Agnieszka Huey told how her husband reacted when she lost her pregnancy

Agnieszka Hyży started her adventure with the show business 15 years ago. She worked on interesting projects and always showed great professionalism, but it was her own affairs that often attracted the attention of the environment and were subject to evaluation. The journalist had to face many difficult trials. Missing a few pregnancies, the dreaded expectation of having a son or the media campaign regarding the relationship with Grzegorz Hyży are just some of the life challenges I decided to talk about in the Yes, We Have podcast.

Agnieszka Hyży on bad press

Agnieszka Hyży became known to a wider audience as a very talented and charismatic presenter, but it is also easy to see in her a responsible mother and a kind partner. In 2015, the journalist married singer Grzegorz Hyży. The couple had a son named Leon, and they raised three children from previous relationships. However, there were many difficult moments in the life of the spouses. Good evidence of this, for example Media campaignwhich Agnieszka Hyży decided to tell in the podcast “Yes, we have.”

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– I even call it such a crusade (…). We were a great article for clickable titles. I don’t know why, and I didn’t understand the moment it happened. (…) we There was no way to stop it – said Agnieszka Hyży in an interview with Martyna Wyrzykowska and Natalia Hołownia. She also stressed that the clash with criticism and hateful articles is still in the minds.

– He hiccups a lot, so to speak, on us and on our relationship. I don’t like talking about it anymore because It all comes back to me. Whenever I already thought we had a lot of things behind us, the climax of the next crusade came when I was pregnant and no one knew about it The presenter explained.

Agnieszka Hyży about hiding her pregnancy

In an interview with the authors of the podcast Yes, Agnieszka Hyży publicly admitted that it had been for several months She was hiding the fact that she was expecting a baby. This decision was related to concerns arising from previous experiences. The journalist lost several pregnancies, delaying the transmission of important information to her relatives until the last minute. She did not even want to share the happy news with her daughter Marta.

– I knew I couldn’t do that at all (…). In my opinion, she is unable to comprehend that something like this happens in a woman’s life There is a child and he is not there – explained Agnieszka Hyży. She also added that only a small group of trusted people knew the truth. – it was hard. It took us a long time to take into account that anything can happen – the young mother admitted.

In the podcast “Yes We”, Agnieszka Hyży also touched on the topic of feelings that men have to deal with in such circumstances. The journalist noted that they rarely get permission for pain, and no one doubts that they suffer greatly from the loss.

– My husband was such a comrade all the way (…). He told me at some point in my next defeat that it would already be He didn’t want to try it again (…). Psychosomatic impressions also affect a man, and at one time, when I spoke louder at home about how poor I am, (…) I heard from my husband: “Listen, it’s not like it doesn’t affect me.” It seems to me that we are underestimating, not looking forward to this guy. It is not only our suffering and pain, but it is also present in it, and it cannot be treated as an object – summarized Agnieszka Hecchi.

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