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Here is an overview of the most important news from the gaming sector from May 9-13 this year.

Ultimate Games: PLN 1.9 million in net profit and PLN 2.5 million in operating profit posted PLN 5.9 million in total revenue in the first quarter of 2022, the company announced, providing estimated data. Cash at the end of the period amounted to PLN 18.6 million, it was reported.

Black Rose Projects: It hopes to debut on NewConnect in the near future, the company said. The Warsaw Stock Exchange (WSE) has approved the company information document, which ends the formal process of submitting it to the small trading floor. No date has been set for the first time.

Gamivo: The company said that it has launched the Korean version of its gamer trading platform. Currently, the Gamivo platform is available to players in eight versions (English, German, Polish, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and from May 10 – Korean).

Pyramid Games: The “Occupy Mars: The Game” premiere in early access mode is planned for the second half of this year, Pyramid Games reported. This title’s high profile wishlist currently has over 240,000 entries.

Pirate Bank: reported 103,000 independent PLN net profit in the first quarter of 2022 compared to 289 thousand. PLN report the previous year’s profit, the company said in the report. Sales revenue reached 8 thousand. Polish zlotys in the first quarter of 2022 compared to 317 thousand. PLN in the previous year.

PlayWay: The Board of Directors has recommended to shareholders a dividend payment of dividends earned for the year 2021 in the amount of PLN 19.22 per share, which totals PLN 126.85 million, the company said.

Playtika: The company said it has opened its first office in Warsaw at the Browary Warszawskie complex, where it will develop mobile gaming projects.

Golden Eggs Studio: It plans to raise community donations as part of equity crowdfunding, and by the end of 2022 it will debut on the NewConnect marketplace, the company announced.

Simteract: “Train Life: A Railway Simulator” game, in addition to the full PC version, plans to be released this year on 5 other platforms (PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series S | X) and another title said President Marcin Jaśkiewicz that ” Urban Venture” will soon debut in an early access version.

Incuvo: has signed an addendum to a 2020 agreement with Creepy Jar for the “Green Hell” brand, providing for an extension of cooperation with the release of “Green Hell VR” for the Sony PlayStation VR platform, Incuvo reported. The game’s premiere on the platform is planned for the end of 2023.

Movie Games: The company said it has submitted a prospectus to the Polish Financial Supervisory Authority (KNF) regarding an application for admission and trading on the regulated market for all 2,573,132 shares.

Drago: The release date of the first expansion pack for “Gas Station Simulator” – “Gas Station Simulator: Can Touch This DLC” – has been pushed back to May 18 from May 11, Drago Entertainment reports. At the same time, the management decided to release a large update package for the basic version of the game in advance. It is scheduled to be presented on May 12 this year.

Clapter: Premiere “Best Month Ever!” For PlayStation consoles, May 12 is set, Clapper reports.

Vivid Games: May implement – in cooperation with Anzu – display of real advertisements on 3D models within the game “Real Boxing 2” later this quarter, Real Boxing product owner Bartosz Biniecki announced.

Creepy Jar: estimated to have generated PLN 6.4 million in net profit (compared to PLN 4.8 million in the previous year), on PLN 11 million (up 34% year-over-year) in the first quarter of 2022, Company, provide preliminary data.

Kool2Play: In cooperation with EXOR Studios, the company has created an attractive gamer-oriented presentation on Steam. Starting on May 13, “Uragun” is sold as a bundle with “The Riftbreaker” and in another configuration with “X-Morph: Defense”. Each set is available in -20% promotion, limited time offer. Furthermore, “Uragun” has been selected by the Jury of the Digital Dragons 2022 Conference to participate in the Indie Showcase Festival. On this occasion, the Warsaw studio has prepared a new beta version of the game.

Image Power: The game’s premiere titled “Yacht Mechanic Simulator” is set for the PC version on Steam on July 28, 2022. Image Power serves as the co-publisher and owner of the rights to the game. Its producer is Punch Punk, and the other co-publisher – PlayWay.

United Label: the company generated PLN 1.7 million in net revenue and PLN 181 thousand. Net profit in the first quarter of 2022. In the reporting period, the company focused on the development of existing addresses and the search for new IP addresses. The results were significantly influenced by the following titles: “Iron Tails” with the expanded content of “Blood Capillaries” and “Greater Souls” with the addition of “Evil Spirits: Depths of the Forgotten and Rocky”.

