He recognizes rapists…by hand. Pay special attention to these signs

So black Professor of Anatomy and Forensic Anthropology at the University of Dundee, Scotland. Women have supernatural The ability to identify criminals based on their veinsScars and small scraps are distinguishing marks on the arms and hands.

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In 2006, she failed to prove that the hand on the recording was evidence in the father’s case. Children’s irregular verbs Actually belongs to the accused. This event prompted her to start a systematic research into the field of manual human identification.

The case is about a teenage girl She accused her father of sexual harassment. The man was supposed to sneak into his daughter’s room at night to commit permissive acts to the children. The teenager installed a webcam in the room, which recorded the executioner’s hand and forearm. Shortly thereafter, the video was submitted to Sue for analysis. The girl’s father dismissed allegations that his hand was on the recording. The teen also did not find support from her mother, who claimed that accusation of harassmentIt’s just a matter of her daughter’s exuberant fantasies.

Although Su Black had no experience at the time in identifying perpetrators with their own hands, her attention was drawn to the clearly visible veins on the back of the man’s hand captured by the camera. Like The arrangement of veins in the hand is unique to each personEven in identical twins, Black asked the police to take detailed pictures of the hands and forearms of the father of the molested teen. Presenting this type of evidence in legal proceedings was the first case of its kind in the history of Great Britain.

Despite strong evidence, the jury did not believe the teen’s account, and the man was eventually acquitted.

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After this case black She began a series of studies, thanks to which she deepened her knowledge about the possibility of recognizing people on the basis of their hands. Shortly thereafter, I informed Su Serious Organized Crime AgencyBy asking for help in an ongoing investigation called “Ore”. The operation aimed to identify more than 7,000 Britons whom police suspected of downloading and distributing content targeting children online.

Sue contributed to the conviction Neil Strachan – A man who belongs to the largest in Scotland network gay. Strachan attempted to rape an 18-month-old boy he was caring for on New Year’s Eve in 2005. Sue Black worked to identify the man through a photograph showing only his penis and his left hand.

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Black used the offender’s left thumb in the frame, as she noticed an unusual mass, a white area at the base of the nail. Marker It was identical to the one that Strachan was wearing. In October 2009, he was sentenced to life imprisonment.

Black identifies crime suspects by placing a 24-cell grid on his palm, covering the entire area from fingernails to wrists. In addition, he analyzes each cell, looks for identifying signs and examines the vein pattern. Another method is the analysis of the morphological features of the hand. Each person’s veins are a unique patternAnd thanks to the fact that it is located under the skin, it cannot be changed.

Team Black works with police around the world. In 2017, Sue worked on as many as 50 cases per year. Since 2006, in the cases in which Sue Black was implicated, the percentage of defendants who, as a result of the analysis of her hand, pleaded guilty, was 82%.


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