“Voices from the End of the World” is the slogan for the 36th Contemporary Art Days [PROGRAM]

Contemporary Art Days is one of the oldest festivals on the cultural map of Białystok. He has always dealt with the problems and challenges of the modern world. This year it will be no different. The 36th edition of the festival begins on May 23.

picture: Anna Kulikowska

From left: Grażyna Dworakowska and Katarzyna Kruszewska

“Voices from the End of the World” is the slogan of the 36th Days of Contemporary Art, because the world we are used to seems to be coming to an end. This year the festival takes place on May 23-29.

The durability of this project proves to be absolutely essential. Thinking about this year’s program, I remember the 80s, when the Days of Contemporary Art was founded. It was an alternative theater cry for the reality of the time. Today’s reality may be different, but it is also difficult, not only in Poland, but also in neighboring countries, in the world, because it concerns not only climate, geopolitical, political and national problems, but also cultural ones. Grażyna Dworakowska, director of the Biaystok Cultural Centre, said this year’s edition will be a kind of artist’s outcry as opposed to what’s going on.

The festival is longer than the organizers assumed in the first edition.

“I think it will be very interesting, very modern, and we will let some events reflect, and it will certainly give us a lot to think about,” encouraged Dworakowska.

fun program

The weekly program of Contemporary Art Days is very rich and varied. There will be 12 creative events and 5 meetings with creators. The program includes 6 shows, including 2 outdoor shows, 4 large shows and 2 theater performances. In addition, one outdoor show, two exhibitions, a concert, a discussion board and a film screening are planned.

– We start on Monday 23rd of May with a big theatrical show. It is the play “The Heart” directed by Wiktor Baginsky. It will be the performance of TR Warszawa, which will be hosted in Białystok for the first time. Every year we try to invite new guests who didn’t come here – said Katarzyna Kroszewska, Coordinator of Days of Contemporary Art. – We have arranged the program so that there is one event every day during the week, while there will definitely be more on the weekend. We try to adapt to the capabilities of our audience.

On Tuesday (May 24), you will be able to watch the independent small theatrical production “Quantum Physics. Dialogues Never Held” directed by Julia Wisinska and with her in the main role. On Wednesday (25 May) there will be two exhibitions: Andrieia Dostlieva “Okupacja” and “Granice humanind”.

Andrey Dostlev is a Ukrainian artist who has lived in Poznan for many years. He fled Ukraine after the first hybrid war began in 2014, following Russia’s attack on Donetsk. The second, no less important exhibition, “The Frontiers of Humanity” presents the work of eight photographers who have traveled and documented the humanitarian crisis on the Polish-Belarusian border in recent months. After the opening, there will be a meeting with the creators of the exhibition “The Frontiers of Humanity” – declares Katarzyna Kruszewska.

The only film screening during the festival will take place on the Wednesday after the meeting. This is a preview of the movie “Ahed’s Knee” Der. Nadava Lapida. The lecture will be moderated by Magdalena Phyllis.

On Thursday, May 26, you will be able to watch Jana Shostak’s “Krzykucha. Stand up (For Your Rights) Comedy.” It is difficult to classify. It is a show created by Jana Shostak in the form of a pause. It brings up a difficult topic, said with black humor, described by Kruszewska.

On Friday (May 27) you will be able to take part in the open-air show of the Polish dance theater “Romeos & Julias unplagued. Traumstadt” designed by Yoshiko Waki. The extraordinary show will take place in Planty Park, next to the main fountain.

The festival will begin on Saturday (28.05) with a panel discussion entitled “Commitment and Impartiality. Art in a Time of Danger” led by Edwin Bendick, and the guests will be: Jana Shostak, Lea Dostleva, Karol Grigoruk and Igor Shugaliev. On the same day there will be a concert for Łona, Webber & The Pimps at Klub Fama. The day of the festival will end with the performance of Igor Shugaliev “375 0908 2334 – The body you are calling is currently unavailable”, which was planned in the courtyard of the Third Secondary School in Białystok.

And the last day of the festival, which is Sunday (May 29), is a series of two performances: “Paradise. The Flood”, monastery. Grzegorz Jaremko of the Theater Studio and “1.8 M”, monastery. Ivan Verebayev Theater Noy in Warsaw.

Detailed program

always updated

The graphics for this year’s Contemporary Art Days were created by Mikita Rasulka, a Belarusian designer and painter, who came from Minsk and currently lives in Wroclaw.

– I think that this bird with its paws attached to these colors, which are associated with strong feelings, experiences and a state of constraint that every human being is now going through, is quite enough – added Grażyna Dworakowska.

The topics discussed during the days of contemporary art are incredibly modern, artists from Belarus and Ukraine are invited. The organizers want to create a space for deep and sometimes challenging experiments. But it’s always thought provoking.

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