How much do celebrity cars cost? Hagerty’s Force 2022 List – Movies

  • Browse through Hagerta’s databases of celebrity cars for sale, a list has been compiled of more than 260 cars, including cars owned by such figures as Adolf Hitler and Kris Jenner, that appeared in the films Herbie to Le Mans.

  • Haggerty’s Power List explores the impact of the presence and association of celebrities – from movie stars to religious leaders – on the market value of cars.

  • The list consists of six categories: movies, movie stars, musicians, racing drivers, royal families, personalities and celebrities.

The classic and collector car market is booming, and Hagerty is at the forefront of trend-watching companies. In 2021, for the theatrical debut of the latest James Bond movie, “Don’t Time To Die,” the evaluation team conducted a survey of how much the cars featured in Her Majesty’s Agent movies are worth compared to their regular on-road counterparts. The results were so intriguing that this time Hagerti decided to extend the study to find answers to an additional question, Will other popular movies, celebrities or sports stars also have an effect on the prices of cars associated with them? It wasn’t an easy task, but the answer turned out to be great, combining pop culture, motorsports and the collector’s car market.

Experts compare the selling price (or estimated selling price) with the values ​​of a standard car at a given time. In the case of unique cars, such as the Popemobile or the Batmobile, they estimated the equivalent of the vehicle the movie was built on. The result was the Hagerty Power List 2022 – a list of famous people and movies, and a list of the differences between the value of their cars and that of a “regular” model. It is made up of six categories: Movies, Movie Stars, Musicians, Racing Drivers, Royal Families, Celebrities and Celebrities.

Lagerte Energy List 2022 – Top 10

Who was at the top? Who are the most influential people when it comes to car value? In percentage terms, Notorious BIG registered the largest difference, increasing the value of the car by 18 thousand PLN. 650 percent, then the Mustang Bullitt with a score of 15 thousand. 982 percent and Tupac in third place with 8233 percent.

But do these cars really have more potential? All of these “winners” – plus eight of the top ten in percentage terms – come from one-off sales of individual cars. Some, like the Tupac car, are also sales forecasts and not set values. So it was decided to add another layer of analysis and consider only the people or videos who sold at least eight cars. This resulted in it reaching the bottom ten on the 2022 Hagerty Power List. These are the movies and celebrities that make a real and lasting impact on the value of collectors’ vehicles.

Top 10 – As long as relationships with celebrities add value to cars

James Bond 449 percent
Paul Walker 331 percent
Elvis Presley 229 percent
Steve McQueen 160 percent
Elton John 115 percent
Clark Gable 40 percent
Rod Stewart 19 percent
Nick Mason 19 percent
like kai 11 percent

What are the results in each category?

Lagerty Power List 2022 – Videos

Appearing on the silver screen is a sure way to increase the value of your car. But how does box office success affect the selling price? That’s exactly what Hagerty’s appraisal team set out to discover, which analyzed 60 different movie and TV sales of cars worth over $40 million.

On average, screen star cars cost 410 percent. More than their “normal” counterparts, but in order to be in the top ten, they had to raise the price by more than 500%. Amazingly, this means that some of the most famous cars in the world were not included in the list.

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