Country house – stone facade

Unpretentious rustic style. She does not strive for a polished model, the essence of which is a subtle irregularity and a slight “wear”. Its natural and authentic look is inspired not only by nature, but also by hundreds of years of craftsmanship.

It brings to mind country houses, but in common use it focuses only on the interior, more precisely – on the kitchens and living rooms in which it appears. Exposed ceiling beams, wide panels on the floor, stone profiles, ceramics And decorative furniture handles.

Jura decorative stone on the facade

all of that Matches old chests of drawers, with brass and wicker accessoriesPictures illustrating the poetic nature of landscapes or the beauty of nature.

When deciding on a rustic style in the interior, we must remember about consistency – it is a style that loves to play with accessories, but hates when it escapes to a different aesthetic. After the living room and kitchen, it should also appear in other places, including the bypass and facade of the house.

The result in terms of arrangement, that is, an interface in a rustic style

Consistency cannot end in introducing a rustic style to the interior. The facade of our house is just as important. It’s not just about the impression we make on the guests.

Let’s remember that we are We look at her every day Getting in and out of the house, spending time on the road or in the garden, playing with the kids, or organizing a barbecue. Therefore, it must be well thought out and associated with the style that will be present in the interior.

When we think of a rustic-style interface, we can bet it The effect of old stone or brick. There are many possibilities – they are developed before us by dozens of different patterns and colors of decorative tiles. Stegu facade tiles are not only beautiful, but also frost-resistant and ideal for strong sunlight and rain.

decorative stone on the facade

When choosing a decorative stone in a rustic style, you should pay attention to its color and shape. Modern shapes, geometric patterns, shades of concrete and anthracite – such tiles will not be used here. So which one should you choose?

Calabria is unique Tile perfectly imitating Italian limestone. Ideally suited to a country estate or a home that, although close to the city, is meant to be an oasis of peace. Geometric stones of different sizes allow any assembly, at the same time reminiscent of the ancient houses of southern Europe.

Calabria decorative stone

Calabria decorative stone

Jura facade stone has a different character, although it is also ideal in shades of limestone. It is characterized by the irregular shape of the stone, hewn freely without intending to give it uniform shapes.

Zano decorative stone will be a good choice for the facade of a country house With subtle coloration and shades of sandBrown, rust, gray.

stego decorative stones In earthy colours, with a firm texture, porous and coarseA great backdrop for a whole host of accessories that will pop around the house. It is suitable for plants, green flowers, flower pots (also colorful), old farm implements or small garden architecture based on stone, wood or steel.

decorative zano stone

decorative zano stone

Rustic bricks on the facade

Brick-like tiles can create the perfect facade in a rustic style. Rustik brick is one of the best options in shades of red, beige, brown and yellow. They are all distinguished by an irregular surface, pits and abrasions, which give them a proper and mature character.

Tiles like Rustik . bricks

Tiles like Rustik . bricks

If we choose Rustik tiles, We can combine it with window and door joinery not only in white, but also in red or green Or in all shades of natural wood.

Cambridge tile is also a very good choice It brings to mind the atmosphere of beautiful parts of western England. Among the 11 designs, it is worth using a unique tile on surfaces where red is mixed with white, gray, or also with beige and pink.

Cambridge tiles ensure a sense of connection with materials made by the finest craftsmen.

Rustik . collection

Rustik tiles collection indoors

The rustic and suburban atmosphere is also suitable for rustic brick-like tiles (we especially recommend the 610 model), which They imitate old Belgian bricks. This tile, like his prototypes near Bruges and Antwerp, works very well on the facades of entire buildings.

In the case of brick facades with a rustic character, it is worth focusing on the accessories: uniformly painted fences, green spaces, “outside knick-knacks”, including flower pots, old wagon wheels, or small tasteful architecture, for example. Example for rockeries and irregular walls.

Country style loves wood

In our climate, log houses can establish themselves, but they generate a lot of work due to the need for frequent and expensive impregnation.

For this reason, Stegu created wood concrete tiles for the facades, which perfectly mirrors the look of natural wood (with corresponding roughness and knots), but is durable and does not require labor and money like natural wood (or common and expensive compounds).

Source and photos: Stego

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