Luxtorpeda “Omega”: It wasn’t that hard yet

With the previous full disc luxorbidas I complained a bit about the team slack – no revolution, just like “formula mastery”, which would be welcome Mike Love (Who knows, knows). Although it was difficult to criticize the executive level “Anno Domini MMXX”However, it was not a special item that stood out or was remembered from other Luxtorpeda albums. And “omega”? Oh, it’s a completely different pair of wells.

I don’t want to keep you in suspense and let me write it straight – musically this is Luxtorpeda’s best album to date. No Przystanki Woodstock, Trójki, alternative for those who fear the label “alternative music”. This is the complete thrash metal album in which you can feel inspired by the sharpest moments MetallicaAnd the killer if Spultura before noon “AD Chaos”. In turn, by going to the original field, fans will definitely find their way here flap Jack And Acid Drinkers “Infernal Connection”.

Luxtorpeda has never played so brutally. album start “Antonovka” It really introduces us to the atmosphere that will basically accompany the listener to the end. The drums roll like crazy and don’t take prisoners, constantly heading for explosions. The bass runs low and hums, moving my whole guts. Guitar pieces irritate the skin like sandpaper. Seriously when I hear entrances “Melissa” if “hydra”I expect them to be here in a moment Tom Ayara or Max Cavalera. Something so amazing.

But these singers do not appear, and here the first flaw stands out. Sure, as long as Litza’s vocals like the singer are about to breathe fire and bond well with the dirt of the musical class, I’m having trouble with usually praised Hans.

The difference between the voice of rap and the roughness of Friedrich’s singing of this kind of music harms the member greatly five two. Well, it isn’t Zac de la Rocha. The parts look very “clean” from the mix, as if they were taken from completely different tracks. It can be used as a double and then mixed with the echo as in “Who asks the counterfeiter?”.

It’s often only fine when the drums go down and the guitars give back a little bit of space instead of stressing them out. Hence, the end disc becomes pure fun “me”produced almost perfectly for Hans’ voice.

Although the album was recorded before the Russian invasion of Ukraine, it is surprising how well it fits into the current mood – the theme of war appears in the album quite often. “blood from blood” It can serve as an anthem of support for our eastern neighbors. “The victim suffers at will” It’s a front-line reportage. Hans’ words “I am neither yours, nor you, my enemy” are in fact the whole summary of the nonsense of actual fighting on behalf of the people at the top of government.

It’s hard to believe, but even on such a heavy album as “Omega”, the musicians do not give up the opportunity for mystery. Of course sarcasm or even sarcasm is lined up. A horse with a row, though, for those who don’t smile at the lines “When I buy a pipe, I choose those with cancer/Those with impotence, I don’t take them.” In any case, Hans has long known how to knock on pins to entertain the listener and at the same time to move his gray cells.

Here we come to an important point. There are also controversial moments: in the piece “Victor Mentura” There is content directed against the scientific community directly related to musicians’ skepticism about the coronavirus pandemic. Besides, the musicians never hid their conservative liberal views, even if they were not expressed directly, but suggested between the lines. Cigarette lines are taken from the song “Rauchin”It is a defensive discourse against the phrase “volenti non fit iniuria” (Latin: there is no harm to a willing person). And it would really be overcome, if not for the piercing sense of superiority, then all the more striking in the already mentioned “router madness”.

In “Hydra” it was decided to play with the names of the totalitarian theorists. While this verbal gameplay with the titles is really impressive from a purely official point of view, it is again at odds with the content itself. Because I am neither convinced nor put Nietzschewhose philosophy was greatly expanded by Nazi propaganda, along with the openly communist criminal Mao ZedongThere is not a lot of slipping on the surface and simplification of phenomena. This I leave you to think about.

If I were to judge the musical class for the “Omega” album, I would definitely say it’s a positive surprise for this year. Here you can hear an authentic passion, a warlike spirit, and an attachment to acoustic detail, resulting in a portion of a fine hit metal sound that – surprisingly – doesn’t even have a bit of grit. Just as “Anno Domini MMXX” gave the impression of part of the music written for Hans, “Omega” is simply “litz” through and through.

I would give a higher rating to what happens in the music, but I can’t do that when a singer seems completely incompatible with her. It hurts because all too often Hans has been a magnet in Luxtorpeda’s work. But no more wailing – I rate this album positively anyway.

Luxtorpeda, “Omega”, Stage Diving Club / Metal Mind


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