How to slim your waist, tighten your stomach and sculpt its muscles.

Modern cosmetic treatments can slim the waist, tighten the stomach and sculpt muscles on it. What are the advantages and disadvantages? We ask Dr. Marcin Ambroziac, MD, dermatologist from the Ambroziac Clinic.

What are the most popular abdominal treatments?

What problem do patients report most often? Do they want to slim their tummy or do they want to improve skin firmness?

It depends. Women often want both. Men do not have problems with the cohesion of the skin, and in their case the problem is usually associated with excess body fat. The latest trend that both sexes desire is to sculpt muscles, not only the abdomen, but also other parts of the body, such as the buttocks, thighs and arms. Perhaps it has to do with the fact that during the pandemic we have begun to appreciate more physical activity and its benefits. The latest aesthetic medicine treatments give you the option to take shortcuts. Instead of sweating it out in the gym, doing sit-ups and squats, you can use a machine that will do it for you, and at a very accelerated pace.

How do these types of treatments work?

To slim the body, an electromagnetic field is used in them, which stimulates the muscles, causing exactly the same contraction that occurs during intense training. The trick is that in one treatment we achieve tens of thousands of contractions. Their exact number depends on the type of device. In my clinic, we use TruSculpt Flex, which allows you to get 54,000 in a 45-minute session. Muscle cramps are absolutely impossible during normal fitness training. However, it is worth realizing that this procedure will give good results only in fairly thin people, without a significant excess of adipose tissue.

Cryolipolysis and HIFU – What are Abdominal Treatments?

What are the most effective fat removal methods?

There is no doubt that the effect of cold lipolysis is the best researched and documented. Other methods, such as low-power laser or infrared light, should work in theory, but in practice there is no convincing evidence for this. Ultrasound, both low and high power, appears to be a more reasonable option because there are studies on this topic. HIFU, or focused ultrasound, gives great results, but they are very painful treatments.

How does HIFU work?

HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) is an advanced technology that uses high-energy ultrasound waves that operate into the skin at a depth of 13mm and thus can precisely focus on the subcutaneous fat layer. As a result, the membranes of fat cells are instantly broken, which leads to their destruction. Unfortunately, for the treatment to be effective, the heating point temperature must be very high. In this case, the temperature is 70 ° C, as I said before – it is undeniable that the procedure is exhausting. For comparison, during the HIFU treatment for tightening the skin of the face, a temperature of 50 ° C is sufficient, and for this reason, treatments of this type, for example Scizer, are performed under short sedation. Besides, most slimming or tightening treatments require high temperature treatment of the skin.

The exception is cold lipolysis that uses lower temperatures?

The name of the treatment comes from two words: “cryo,” meaning icy, and “lipolysis,” meaning the chemical breakdown of fat. It consists of freezing and breaking down of fat cells. After that, fats are excreted from the body during physiological metabolic processes. The amount of body fat is reduced by up to 20 percent. Most importantly, cold lipolysis is a safe procedure. During its course, the skin does not crack, it is painless and has few possible side effects. The operation works only in fatty tissue, and does not interfere with the skin, muscles or nerves.

Tummy tuck in the aesthetic medicine clinic

How can tighten the skin of the abdomen?

This is the biggest problem. Skin tightening also involves heating the fibers in it. Abdominal skin is thicker than the skin on the face and covers a larger area. Inevitably, these procedures are very painful and expensive. Older devices of this type, such as Thermage, use high-frequency radiofrequency technology to heat the skin to 50 degrees Celsius, so the treatments they perform have been difficult to tolerate. In comparison, HIFU waves, which also heat the skin to 50 degrees to firm it up, turn out to be more friendly. They do not work continuously, but similar to a fractional laser: each wave is separated by a pause, which allows you to better tolerate the pain. You should also be aware that abdominal skin tightening using aesthetic medicine treatments has its limitations. If the skin, for example after pregnancy, is very loose and seems to have a lot of it, it is better to hire the services of a plastic surgeon who will stop the excess.

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