But they wanted Wojciech Man out of the three? Secret news leaked

The legend of the Polish press, woich manHe is known for speaking on social and political topics.

Mann has been in public service for 55 years and can now be heard Radio Nowy Świat. The journalist decided to leave the ranks of Trójka after 19 years after Polish radio parted ways Anna Jacek – The journalist reported that she was expelled, while the station claimed that her contract had expired, and that Gatsek had not taken advantage of another offer.

“It’s not a decision I made in a second. I waved it a lot longer. But it had to collapse in the end. It kept piling up and at some point I stopped having the strength to defend the junk which felt comfortable. I feel comfortable, everyone around them is either already hit with thorns broken, or they are quietly waiting for something bad to touch them,” Mann later commented in an interview with TVN24.

As it turned out, earlier, in 2019, the broadcasting authorities planned to end cooperation with Mann. Secret Chat published secret correspondence from the private mailbox of the Prime Minister’s Office Mishaw Dorczyk. was the sender Jaroslav Zhajivsky – A journalist and then an employee in the public administration.

Wojciech Mann will be fired from Radio Three. It all came from the fact that Mann, playing Fri “Neanderthals” Decorate it in style with the comment that “some may associate this title with the prime minister who did not shake hands with the president of Gdansk,” Djajewski wrote in an email to Matthews Moraveki And two public relations specialists from the Prime Minister’s Office: Tomash Villa And Tomas Matinha.

Wiktor Świetlik (Then Director Trójka – editor’s note) with whom I spoke – hesitates. Tomorrow, Mann will be stopped by Victor, then the Ethics Committee will meet quickly and pass the verdict. And after him, Chabansky and the head of public relations want to expel Mann from the three and PR in general, “we read as well. However, he noted that such a move would be a ‘counter-effect’.”

“It will be a blow on you (Matthews Morawiecki – editor’s note). It will be a grinder of the opposition. It is not hard to imagine protests and the establishment of Mann’s media landmarks. Nor is it difficult to imagine a meeting between Mann, Tusk, Timmermann and material in foreign media: he wrote: “Look, there is Indeed, there is a system in this Poland!”.

Gajewski also added that he talked to him Robert Mazurk And Michael Majowski. “They think it’s going to be a bullet in the foot. Here we need immediate intervention (Man will be suspended tomorrow morning). With Tom Vail, we think it should end with a reprimand, no comment, no Ethics Committee, sure – otherwise, they’re a bucket of shit. On their heads ”- summed up.

Robert Mazurek and Michai Majowski confirmed that such conversations had taken place. “I spoke to Jarek Gajewski, whom I have known for 26 years from the Życie era, who does not work for the government but for the PFR. Called him with a rumor that they wanted Mann fired. We spoke in private, and I said the shooting of a journalist for playing songs is a scandal and being shot in the foot As I think that day “- commented Mazurk.

What was this really about? On June 4, 2019, Wojciech Mann and Anna Jask conducted the afternoon program In the key of the three. song announcement “Neanderthals” groups Hotelligscommented: “From the depths of the archive, I certainly dug up a song about a historical figure. In any case, it is difficult to speak of a single character, everything will be explained in an instant. Our Prime Minister who, disguised as a gentleman, dealt with a lady who tried to greet him As we have seen.”

It was a reference to the situation when Morawiecki ignored the head of Gdańsk Alexandra Dolkevichwho tried to invite him to talk to him European Solidarity Center.

The case has been referred to the Ethics Committee. “In connection with the statement of Editor Wojciech Mann, on June 4, 2019, on the ‘In the key of Trójka’ of the Polish Radio programme, which sparked controversy among many listeners, the Board of Directors of Polish Radio SA referred the matter to the Ethics Committee of Polish Radio, which It will assess whether it violates the applicable ethical standards of Polish radio ”- it was reported. But in the end, Mann missed the committee meeting.

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