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Address and contact

water. Shipyard 5
30-709 Krakow
Phone: 696779300

management team

Hubert Kaszycki – Creative / Managing Partner
Edyta Kopytko – Operations Manager / Managing Partner
Bernard Wojcic – Production Director / Managing Partner

Construction year: 2018

Number of Employees: 22

Selected campaigns 2021:

1. Virtual jumping studio for the 2021/2022 World Cup, TVN Group Discovery

2. Freekwencja xR Festival, East Eventz, Warsaw

3. Delon Francis Concert Visual Preparation

4. Fryderyk Festival 2021, ZPAV

5. Autumn schedule 2021, Discover TVN

6. Entrepreneur of the Year Award, Allegro Agency

7. UN Digitization Summit, Grupa Eskadra

8. Polish premiere of Nissan Ariya and Qashqai Allegro Dealership

9. Xiaomi Poland MI11 premiere

10. Inside Out – Film by Jull Dziamski


EDYTA KOPYTKO COO / Managing Partner

Briefly about the company

We are a creative design studio. Our talented 2D and 3D artists create unique graphic and animation creations using the latest technology.

We design graphics, visual preparation of events, product presentations, and art creation along with new technologies. We make animation, motion design, 2D and 3D graphics, VR/AR and scenography for multimedia events. We choose creators, tools and techniques individually for the nature of the project. We use the language of animation to emphasize and express feelings.

We are constantly developing our studio on several levels. We invest in technology and the people who use it efficiently to implement the most innovative ideas. As one of the few companies in Europe, we specialize in providing services based on real time technology (Notch, Unreal Engine). We are at the forefront of innovators who provide all kinds of xR and AR services to the Polish market in the film and studio environment. We create new products, monitor the market and find innovative solutions for existing tools.

In cooperation with Funky Fox Studio, we are one of the few on the Polish market to offer virtual production technology for film sets and advertising productions. Our technological horizons know no limits, and the creations we make are always at the highest level.

We create advertisements, products, commercial and artistic projects. We offer a comprehensive service in terms of the production of creative and high-quality content, as well as the development and use of new tools.


BERNARD WÓJCIK Production Manager / Managing Partner

Special Resources

Our studio has experienced professionals, dozens of fully equipped workstations and a rendering farm.

They trusted us

• Porsche
• Netflix
• Samsung
• Discover the TVN . group
• Panatoni
• T-Mobile
• McDonald’s
• April
• Xiaomi
• embic

The most interesting application of the last two years (2020-2021)


the address: XR video for “Shadows”, bash
production year: 2021
Customer: bash

We produced the first music video of this size in Poland, made with xR (Extended Reality) technology. Shadows is a pilot project that combines elements of a film set, post-production and work methodology in xR technology. The project was created using the Unreal Engine, which allowed real-time preview of the target effect during shooting and greatly speeded up work on the next stages of this music video.

The innovative approach has made it possible to transport the artists into an immersive, dynamic and innovative space. While working on this project, we set up a kind of creative lab to test the business potential of the xR methodology on a limited budget. The project was an experiment that allowed gaining experience and developing competencies among the participating artists.

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