God of War maker Phil Spencer after Starfield delay: ‘Go to therapy’

May 13, 2022, 4:44 pm

David Jaffe isn’t happy about the postponement of the Starfield and Redfall premiere. In his opinion, this is further evidence that Phil Spencer is a bad manager and should, as we quote, “go to therapy.”

The postponement of the new Bethesda games yesterday was a disappointment to many. After all, even a few months ago, it was confirmed that Starfield was indeed “playable from start to finish”, which made it possible to believe that the November premiere was not without controversy.

Despite this, some praised Bethesda and Microsoft’s decision, particularly in the context of Jason Schreyer’s reporting on the current status of Microsoft. starfield. However, David Jaffe is not one of them. originator God of War And twisted metal Commenting harshly on Phil Spencer’s attitude towards the delay starfield.

David Jaffe: Phil Spencer is not a great video game director

In the last episode of his podcast, he’s not primarily referring to the delay itself, but to a comment posted by Spencer. in entering the Twitter The Xbox chief said that while he fully supports giving developers time to deliver great products, he’s hearing from gamers at the same time. As a result, creators are ‘expected’ to demonstrate ‘quality and consistency’.

It was this signal that angered Jaffe, who already two years ago won the head of Xbox with inept management, which is evidenced by the lack of exclusive games for the Xbox Series X / S premiere (which, by the way, he gained Phil Spencer’s Account Locked). Now give him “advice” from his own experience:

You suck, Phil Spencer. You are me when I was 28. I knew I could design, I knew I could get business ideas, at least at that time my mind was directly connected to the zeitgeist [niem. ducha epoki – przyp. autora]. It took me seven, eight, nine months to realize I couldn’t produce any game, let alone one I was going to run. […] It made me realize that there are things we’re good at, we’re good at, and things we’re not.

Go to therapy, Phil Spencer. You are not suitable for this role. You’re not, you can’t be that guy… Man, this isn’t an isolated incident.

Creator referred to production here dark guns – FPS was developed on behalf of Sony in 1997-1999 (see interviews with GameSpot and Gamastura; via Unseen64). After the success of Twisted Metal 2, Jaffe was given complete freedom and a budget of $2 million (a staggering amount at the time), but the project never made it to market.

David Jaffe also: Phil Spencer is a visionary

While the above quote might give the impression that Jaffe has no respect for the Xbox boss, it’s not quite the truth. The creator immediately added that he considers Phil Spencer a visionary with a chance to lead a “pioneering action”, “absolutely cool” for both gamers and games as art. As long as he stays away from management:

Don’t get rid of Phil Spencer. He’s a visionary, I’d love to see him for Game Pass. If someone can pull him off his current path, he can be at the forefront of a historic move and lead the players and that form of creativity [gry wideo – przyp. aut.] Its absolutely wonderful. However, if no one gets him out of his way he hires someone who knows how to run production…

You’re very close, Phil Spencer. Your plan is good, your infrastructure for these studies is good, it’s great – [ale – przyp. autora] You cannot manage it. You cannot do this.

Jaffe also admitted the delay starfield And Redfall even before Microsoft finalized its acquisition of Bethesda. However, as you can see, he still sees this as further evidence of Spencer’s managerial ability. Especially since the new Xbox, in his opinion, still offers a very small catalog of games and there is not much to make up for it. starfield.

The only consolation for gamers who have been waiting for Bethesda’s space RPGs is the fact that the publisher will likely be showing this production soon (June 12, during the Xbox & Bethesda Game Show). starfield And Redvale It will hit the market in the first half of 2023.

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