Guide – 3D Techniques Without Secrets. Project: “The time machine will be a miracle”

The places and photos that we often store in albums are the machines of our time. The car for our students is photos stored in the cloud or on a smartphone

“I will do a lot to make it come alive again, the time machine will be a miracle.” Who wouldn’t sign with both hands under the lyrics of Dhoom’s legendary song? Who wouldn’t want to experience the same school days again? Who of us today underestimates the “problems” we had at the school office at that moment? Who doesn’t remember places, friends from school benches, teachers, or having a great time growing up? We only remember how many plans, dreams, youthful sacrifices, infatuations, and passions there were at our school desks. Often there were no Marius, Partek or Anya in the classroom, only Marianne, Issei or Rhoda, who are now lawyers, owners of their own businesses or even teachers. The time machine for us are places and images from those years, which we see from time to time at home. Pictures are also a medium for our students, but those pictures stored in a virtual cloud or on a smartphone will be changed at least dozens of times over the next several years.

When I remember this time, I know one thing, he didn’t go into the woods*

Of course, I mean a broadly understood education, which–we all as educators–like not to go into the jungle, to teach young people critical thinking, group work and creativity, which can be gained when they come up with their projects. One good solution, which I would recommend for any kind of teamwork or project method, is to “check what the competition is doing”. It is a common practice available in business or specifically in marketing, allowing you to further improve your product or intensify activities in order to stay ahead of the competition. In my class, students often walk and watch their peers, just to spark creativity, only to look at your work differently and make it better. Of course, this method also has its drawbacks, and one of the main ones is copying an idea often 1: 1, but talking and discussing the strengths and weaknesses of the project always leads to a better and more creative approach when implementing subsequent projects.

It has already passed, this atmosphere, this looseness. Great people won’t come back, won’t come back anymore!

Let us make this climate, so easily, back, and let the emotions and the atmosphere be preserved longer than the unreliable and volatile human memory. Let’s use modern technology to create a class 7b or 8a time machine, which will stand in the back of the IT room and wait until it is unloaded 10/15/20 years later. We had our golden ideas – let our students make key rings or autographs for themselves, which we will seal in a box with signature 8A and not open for 20 years – because that will be the inscription on it. ready? Then go to work!

I remember the ideal well. I lived my dreams like a king

Let’s transfer the visualization and dreams of what the box design and its contents might look like on a virtual sheet called “work plane” in Tinkercad. For this, we will prepare a closed square box, with an inscription on the outside, for pre-made key rings with names, sentences or nicknames. We are going to make the keyring project using the freehand drawing unit and basic shapes from which we will make the base of the keyring. You can watch the full material on the video below.

But something from those years remained in me, my small and intimate musical world

Modern education is active education, comprehensive education and experience-based education. Only such an education is the easiest to assimilate, because it evokes feelings, because it evokes commitment, and I guarantee the participation of your students in the implementation of this project, because they do it for themselves, for their local and small heritage. .

Łukasz Gierek

* The translation is quotes from the song “Time Machine”, song authors: Adam Otręba / Ryszard Henryk Riedel

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