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Bastarda and SutariPhoto: mat. presses.

About creating the program “Tamoj” Said Barbara Songin of the band Sutari, who will perform this time in a duet. “Tamoj” means “over there,” not quite far. It’s a story about cultural boundaries inspired by the work of… Adam Mickiewicz. The artists focused on the context of “stories and romance” and what might have influenced the poet’s work. Anyway, this is only the beginning. The story of Basstardy and Sutari quickly became a personal statement in many languages ​​- spoken and musical.

The authors are based on Belarusian, Ukrainian and Lithuanian folk songs sutartin, but also traditional Polish music. What to expect on May 14 in Witold Lutosławski?

– I know “ripple” from my grandmothers. They used this term to say that there was something outside our yard, behind the copper plate, next door. As if he was with us but not with us. Tamog, right behind our border – Basya Songin said.

The artist describes herself as a “border citizen” – her family hails from Krissy, and Barbara herself grew up on the Polish-German border. The issue of borders is very close to it. The border region itself was the subject of the Ripple Project.

– The borders drawn artificially on the maps do not exactly match where you pass. Borderland is a meeting and mixing area of ​​cultures and a common heritage. Music and poetry are mixed, the scenery is basically one. It is a rich world that can be talked about as separate places, but also as one place richer in multinationality – explained Sunjin.

The mixture of male and female musical elements isn’t a first for Sutari, the trio have previously collaborated with the Hańba or the English Dead Rat Orchestra. In the project “Tamoj”, Sutari will not perform a threesome, but in a duet. As Barbara Sungin explains, after the pandemic broke, during which the band changed hands, they wanted to collaborate with Bastarda as a really good team. I’ve known Songin for years with Katarzyna Kapela-Timingeriu (they created Sutari from the start – for 10 years!), they understand each other without words. We invite you to the Musical Saturday of Sutari and Basstardy, where sounds, cultures and moods will intertwine.

The broadcast also includes a meeting with Dr. Wironica Grosdeo-Koczynskawhich will tell you about the unique and ever-evolving field of study at the Fryderyk Chopin University of Music.

Weronika Grozdew-Kołacińska, ethnomusicologist, co-creator of the study program Jazz I am the world of music Emphasizes its exclusivity on a Polish scale. Since the beginning of the studies, the focus has been on improvisation and the creative side, and the tests for the studies themselves clearly indicate the direction the university wants to take.

– It is required to submit works in the field of international music. One of the pieces should refer to a Polish tradition, a particular region, or a particular dance, and the other could be your own composition inspired by a chosen musical tradition. The element of improvisation is important here. The candidate must demonstrate his ability to improvise on a large scale.

elements in the field of study Jazz I am the world of music It relates to both jazz and folk music. The program includes the basics, such as ear training, basic instrument, jazz harmony and scales, we can also find here: musical forms and patterns in world music, and the emission of sound.

– employment music world You can study the violin, cymbals, flute, percussion, cello, accordion. Students can participate in a jazz group, and they can also create individual groups – said Dr. Grozdeo- Kołacińska. Students are free to choose the music and styles they wish to explore. The educational flair is given by the students themselves, and their own heritage.

As confirmed by the interviewees, the college’s current students are names already well known in the popular world, including: Kacper Malisz (Kapela Maliszów), Wiola Jakubiec (SEKUNDa), Bart Pałyga – musicians with high cultural competencies, high awareness of history and ethnography contexts .

The value of these studies lies in bringing together the great musical fields – jazz and traditional music – that have much in common. At least through the aspect of improvisation, a creative approach to the piece, composition. As a result, we get an open and modern view of music in general.

“Jazz and World Music” can be studied at the Faculty of Jazz and Dramatic Music for several years, the next recruitment continues until the end of May, and on Monday 16.05 world music bands and students will perform in concert at FCUM.

Tickets to the World Music Concert as well as the premiere of ‘Tamoj’ this Saturday on Nowa Tradycja!


Program title: Sources

Conducted by: Magdalena Tegshma

Release date: May 12, 2022

Release time: 15.15

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