The world according to the Bundychs will return with the old cast

“The World According to the Bundes” will return. Tyler Huechlin will star in “Teen Wolf”. Another day for orders and cancellations on US TV. Besides “what we do in secret” and more.

1. The world according to the Bundychs will return – but there is a turn

“The World According to the Bonds” has a chance to return, but with a version you weren’t expecting. Sony Pictures Television is producing an animated series in which Alex Carter (“Family Guy”) stars as a screenwriter and show organizer. It stars Ed O’Neill, Katie Sagal, Christina Applegate and David Faustino. The project is currently being offered to several stations and platforms – but it is not known where we will eventually see it. [Deadline]

2. Teen Wolf – Tyler Hoechlin will appear in the film

However, Tyler Hoechlin will return as Derek Hill in the new part of “Teen Wolf”. The actor, who is currently starring in the series “Superman & Lois”, has already signed a contract to appear in the movie Paramount +. [TVLine]

3. What are we doing secretly – when will the season 4 premiere be?

FX TV has announced the premiere dates for the summer series. Thus, on June 16 in the United States will be shown “The Old Man”, a new series starring Jeff Bridges, and on June 23 – “The Bear”, a comedy with Jeremy Allen White as chef (all episodes will appear immediately on Hulu ). On July 12, the fourth season of “What We Do in Secret” will begin, and on July 21 – the second season of “American Horror Stories”. August premieres include: Season 2 of “Reservation Dogs” (August 3), the documentary “Welcome to Wrexham” (August 24), the sitcom “Little Demon” with Aubrey Plaza (August 25), and the hit series “The Patient” With Steve Carell. as a therapist and Domhnall Gleeson as a serial killer patient (August 30). [TVLine]

4. ABC is ordering new seasons from four series

ABC has announced that the following series will be available for upcoming seasons: “Big Sky” (season 3), “A Million Little Things” (season 5), “The Conners” (season 5), “Home Economics” (season 3) and “Years”. Fantastic” (season 2). [TVLine]

5. Big Sky Season 3 – Jensen Ackles in the regular cast

Jenny Ackles, who appeared in the season two finale of “Big Sky” as Beau Arlen – a confident and charming Texan boy who becomes temporary mayor and new boss for Jenny Hoyt – will join the series’ regular cast. The actor has so far signed a one-year contract. Jamie-Lynn Siegler, TV series Tonya, has also been promoted to the regular cast. [Deadline]

6. CBS orders an entire season of True Lies

On CBS, “True Lies” was commissioned, a reboot of the 1994 movie “True Lies” in which Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jamie Lee Curtis played spies living in the suburbs. In the series, we meet Helen, an unfinished housewife (Ginger Gonzaga, “To Die With a Laugh”), who is surprised to discover that her husband Harry (Steve Howey, “Shameless”), a boring and inconspicuous hardware supplier, is in fact an international spy. Since then, the marriage begins a life full of dangers and adventures, as Helen is recruited to work alongside her husband. The cast also includes Erica Hernandez (“Power Book II: Ghost”), Omar Miller (“The Players”), Mike O’Gorman (“Vice Directors”), Annabella Didion (“Otter Banks”), and Lucas Gay (“Fuller House”). The series’ producer is Matt Nicks (“Burn Notice”). [TVLine]

“True Lies” (Photo by CBS)

7. ABC is ordering new releases, including The Rookie pop-up

Three new groups received an order from ABC:

“The Apprentice: The Feds” – “The Rookie” spin-off about FBI agents. Niecy Nash-Betts (“Claws”) will play Simone Clark, the senior newcomer to the FBI Academy. The character first appeared in the double pilot, which was shown as part of this season’s “The Rookie”. In addition to her, the cast includes Frankie Faison (“The Wire”) and Felix Solis (“Ozark”) as Agent Cutty and Garza, but Agent Fox (Kat Foster) in the pilot will not return.

“Not dead yet” Comedy series with Gina Rodriguez (Jane the Virgin) as Neil Stevens, a penniless woman in her forties who’s single again and feels old. When he starts the only job he can find – obituary writing – he starts receiving life advice from a surprising source. Joshua Bandai (“Upload”) and Angela Gibbs (“Hacks”) were also selected. The series is written by Casey Johnson and David Windsor (“The Real O’Neals”), and the script is based on the book Confessions of a Forty-Something F**k Up by Alexandra Potter.

“Alaska” Drama about a New York journalist (played by Academy Award winner Hilary Swank), who, after making a mistake that could end her career, looks for an opportunity for a fresh start in Alaska. The heroine begins to work in the magazine Anchorage, thereby starting the path to salvation, both in her private life and in her career. The cast also includes Jeff Perry (“Scandal”), Matt Malloy (“Six Feet Under”) and Meredith Holzman (“Law & Order: Special Section”). The content creator is Tom McCarthy (“Spotlight”). [TVLine]

8. ABC abandons new version of Los Angeles Code

The new version of “Los Angeles Law,” in which Blair Underwood will return as attorney Jonathan Rollins, will not get an order at ABC. The series pilot is currently being introduced to other stations. ABC has also quit the comedy “Josep” starring Jo Coy, but the station is still interested in the project with the comedian in the lead role and plans to rework the project. [Deadline, Deadline]

9. FOX deletes two strings, including pivoting

FOX has canceled its comedy series “Pivoting” by Elisa Coupe, Jennifer Goodwin and Maggie Q, and the drama series “Our Kind of People”. [Deadline, TVLine]

10. Natasha Lyonne Will Host the SNL Final

Natasha Lyonne (“Russian Doll”) will host the final episode of season 47 of “Saturday Night Live” scheduled for May 21. [TVLine]

11. Moduk Marvel – There won’t be a second season

Hulu canceled “Marvel’s MODOK” after one season. [Deadline]

12. The Boys Season 3 – Check Out The New Poster

Eric Kripke, showrunner of “The Boys,” posted a poster for season 3 of the show on Twitter. At the same time, he announced that we will be seeing the full trailer on Monday. [CBR]

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