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Comedy drama. As the announcer declared, “(Un)friends” is a film that alternately entertains and touches, depicting different faces of love. An honest, witty, lovingly painted portrait of contemporary Poles, inspired by the Italian film (“Good Lies in Good Company” by Paolo Genovese), loved by millions of viewers around the world (more here).

A group of friends decided to play an innocent game over dinner. Until the end of the meeting, everyone has to reveal incoming messages on their phone, and calls must be made hands-free. Anna (performed by Maja Ostaszewska) and Grzegorz (ukasz Simlat) is a long-standing marriage with a traditional division of roles. They raise two sons and share an apartment with his mother. In the midst of the rush of duties, their feeling had already faded. Alexandra (Alexandra Dominica) and Cesari (Micha Churawski) have known each other for several weeks. It is a romantic relationship at a very early stage, when all the statements and visions of the future seem real. They both believe that nothing can destroy their feelings. Ewa (Katarzyna Smotniak) and Tomasz (Thomas Cote) are the hosts. An affordable couple with many years of experience with an inverted division of responsibilities. She fulfills her profession, runs their home and brings up their teenage daughter on her own. They are getting further and further apart. Ewa and Anna are sisters, they seem very close to each other. But do they really tell each other everything and are they honest with each other? Also attending the meeting was Wojciech (Wojciech Żołądkowicz) – a reclusive person who has just broken up with his partner. He was happy with her, but broke up with her because she was the subject of ridicule from his friends. This fun evening will turn their world upside down. The characters are mysterious, multidimensional and interesting. Although everyone has known each other since childhood, they learn things about themselves that they never expected. Will it affect their friendship? Will it change their lives? Is it worth telling the truth? Do we know ourselves?

Each of the ordinary (extraordinary) heroes in this film is different, each of them contributes something to the drama. Together, they make a colorful and interesting mosaic. This peculiar collective image of modern Poles was created thanks to the creations of such actors as: Aleksandra Dominica, Maja Ostaszowska, Michai Churawski, Wukász Semlat, Wojciech Chudkovic, Thomas Kott and Katarzyna Smotniak, who also starred in the original film. Tadeusz Śliwa is the director (Un)friends, the screenwriters are Katarzyna Sarnowska and Tadeusz Śliwa, and Michał Dąbal was responsible for the cinematography.

“(Un)friends” is directed by Tadeusz Śliwa (he debuted with this full movie), and co-wrote with producer Katarzyna Sarnowska the script for this movie. The authors of the adaptation treated the drama from Italy only as a starting point, recording the entire work and dialogues in the realities of our country, making the conversations and dilemmas of the characters presented more bearable. The issues raised, often soaked in the sauce of comedy, resonate with the problems, dreams, ambitions, fears, absurdities and ills typical of Polish reality – everyone will be able to see themselves in the gallery of (extraordinary) characters and in their touching human lives, often funny stories . Screen guests will very quickly turn from (other than) friends to heroes who are very close to viewers.

Let’s add that “(Un) friends” hit theaters on Friday, September 27, 2019 (more here).

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Wojciech Żołądkowicz, Aleksandra Domańska, ukasz Simlat, Katarzyna Smutniak, Tomasz Kot, Michał Żurawski and Maja Ostaszewska on a poster promoting the screening of the movie “(Un)friends” Photo: Distribution Speaks Service
Katarzyna Smutniak, Aleksandra Domańska and Maja Ostaszewska in the movie
Katarzyna Smutniak, Aleksandra Domańska and Maja Ostaszewska in the movie “(Un) friends,” Photo: Jarosław Sosiński / Mimikra

“(Un) friends” – broadcast on Thursday, February 17, 2022 at 21:05 on Polsat TV.

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