NATO forces near Dublin. Defender Europe Exercise 22 . Leblanc Edition [FILM, ZDJĘCIA] Polish Radio Lublin

Several hundred Polish, American, French and Swedish soldiers took part in the Lublin ring of the Defender Europe 22 exercises. Near Dęblin, a 160-meter crossing was built over the Vistula for the passage of combat vehicles.

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– Such a bridge in emergency situations can be built even in a few dozen minutes – says the deputy press spokesman of the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, Lieutenant-Colonel Marcel Poddhorodiki. – Here our military engineers have just joined parts of the bridge that will be powered by heavy equipment. There will be Wolverines for sure. Currently, the WZT, a technical support vehicle, is working on the tracks, which served as a test for this bridge. It weighs about 50 tons. As you can see, the attempt was successful. CTM has passed.

– Parents come from Warsaw. I was born in Sweden, which is why I have Swedish citizenship – says Andrej Ferenc. I am now doing my Swedish military service. My role is to build bridges. We have anchors to anchor these bridges. I make sure that everything is well arranged, that they are connected, and are well placed together so that no parts of the bridge are visible at the end of the Vistula. This is the first time for our group. Sweden has not been to Poland yet when it comes to such great exercises. We were invited by the Americans – he adds.

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– The Vistula is the largest water hindrance in Poland and is very demanding when it comes to arranging temporary crossings – confirms Lieutenant-Colonel Peter Kranz, commander of the floating battalion of the 2nd Engineering Regiment. It is a bridge consisting of four sections. The total length of the crossing is 163 meters. It was created by flowing individual sections into the axis of the bridge and then joining. A check was made, the so-called load test, which confirmed that the bridge structure was properly tensioned.

– Here we are dealing with a crossing, that is, something was planned, and the bridgehead was occupied on the other side – says Major Tomas Kwiatkowski from the Press and Information Center of the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces. – We have our sub-units here and we can develop freely crossing roads and bridges. Engineering forces have time for this. On the other hand, our explosive experts are so brilliantly prepared that they develop this bridge in less than 20 minutes. This is really an effective organization. Yesterday they also trained and prepared for this event. In any case, they do it several times or even dozens of times a year. Everything is going smoothly for them. Such a crossing can be organized in 20-30 minutes – adds Major Kwiatkowski.

– At the moment, another group of “Rosomaks”, our wheeled armored personnel carriers for soldiers of the Polish army, is moving, – explains Lieutenant-Colonel Podhorodecki. Next comes anti-aircraft defense. Each group moving across this bridge has anti-aircraft insurance in such a way that no one from the air can attack it.

– Part of this exercise is to cross the river, but it also covers long distances – says Captain Łukasz Wilczewski of the Regional Defense Forces. We use area knowledge because we come from the areas in which we work. We do this, among other things, by directing military columns along designated routes, setting up checkpoints. We secure the area where operational forces operate so that they can focus on their main missions.

This is a typical defensive exercise. This is not intended to prepare us for any aggression – General Yaroslav Mika, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces assures us. It is meant to show our willingness and resolve to strive for peace, but most of all it is meant to deter people from thinking that the army is really weak, it does not offer specific values.

Defender Europe 22 exercises began May 1 and will continue for another two weeks. In total, approximately 7,000 soldiers from Poland, the United States, France, Sweden, Denmark and Great Britain participate in it.

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