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Gdynia City Museum, Halo Kultura Association, Open House Gdynia, Studio 8, Other Ways – These are just selected initiatives with which Michał Miegoń is associated. For years, in his daily activities: as a musician and as a mentor, he argues that there is no boredom in Gdynia. – Since childhood, I have been drawn to different places in my city – guest Adam Smallark reveals. – With the passage of time, telling stories about places, searching for these places became my passion, which later turned into a professional job. I’m not the only one, there are a lot of people in Gdynia who “organize” this city – he adds.

The bustle and mysticism of the Keshubia

Michał Miegoń draws attention to Gdynia itself – a city located by the sea, among forests, but also with many highlands – and to the surrounding areas of Pomerania, the ruins of Kashubian villages. – It is worth going to the less visited areas: Rumia, Wejherowo, Reda, Puck and even eba, the land of the Slovenes. There he discovered an interesting and unique history of Kashubian culture – assures the guest of the four. – It is an area full of history, legends and demonology. Pomerania is inspiring, it’s the subject of a dayless well – she adds.

Visiting Kashubian villages, we can see frames frozen in time – village centers full of half-timbered buildings, slow-life residents, tourist routes full of mansions and mansions. – It is a symbiosis between the region and the original Kashubian civilization – says the guide. – Pomerania is a place where everyone can find something for themselves, adds the bustle of the big city and the mystical Kashubian.

Music and local

The musical aspect of Tri-City is also very interesting. The main team of Michał Miegoń is the Kyiv office. They played together for 15 years. The Tri-City scene is an amazing flow of musical energy. Musicians know each other, are friends, play together and inspire each other. Gość Czwórki maintains that the legend of the alternative scenery in Tricity is still alive.

Kiev Offic’s latest album is “Gjinjenjé”. It can be said that it is a combination of the musicians’ passion: to play, but also to discover local history. – The album “Gjinjenjé” focuses on the culture of the Slovenes – Kashubs of Łeba. They are an example of Kashubism, which disappeared as a result of historical turmoil – says Michao Miejo. – Słowińcy was an enclave in a swampy area, outside the main communication routes, somewhere between Łeba and Smołdzin. Because of their isolation, they developed a variety of the Kashubian language, their own unique cultivation. They were hunters, but they were also cultivated in wastelands – he adds.

24:15 Passionate four 14.05.2022.mp3 Michel Miego talks about his passions: Gdynia, Pomerania and music (Pasjonauci / Czwórka)

Germanization contributed to the decline of the culture and language of the Slovenes. The use of the local language was prohibited for 150 years, and it was necessary to speak German. In 1945, when the Soviet army entered Pomerania, a resident greeted her in the Slovenian language. – After the war, this group was annexed to the Germans, because they mostly speak German – says the guide. – They were taken to Germany, and the last Slovenian-speaking citizen died of a tragic suicide death in the late 1980s – he adds. – In the music of the Kyiv office, we try to convey the sound of the past. In one of the songs you can hear the recording in Slovenian.

Undiscovered Gdynia

Michał Miegoń is a licensed PTTK guide. In the fourth, he reveals that he likes to walk around his city, but especially likes its inconspicuous areas. – In Gdynia there are up to 20 districts. All too often, we find traces of ancient history among the uninteresting blocks of modern apartments or apartment blocks. – These could be walls of Kashubian buildings, haunted houses with legends or even UFOs. He adds that each shrub has its own history.

Lesser known Gdynia hides underground tunnels, bunkers and army. What lies outside the track is the guide’s greatest infiltration peak. I focus on what is unseen, what is on the side – the guest of the four confirms and reveals that the guides of the Gdynia community willingly cooperate with each other, watch each other walk and inspire each other.


Program title: Passionate

Drove: Adam Smallark

a guest: Michał Miegoń (musician from Kyiv office, PTTK guide, enthusiast of Gdynia and Pomerania)

Date of issue: 14.05.2022

broadcast time: 11.15


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