Live Action Games: The simulation game creator generated approximately PLN 1.86 million in net sales revenue in the first quarter of 2022, which is a 24% year-over-year increase. EBIT was 0.16 million PLN. The financial results obtained were affected by the sale of the studio’s two leading productions: “Renovation of the Train Station” and “Car Trader Simulator”. This year, “Builder Simulator” will hit the market, and at least two premieres are scheduled for 2023, including “Chernobyl Liquidators.”

Pyramid Games: “Dinosaur Fossil Hunter” has sold over 13,000 within 96 hours of the full version premiere. Copied. After four days, the title, produced by Lublin studio Pyramid Games, collected a total of 71% of positive reviews from Steam users. The copy is priced at $19.99, and the total production cost of the palaeontology simulator exceeded 1 million PLN. The company plans to move the game to Xbox and PlayStation. The full version of the title is available from May 4 this year. On platforms: Steam, Epic Store, Humble Store, and a day later appeared on NVidia GeForce Now.

Movie Games: The publisher has published “MythBusters: The First Experiment” on Steam – a free introduction to the upcoming game “MythBusters: The Game – Crazy Experiments Simulator”. The company also announced the planned release date of the full version – June 8, 2022. The title is the official modification of the popular legendary science series Discovery.

Drago Entertainment: reported nearly PLN 2.3 million in net sales revenue in the first quarter of 2022 compared to PLN 0.11 million in revenue a year earlier. The net profit amounted to about 0.6 million PLN, which means an increase in the result of almost 4 times compared to last year. Earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortization in the reporting period amounted to more than PLN 0.5 million. Sales of the studio’s best-selling production – “Gas Station Simulator” – had a huge impact on the financial results generated. The game’s first paid DLC pack – “Can Touch This” – will hit the market on May 18 this year.

QubicGames has entered into a publishing agreement with Hyperstrange to release a rhythm game on the Nintendo Switch platform. The gameplay of the game revolves around selecting the buttons to the rhythm of the rock music. The story of the game revolves around a teenage heroine, who struggles with teenage problems, and discovers the world of electric guitar sounds. The title of the game will be announced at a later time (in line with its marketing plan).

Artifex Mundi: In April 2022, the total estimated consolidated revenue from the sale of capital group products amounted to 3,336 PLN. PLN, while the costs of acquiring new players (UAC) incurred by the group in the relevant period reached the level of PLN 1,094 thousand. zloty.

Ice Code Games: It succeeded in the first quarter of this year. More than 276 thousand net sales proceeds PLN. The cash balance in the company’s account at the end of April 2022 amounted to more than 1.1 million PLN. In the reporting period, Ice Code Games repaid all loan obligations – in the amount of approximately 2 million PLN, which were incurred prior to the merger with Avatrix. In the analyzed period, the company incurred a net loss of 608 thousand PLN. zloty.

Team Bloober: Polish studio game “The Medium” has received up to 4 jury nominations for this year’s Digital Dragons competition. May 16 this year. “The Medium” will compete to win in categories related to design, audio-visual settings and the prestigious title of “Best Polish Game”. Digital Dragons is one of the largest B2B conferences in the gaming industry in Europe, organized by Krakow Technology Park for 10 years.

Pixel Perfect Dude: The gaming startup has received 0.9 million PLN from investors. In addition to the stock exchange Unfold.vc, funds for the development of the startup were provided by two business owners. The company will allocate the new funding to develop and improve its flagship games “Ski Jump” and “#DRIVE”, as well as work on new productions from the premium segment.

Vigiliant Fight Club (VFC): Tekken Professional Tournament League is a new partner for the Zetly platform, which will take care of this organization’s overall coding. Thanks to the cooperation with the Zetly platform, the best players associated with the VFC Foundation will be able to issue their NFT trading cards in the future, including, for example, parts of memorable battles and tournament victories. Zetly also promotes these games in the community of fans of all disciplines – electronic and traditional – in Poland.

Lenovo: Announced the latest generation of gaming laptops: Lenovo Legion 7i and Legion 7 (16″, 7) laptops as well as Lenovo Legion Slim 7 and Legion Slim 7i (16″, 7). The company said that while it leads in gaming performance, the new Lenovo Legion 7i and 7 gaming laptops are currently the most powerful 16-inch gaming laptops in the world.

CD Projekt Red: Flexible Business Model Changes. The studio becomes more flexible to meet the needs of its developers. Each of them will be able to choose whether they prefer to work from the company’s headquarters or from their home.

Nolensum: Writer Jacek Dukaj created a technology company to market his ideas as digital products and services. Work is underway on the first game based on “Old Axolotl”. Nolensum is made up of experienced creators from the creative industry: incl. Maciej Jakevich, Marcin Kopelecki. The company secured full funding for the first year and a half of production.

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