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Composer, pianist Jerzy Kornovic and music journalist Dorota Kosinska won the annual awards of the Union of Polish Composers (ZKP) for 2021 – Marta Skutnica Karska, Office Director of the Union of Polish Composers said on Friday.

Jerzy Kornowicz was awarded the prize “for outstanding artistic creativity and exceptional activity for the benefit of the Union of Polish Composers and the whole of Polish culture”, and Dorota Kozińska – “for his rich work in criticism, essays and translation, covering broad areas of music, with a particular focus on musical theatre”.

Prizes were awarded by the jury composed of: Zygmunt Krause (Chair), Rafael Augustin, Beata Boleslavska-Lewandowska, Michislav Komenek, Tadeusz Veliky and Majorzata and Wonna-Stankevich.

The annual Polish Composers Union Prize is awarded from 1949 to 1991 to honor composers and performers for their outstanding achievements in the field of music, and since 1991 – to “Polish composers, artists, musicologists, teachers and organizers of musical life for outstanding achievements”.

The awards ceremony is scheduled to take place in September during the 65th Autumn Festival in Warsaw.

Jerzy Kornowicz is a composer, pianist, teacher and music promoter. He studied at the Academy of Music in Warsaw (with Tadeusz Bird and Marian Borkowski) and at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague (with Louis Andreessen).

He wrote works for many institutions, bands, festivals and theaters. His music has been presented in more than 20 countries around the world. In 2000, his work “Figury wlocie” was recommended by the UNESCO International Platform of Composers. In 2015, the song “The Great Passage”, which premiered in December 2013 during Maidan in Kyiv and its vicinity, was nominated for the “Polonica Nova” award.

composer improvisation

Kornowicz is the founder of the Kawalerowie Błotni group, which brings together improvised composers, jazz and alternative musicians with whom he has performed in Poland and many European countries.

Initiated and participated in the organization of festivals and concert sessions. He is one of the founders and artistic commissioner of the festival of tradition and avant-garde music “Romooz” in Lublin. Director of the festival “Warsaw Autumn”. In the years 2003-15 he was president of the Union of Polish Composers.

He is the co-initiator and president of the Poland Creative Association, which links the Polish creative industries and creative circles. He was a guest lecturer at Polish, European and American universities.

His work has been released on albums by BBC Music, Signum Classic, Polskie Nagrania, Reqiuem Records, Acte Préalable, DUX, Ośrodek Rozdroża (the album “Sceny z bezkresu” with Kawalerami Błotnych and the team of the European Traditional Singing School in Lublin) and the Polish Music Information Centre. The publisher of some of Kornowicz’s work is PWM.

Dorota Kozińska is a graduate of Classical Philology at the University of Warsaw. She took part in early musical translation courses, incl. Under the supervision of Marcel Perez. As a singer, she sang in the band “Studio 600”, which she founded and co-leads with Aldona Czechak.

Singer and journalist

From 1992 to 2013 she was a member of the editorial office of “Ruch Muzyczny”, where she first directed the concert department, and then the musical theater department. She also wrote in the pages of this magazine historical columns under the pseudonym Mus Triton.

Kozińska published in: “Teatr”, “Tygodnik Powszechny”, “Muzika w Mieście” and “Rita Baum”. She was a long-time participant in the standard court meetings of the second program of Polish radio.

She works as a lecturer at the Theater Academy in Warsaw and graduate studies at the Institute for Literary Research. He runs the Phantom of the Opera blog. A website for people who listen differently.

She has translated into Polish, among others books by Colin Thubron, EL Doctorow, Robert Byron Magdalene Knapp and Lorenz van der Post. Thubron for her translations of “After Siberia” and “The Lost Heart of Asia” was nominated for the Ryszard Kapuściński Prize for Literary Reporting.

In 2006, I volunteered to teach English in the northwestern Afghan province of Faryab. She described her experience in the journalistic book “Dobra Desert”, which was nominated in 2013 for the Beata Pavlac Prize.

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