Art Museum in Lodz. Advisers demand the return of director Soochan

The position of Acting Director of the Museum of Art in Lodz was changed at the end of April. Yaroslav Sushan was called to the Ministry of Culture, where he was informed that he would no longer hold this position. Minister Pyotr Glinsky appointed Andrei Bernacki in his place. – He is a painter, teacher and a very expressive person when it comes to his views in the press about Polish culture, said the Deputy Prime Minister on Radio £ód¼.

The issue of – first – the decadence and then the disposal of Jaroslav Sushan caused outrage in the cultural and political circles of لودód. For several days now, members of the city council, councilors of the municipality of ódzki and directors of other cultural institutions from لودód and all over the country have been interfering in this matter.

‘horrible relationship’

Suchan has been the director of the Art Museum since 2006. Successive parties have extended his contracts. Lodz council members raised concern in November last year about the fact that this could soon change. They organized a conference at the time in hopes of extending the next decade for Jaros³aw Suchan or organizing a competition for the position of director. It did not. Suchan – from one of the directors – became a satisfactory duty, and then Lodz-based Gazeta Wyborcza wrote that the ministry was looking for a candidate “easier to collaborate”.

Why wasn’t the competition announced then? – asks Carolina Kipka, adviser to the Civic Coalition and chair of the city’s culture committee. – Now the Minister has appointed Mr. Andre Bernacki to this post. It is a plan to take over the most important cultural institutions in Poland. The Art Museum is a place that dates back to the history of the avant-garde. I am afraid that director Sushan’s achievements over sixteen years will be lost. It’s a very appalling matter – the councilman is indignant.

The Art Museum is jointly operated by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage with the Lodz County Marshall. Therefore, members of the KO Council want Marshal Grzegorz Schreiber (PiS) to influence a change in the minister’s decision. This, however, remains silent on the matter. – This is not the initiative of the Marshal, but the Ministry. We do not comment on this issue, Magdalena Kaminska, a spokeswoman for her, says.

Consultants want fair competition

Lodz City Council members stress that they do not want to criticize Andre Bernacki. Most of them do not know him personally except through press reports. However, they demand a fair competition that will select the best candidate. – It seems to me that it is not easy to replace some people – says Anna Rabiga, a member of the KO District Council. – Mr. Jaroslaw Sochan is the architect of the entire Art Museum. She is a great personality. He is also a curator and an expert on artefacts for the Museum of London. The loss of such a person is the loss of Lodz, the province, as well as Poland. He led our city’s art museum to the heights.

– Unfortunately, Mr. Andrzej Biernacki does not have such an experience – echoed Councilman Marcin Bugajski (KO) who described the top-down change in the position of acting director as “the politicization of the art museum”.

Council members mention that Sochan has many achievements to his credit. During his tenure, a branch of the Manufactura Art Museum was opened, and he sponsored several exhibitions of contemporary and modern art. Thanks to his activities, the works of Duchamp, Mondrian and Picasso reached Lodz. He is a well-known and respected author of texts on the avant-garde and modernity. He was awarded the Silver Medal “For Merit to Culture by Gloria Artes” for the revival of the exhibition and educational program, greatly increasing attendance at the Museum of Art. He loves visiting museums. Crowds come for his rides.

Andrzej Bernacki, new acting director, graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, painter and owner of a private gallery. He runs the Browarna Gallery in owicz. He is also an educator, art critic, journalist and publisher, as well as being a member of many art competitions, including. With them. W³adys³aw Strzemiñski in ód. He lectured at the Academy of Fine Arts in ód, is a member of the program board and a journalist at the Gallery of Contemporary Art in Nowy Sącz. He is also founder and president of the Mazowiecka Social and Cultural Foundation and former editor-in-chief of the cultural diary ‘CDN’ and the local government magazine ‘£owicz’.

Online, signatures are being collected under the petition for the appointment of the Minister of Culture, André Bernacki, as Acting Director of the Art Museum in ódŸ. Its authors assert that they oppose this change and the way it was made. “We believe that the change in the director’s position at Muzeum Sztuki was carried out contrary to good morals. Our protest was also raised by the resignation of the current director. This action threatens the continuation of the Foundation’s program “- they write.

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