Family Assistance Center, the National Health Fund – Mazowieckie Voivodeship Branch, who wish to help Ukrainian citizens who were forced to leave their homeland, organized an information meeting where they could find An answer to questions that bother them, incl. With regard to safety, medical care, education for children and youth, and social assistance. Speakers will answer all questions related to the topics presented. Appeal to residents who host people from Ukraine under their roof – please provide the information above.

the time. 16:00 – 15th Arkadiusz Gołaś Memorial, Arkadiusz Gołaś.

the time. 16:00 – A hit from the 4th Masovian League: Narew Ostrołęka – KS CK Troszyn on the field at ul. Wittusa in Ostroca.

the time. 5:00 PM – Mood for Two: Never, or BOŃCZYK SINGS MILLING – OCK, Performance Hall.

Jacek Bończyk – actor, songwriter and director of musical performances will present a program of masterpieces of Polish song genius Wojciech Młynarski. Jacek Bończyk repeatedly collaborated with Wojciech Młynarski on many concerts and shows, and was also the artistic director of the Wojciech Młynarski Festival. In the evening program, we will listen to the songs of the Masters, known and loved by several generations of Poles, including. “Never,” “Not at all,” “warm me,” “we’re still playing green,” or “we’re on vacation.” Jacek Bończyk (voice) will be accompanied by Konrad Wentrich (piano) and Wojciech “Gumiś” Gumiński (double bass).

Moods for Two . Concert Series

the time. 18:00 Museum Night at the Corby Museum of Culture

in the program:

◾️ 6:00 pm – Opening of the Museum Evening 2022,

◾️ 18.00-21.30 hours – African drumming and dance workshops,

◾️ 22:00 – MORIBAYA concert.

non stop

Mysterious tour of the temporary exhibition “Stare at the Sky. The Dogs and Their Art “and permanent exhibitions with the theme of searching for souvenirs from trips to Africa,

◾️ “Beads from Africa” ​​- Jewelery Workshop,

◾️ “Masks from the Dark Continent” – art lessons inspired by the art of the Dogon,

◾️ “Tingating Style Paintings” – Painting Workshops,

◾️ Portraits of Ostruka people from African travels,

◾️ The “PUFF-PUFF. KULI-KULI” offers exotic flavors indigenous to ZSZ No. 4 in Ostrochka.

We welcome African-inspired creations. Prizes offered!

Entry fee: PLN 1 per person.

Accompanying event – educational activities within the framework of the project “Can you hear me?” , which will include lectures, workshops and an exhibition for children, families and adults. The organizer of the project is the Academy of Social Skills (square on Bim’s finger, in front of the museum).

During Museums Night, a fundraiser will be held to help war-hit Ukraine.

The event will take place on May 14, 2022 (Saturday) from 18.00 – 24.00 in the building of the Museum of Culture Kurpie in Ostróka at General G Pema 8 Square in Ostróka.

For more information, please contact the Department of Education and Promotion of MKK at 29764 54 43 ext. 43.

the time. 19:00 Museum Night at the Museum of the Cursed Soldiers

Museum Night at the Museum of the Cursed Soldiers in Ostruka will begin on Saturday 14 May at 19:00 and continue until midnight.

During this time, it will be possible to visit the permanent exhibition, as well as use the modern digital shooting range.

A lot will happen in the facility’s yard. In addition to the official opening of “Museum Night”, the start of the rescue of a prisoner from the UB prepared by the historical education group “Reduta Kurpiowska” and a concert entitled “The Return of the Secret Army” by Bawi Bikarczyk and Leszek Zajkowski.

We also invite you to shoot shows in the cinema. You will be able to watch short documentaries directed by Arkadiusz Gołębiewski: “Tropem Wyklętych”, “Inka. She acted as she should be” and “Quatera”.

In one of the rooms of the museum, the historical collection of Korbioska “Ostoia” will prepare an interrogation of the soldiers of the underground anti-communist movement. In addition, you will be able to visit the temporary exhibitions of the Institute of National Remembrance, the Polish Post and see replicas of weapons used by the cursed soldiers, which will be presented by the historical Korby collection “Ostoia”.

Visiting the main exhibition and participating in all other events related to Museum Night is free – you must get your free ticket in advance at the box office.

Additional information can be obtained by calling 510139061.

Museum Night Program at the Museum of the Cursed Soldiers in Ostruka:

19.00 – 24.00

• Visit the main exhibition and use the virtual shooting range

7:00 pm in the Museum Square

• organization of a prisoner rescue operation from UB – historical education group “Reduta Kurpiowska”,

• Museums Night Opening.

• The “Return of the Underground Army” concert was performed by Bauwe Bikarczyk and Leszek Zajkowski.

20.30 and 22.15, cinema

Screening of a series of documentaries directed by Arcadiusz Wubowski:

• “On the Trail of the Damned”,

• “Enka. You behaved as you should”,

• “a quarter of Ł”.

21.00, 22.00 and 23.00, room 11, level 0

Organizing the interrogation of soldiers of the underground anti-communist movement – the historical collection of Korbioska “Ostoia”

Temporary exhibitions:

• Philatelic leaflets dedicated to the cursed soldiers

• “Łupaszka branches”

• “The Last Woods”

• “Baczyński generation”

• Replicas of weapons used by soldiers of the underground anti-communist movement

Sunday 15 May

Gentar cinema repertoire

  • 14:30 Video: Animal games
  • 16:00 Video: Pet Games
  • 16:30 Movie: Captain Nova
  • 18:00 Video: Doctor Strange in multiple madness
  • 18:15 Video: FUCKING BORHOLM
  • 20:00 Video: Doctor Strange in the Multiple World of Multiple Insanity
  • 20:20 Video: Firelight

the time. 11:00 – Ostrołęcka collectors exchange at Lokator Club

the time. 13:00 – 15th Arkadiusz Gołaś Memorial, Arkadiusz Gołaś – End

Comprehensive photo reports of all events taking place in Ostruka and its vicinity can be found on our website. We invite you to view the photo gallery and video materials.

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