Music and drug therapy? This is the future of psychiatry

‘Independent therapist’ – This is the term used to describe the music at a London drug treatment centre. In the capital of Great Britain, a treatment program based on the combination of musical and psychedelic experiences is being launched.

Music and drugs have been closely related for years. In addition, substances such as psilocybin or LSD are closely related to the creative process of artists representing a whole group of genres. However, the culture of embracing these exceptionally effective measures is not limited to the authors of our favorite works. Psychedelic travelers certainly can’t imagine a similar experience without a specially crafted playlist. Drugs have also played an important role in shaping modern club culture. Scientists in London have drawn attention to the links between hallucinogenic substances and music Clerkenwell Health. The British organization is responsible for one of the first experiments of this kind in history.

Cradle of psychedelic research

Great Britain has the ambition to become the world center for research into psychoactive substances. why? Well, there are several answers.

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We found evidence for both perspectives from these studies

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First, it was clear that the British were afraid of the consequences of Brexit in the field of the Academy’s work. Britain does not want to lag behind EU member states, it is focused on innovation. At the same time, independence from society may be a unique opportunity for the British medical community. From now on, it is not necessary to submit to EU regulations in the first place. Therefore, there is an opportunity to establish competitive consent rules for research into psychotropic substances that will prove most attractive to local scientists.

Psychedelic-assisted therapy could prove to be a breakthrough in mental health, and the post-Brexit UK is well positioned to pioneer this process as a global leader in clinical research.

– Clerkenwell Health CEO Tom MacDonald said

Suffering from a pandemic is also one solution. The pace at which research has been approved on AstraZeneca in the UK has clearly excited the research community. This case is an argument for amending the regulations for placing materials on the market.

The center is also trying to capitalize on this wave of changes Clerkenwell Health.

treatment center

The changing moods in Great Britain led to the development of research centers on psychotropic substances. One of them is fair Clerkenwell Health. The center, which was established last year, focuses mainly on introducing narcotic drugs for medical uses.

The medical community for years denied the therapeutic use of substances such as psilocybin and LSD. at Clerkenwell However, they are trying to reverse this situation by conducting in-depth research into the effects of cannabinoids. Their main idea is to introduce substances for therapeutic use. They see in them the future of treating mental disorders.

We want to highlight the broader aspects of anesthetic-assisted therapies, from music and treatment methods to assistive technology. We also criticize the quality and ethics of research, access to psychedelic treatments, intellectual property in narcotic treatments and drug development based on them.

– We read on the Clerkenwell Health website

Music and drugs

center Clerkenwell Health He has just been authorized to conduct an exceptional clinical trial. Treated patients will be given psilocybin, LSD, ketamine, or MDMA. Participants and participants will then listen to the music in a dedicated room.

Patients and women participating in clinical trials will receive six-hour “sessions” under the influence of specially designated doses of the substance. In addition to the accompanying music, the whole process will be conducted under the supervision of doctors. Each examination will also end with a conversation with the therapist.

Music is integral to helping direct intense psychedelic experiences, and has been described as a “room independent therapist”. We believe that the emotions generated by music can shape feelings and the healing process.

Dr. Henry Fisher, co-founder of Clerkenwell Health, said:

Anesthetic treatments are gaining increasing interest in the scientific community. In various places around the world, research is currently being conducted on the use of substances such as ketamine, MDMA, cannabis, and psilocybin, primarily in the treatment of mental disorders. Research into psychedelic use in the treatment of post-traumatic stress and depression as well as addiction and fear of death appears particularly promising.

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