The husband left her while she was pregnant. “My mother slept with me, she was afraid that I would have a miscarriage”

  • A week before Christmas, Darek said he probably didn’t love me. He said he didn’t feel that flow anymore. She talks about Natalia, whose relationship ended when she was seven months pregnant
  • The first two weeks were a nightmare. I felt like I was in agony. My mother was a great support for me, she calmed me down, made sure that I forced myself to eat – he says
  • Natalia also consulted a psychotherapist and prayed a lot. – I want us to get a divorce from the church, because I want to marry the right man someday. In this I get support from a priest of my parish – and he admits it
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First, the separation of Magdalena Stubich and Jacob Rzynchak was loudly talked about. The model was left alone shortly before giving birth as she officially confirmed that she was no longer with the footballer when she was nine months pregnant. Actors Joanna Opozda and Antoni Królikowski split under similar circumstances. Opozda was already in an advanced state of pregnancy, and when her son Vincent was born, she was most likely no longer related to his father, that is, Królikowski. Although the couple has not officially commented on their separation, Opozda removed the photo from the wedding from her Instagram, which was an eloquent gesture.

Both are a source of great public concern to this day. Most people feel sorry for mothers who, in such an important period, had to separate from their partner, which is always a difficult experience. In this case it is doubly difficult, because stress does not benefit the child either. In the comments, questions often arise, how can you leave a pregnant woman? It turns out that this does not happen as infrequently as we like to think.

When I search for similar stories on the forums, I find a lot of them. My girlfriend, who is already a mother, told me that in the group of women with children there is an entry about the fact that someone was left alone in an advanced pregnancy. However, women are reluctant to share their stories. Some of them are still pregnant, others have become independent mothers. Many of them are in the process of divorce.

However, Natalia (the name was changed to the editorial office) agreed to tell me how her current husband left her. One day he announced that he didn’t seem to love her. It happened less than a year after the wedding, when Natalia was seven months pregnant.

– The child was desired, we decided together that we wanted a large family. But in December last year, a week before Christmas, Darrick said he probably didn’t like me. He said he didn’t feel that flow anymore. He tells Natalia. It was a blow to her.

I screamed and then called my mom and friends for support. In these immense feelings, Darek calmed me down and instructed me that I could harm my child

He remembers.

When Natalia moved into her family’s home, she received text messages saying she should treat it as a “mother’s vacation.” Because he needs a break, but maybe he’ll miss it. You didn’t believe him.

The first two weeks were a nightmare. I felt like I was in agony. My mother was such a huge support to me, she calmed me down, and made sure I forced myself to eat. We even slept together. When I had a crying fit, my mother was afraid that I would miscarry or give birth early – Natalia admits.

After a while, she began to recover. I looked for help, among other things at the therapist. – My faith helped me a lot. I’m a believer I prayed a lot during this time. I want us to get a divorce from the church because I want to marry the right man someday. In this I have the support of a priest of my parish. He stated that my partner showed emotional immaturity.

What about her ex-partner? – He went for a walk with our son three times. I don’t care what happens next. He never apologized to me. We live with my mother at the moment. But now I know he wasn’t the right guy for me. After I got married, he began to treat me objectively. He thought he was entitled to have sex. There was no more tenderness – says Natalia.

She adds that she’s learned one important thing: not to build a life around a man.

I know women often base their sense of security on the man. I figured it wasn’t worth it, because we never know what the other person will do.

– I hear from my relatives that leaving a pregnant woman is really dirty. As you can see, some people find it easy – Natalya ends.

It is known that stress does not benefit anyone, and when a pregnant woman is exposed to it, it affects her and her child. Unfortunately, it is impossible to avoid stressful situations, especially unexpected ones, such as the sudden departure of a partner, over which we no longer have any influence.

Excessive stress during pregnancy causes many symptoms. Then the woman faces heavy sweating, headache and dizziness. Nausea and vomiting may appear, breathing is faster and deeper. Many women who are under severe stress during pregnancy complain of muscle and chest pain. The effect of stress can, among other things, lead to premature labour. It is especially dangerous in the first trimester of pregnancy.

How do you deal with such situations? It is very important to support loved ones, to talk to someone who listens to us, who will not judge or throw out a mantra like “It will be all right,” but gives us space to experience difficult emotions. If we do not have such a person or we do not have such a person, but conversations and support from relatives do not bring relief, then it is worth enlisting the help of a psychotherapist. We don’t have to start long-term therapy right away, and sometimes a few meetings on a specific topic, such as a partner’s departure, can help us mourn after a relationship.

There are also many ways to reduce stress levels that are safe for our child. Relaxing music, meditation, breathing exercises, even special podcasts – you can at least try each of the methods, and maybe you can find something that will bring us comfort in these difficult moments.

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