Walten Selostro: The music won in me – two

  • We Have Ourselves is Adam Shtapa’s latest composition, an extraordinary expression of solidarity between Polish artists and the Ukrainian nation.
  • The composer, pianist, arranger and conductor of Dwójka spoke about him.
  • The premiere of the music video took place on Wednesday (20/04) at 20.00, featuring all the artists performing this song.

The greatest artists in one place and time

At the beginning of the conversation, Jacob Kukla referred to the event of 1985, when a unique band called USA For Africa was formed, which recorded a song to help starve Africa. – At that time, I was wondering how to make such recordings, how to bring the most talented and most famous artists into one studio. Then Quincy Jones brought them together after the Grammy Awards, and they already learned this song in the studio – remember Adam Sztapa.

He also talked about the unique recording of the song “Co, Lord, give me”. It was a project during a pandemic that involved 732 people and 16 stars. One group did not know anything about the other, we acted independently – he said.

watching video:

[YouTube Dwójki]

Sharing with others will help

“We are all united, no matter what musical worlds we come from, to hear better, to show unity with Ukrainians and to encourage them in the injustice and suffering they have suffered,” emphasized Adam Sztapa.

He added that a music bulletin has also been published. Polskie Wydawnictwo Muzyczne made this wonderful gesture, and at the end the pamphlet says we won’t change the music of the world, but sharing the best part of ourselves will turn out to be a good thing. I’ve been faithful to this sentence for a long time, said Adam Satba.

Watch the music video:

(You Tube – Adam Sataba)

“This choir has no right to happen” – yes Adam Sataba I described earlier the day when the most prominent and well-known singers met at the same place and time to record a song together “We have the United States”. The composer and his wife spontaneously organized his production and invited him to collaborate as well Polish Radio Orchestra in WarsawAnd Polish radio choirpercussion section Adam Sataba Orchestra Leading sound directors. The artists performed the song in Polish and Ukrainian.

From birthday gift to support Ukraine

The piece itself, Sataba asserted, “was born in a different reality.” It was a birthday present for my wife, Agnieszka, when no one imagined the world it would become after February 24, 2022. Agnieszka suggested me to create a new version of this piece and record it with several artists in support of the Ukrainian people. text by caramel It turned out to be universal enough to require minor changes, and I began writing an arrangement for an entire symphonic composition backed by a percussion section – he said.

He added that this new version is sung in two languages. – That room, and this group was a whole symphonic lineup, a rhythmic section composed of musicians from my orchestra. More than sixty Polish, Ukrainian and Belarusian singers responded to my invitation. In total, more than 140 people – the squad leader noted.

9:51 2022_04_20 16_09_12_PR2_Wybieram_Dwojke. mp3 Adam Sataba: Let’s give what is most beautiful (I choose two)

Great stars shoulder to shoulder

The composer noticed that, thanks Polish Radioespecially Program 2 (with whom he is associated as composer), the Polish radio orchestra and choir as well as an outstanding sound director were invited to record, Leszek Kaminski. Leszyk loves big projects, but he always wonders how to do them. He’s made the impossible, said Adam Staba, over 300 tracks on the computer, and he’s excited.

The recording was attended by, among others: Anya Gubik, Kaya, Kasia Moi, Natalia Kokolska, Bovska, Igor Herbut, Kuba Badach and Pyotr Kogoski. – The stars were prepared in most cases, as soloists were recognized daily, stood side by side and sang in one chorus, which appeared in such an unusual composition only for such a short moment. He said it was an extraordinary experience.

All proceeds from the digital sale of “Our Lady” will be allocated to Caritas Polska.


Program title: I choose two

he spoke: Jacob Kukla

a guest: Adam Sataba (Composer, pianist, arranger, conductor and music producer)

Date of issue: April 20 2022

broadcast time: 16.10


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