What music is played outside in Windsor?

Have you ever wondered what kind of music the Queen of Great Britain, Elizabeth II and other members of the British Royal Family like William, Kate and Harry listen to? The Queen recently revealed what the loudspeakers at Buckingham Palace heard with a list of her ten favorite songs. Classical music may appear to be favored by the royal family, but it is not! Check out the Widnsor family’s favorite pieces!

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What do you listen to Queen Elizabeth II?

The Queen loves theater and musicals in particular ShowboatAnd Oklahoma And Annie, get your gun. The British head of state’s cousin, Lady Elizabeth Anson, asserts that the Queen has a great sense of rhythm and dances fantastically. As a little girl, Elizabeth learned the waltz, the Viennese waltz, the foxtrot, the quick step, and the samba. She is also well versed in military music, enjoying military parades using huge Scottish bagpipes, bass drums, tenor drums and bass drums. A relative of Elizabeth II says there is always music in Kensington Palace, including often the family sings together at dinner. Take a Lambeth walk.

The full list of Queen Elizabeth II’s favorite works:

  • Regiment March MilanoloAnd
  • The Lord is my shepherdAnd
  • Lester Lanin – Medley,
  • Leaning on the lamppost – George Formby,
  • cheek to cheek – Fred Astaire,
  • sing – Gary Barlow with the Commonwealth Band and Military Wives.

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What is Prince Harry listening?

The younger brother of the heir to the British throne is a fan of the unseen. In 2010, during a private concert at Buckingham Palace, Prince Harry had the opportunity to meet the English producer under the pseudonym Skream. Harry loves his music and was very happy to meet the artist in person. In 2007, at the invitation of Prince Harry to London, celebrities such as Diddy and Kanye West attended a specially organized concert at Wembley Stadium on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the death of Princess Diana. Notably, a veritable galaxy of stars appeared at the ceremony, including Nelly Furtado, Fergie, Elton John, Joss Stone, Tom Jones, Andrea Bocelli, Take That, and Anastacia.

Prince Harry

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What are Prince William and Kate Middleton listening to?

Prince William, unlike his younger brother, prefers stronger voices, such as Coldplay and Linkin Park, and artists of the younger generation, such as Justin Bieber. The heir to the British throne admitted that he was very fond of the manor never say never. However, his song of all time is the legendary Beatles song yesterday. But what does Prince William listen to with his wife? Ellie Goulding was invited to William and Kate’s wedding, and she sang the song your song From Elton John’s repertoire, where the couple performed their first dance. Elle revealed that attending such a wedding was an unusual event that she will remember for the rest of her life.

Princess Kate and Prince William, Bahamas, 3/26/2022

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What is Prince Charles listening to?

Many people mistakenly attribute Prince Charles to his passion for classical music only. In one of the interviews, the aristocrat admitted that he is a huge fan of rock artist Leonard Cohen. The list of musical idols of Elizabeth II’s son also includes The Three Degrees, Diana Ross and Edith Piaf.

Prince Charles target list:

  • Don’t rain on my parade– Barbra Streisand,
  • Life Rosary – Edith Piaf,
  • Upside down – Diana Ross,
  • the sound – Emir Quinn,
  • click song – Miriam Makeba,
  • you are a lady – Peter Skellerna,
  • no mer – Charles Trinette.
Prince Charles

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The royal family has a very pleasant taste in music, which, contrary to appearances, is not based solely on classical music. When looking for new and interesting songs, it is worth listening to the proposals of the kings, because perhaps the favorite song of Elizabeth II will also become your number one. Which song from the above list would you like to listen to?

The royal family of music

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