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As if God had told me that he had such a plan for me: you will lose your brother, you will lose an arm and a leg, but you will meet wonderful people, you will go to both poles, you will conquer Kilimanjaro, and most importantly, you will love yourself as you are, I would like to answer that my best plan: Without accidents, I want a life without drilling. However, there is no such possibility – said Jan Mila in the library in Kasrowica, a well-known disabled traveler, who is now a famous motivational speaker.

People with disabilities ask him about the meaning of life, how he lives actively despite his disability. He then answered that because of his disability he lives like this, thanks to her he ran the New York Marathon or climbed mountain peaks.

The time spent in the hospital is considered “the time of total honesty”. – I asked my mother if I was going to die and my mother said it didn’t look good. I handled it poorly, but it did not oppress me. He admitted that she was honest.

– And then I did not focus on what was bad, because a man, like a fish, rots from his head. The will to survive did its job. When a person is mentally mobilized to survive, his chances of survival increase – Mila emphasized.

The library guest recalls his primary school education times. He attended a small school and often traveled by bicycle. Having lost his brother, he traveled one day on a busy road.

– I was afraid with my friends. We met a teacher we didn’t like with her. I threatened her: There were strange behaviors: I will remind you of Mila. And my mother was called to school, and I had to listen. Then my mother said to me: Gase, if I lose you, I will not be able to handle myself. It blew me away from the inside. Since then, I have never convinced myself that I am not necessary, perhaps if it were not for me, everything would have been better. Because Each of us as we are, someone needs us. The traveler declared that if any of us were missing, this world would be completely different, for it would be much poorer for us.

According to Mila, weaknesses, people, and disabilities can be gifts, and suffering is a kind of provocation to unleash such a force that we don’t even realize we share. Suffering can move, because the pain is no worse. People’s “Jasiek” said the impotence is worse.

How did his travels begin?

Jan Mila says:

Everything happens to something. To this day, I don’t know where the trip to the Pole came from. My mother knew one of the companions of Marek Kaminsky, and they were still attached to them during their studies. He was already a famous traveler. Once, I told him about my situation, asked him to come to the hospital, take care of my head with something else, and he agreed. I was the only one who traveled to hospitals, there were surgeries and treatments and I had moderate contact. He was drunk and that meeting did not take place. However, my story planted such a seed in Marek’s head and he wondered: How do I help this boy?

We broadcast a meeting with the traveler from the bookstores. Below is a transcript of his speech almost in full, along with questions from the audience.

We drove from my hometown of Malbork to Gdask, to Kaminsky’s office. ‘You’re sitting in my head, boy,’ he says, and we’ve come up with the idea to go with you to the North Pole. As a thirteen-year-old boy, I thought it was a stupid joke, maybe it was some kind of TV show, not here. This farmer is waiting for my answer. I was confused. It seemed like a paranormal adventure, but the future thought then: It’s going to be cold, there are some bears out there, what a polar explorer’s day at all? After all, I couldn’t handle making a sandwich with one hand, and this cheap prosthetic was like walking on stilts. So Where is this flight?

– On the one hand, my motivation was almost zero, but I wanted to prove that disability is not the end of an active life – said Jan Mila.

Jan Mila says:

We were just in Warsaw. We learned that a representative of one of the manufacturers of prosthetics from Sweden visits the presentation regularly. These are the dentures I need, but the cost is 35,000. PLN. It turns out that such a meeting takes place on the day of our stay in the city. We volunteered and got involved, and dad asked the dealer if this prosthetic could handle a sub-35 degree frost in a snowstorm.
The man was surprised, no one had asked about such things before. He took our contact information, and promised the contact he would check it. He called the next day the question arrived at the company’s headquarters and from there its boss will come and give us the best prosthetics to test in the Arctic. There were a lot of these situations later. Everything went well: materially and mentally. merely
She was not allowed to give up.

After the meeting, the SP18 students in Racibórz, who edited the school newspaper Ekspres Osiemnastki, spoke to the famous traveler. The full text of this interview is provided below.

Mila admitted that he once dreamed of traveling the world and making friends in different countries, but he saw that if you live in suitcases, you will have no home, and only have friends everywhere, not friends.

– Turns out the real journey was parenting, not bipolar and making a TV star – he said. – Of course there is a lot of joy in what you have done, but when you reach your goal it is a feeling of emptiness – he added.

Jan Mila says:

Marek Kaminsky didn’t tell me this directly, but I think this was his thinking towards me: it doesn’t matter that you don’t have an arm and a leg, that you come from a small town; What is important is that I believe in you and give you the opportunity to go to the pole; Just don’t tell yourself you can’t. He was a stranger to me, though not an unknown man, and he believed in me more than I believed in myself.

There is a so-called social handicap, and self-disbelief may be a pillar. So, let’s define our limits, the ones we keep in mind, because we often push them on ourselves. Although we will meet different people in our lives, we will be dragged into a quagmire from which it is impossible to get out. So, let’s agree with each other first – emphasized during the meeting.

How do you deal with media coverage?

Sometimes better sometimes worse. I was 15 years old, and here she attacks the media with questions: How do we live? How about this and what about that? It wasn’t like the paparazzi were following me, but after I performed on Dancing with the Stars it was quite a challenge. There were pictures with stories. We sit with a friend in a cafe, she tells me a sad family story, we cry, I hug her, and in the media, “Jacek Mila with a new girlfriend.” Such contacts with the media were difficult.

There was also a question about a trip to the Pole.

We were there about 100 years after Amundsen. They walked for months, dressed in furs and seal skins, and today the equipment is completely different. It only took 10 days, a plane took us from the North Pole, and we walked 15 days to the south. When I got off the Soviet MI8 helicopter, I was overwhelmed by the experience of the surrounding space that there was nothing nearby. There are only four of us. any help? It depends on the weather, and the “chance” that something bad will happen is when those conditions are bad. Later, I remember the paradox of having returned to Poland, where there was always something going on, and nothing going on there.

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