Ukrainian Ambassador Andrey Melnik. In the fight for Ukraine’s good reputation, he introduced a new style of democracy

Andrei Melnik’s calendar, according to embassy spokeswoman Victoria Kononenko, is full to the limit. You have to wait weeks for the interview with the ambassador. He appears on television news and political talk shows several times a week.

After they are broadcast in German media, we can often read that It was hot in the studio. His recent appearance on the show Anne Will on ARD TV has also been described by several portals full of emotions. Spiegel Online even wrote about escalating the situation in the studio due to Melnik hit some German intellectualsWho called on the German chancellor not to send heavy weapons to Ukraine. The ambassador’s reply was short:- It’s easy to sit in the professor’s room and philosophize.

The Ukrainian ambassador did not spare bitter words for the German authorities about how St. Petersburg was. Germany Victory Dayfor example, without the use of Ukrainian symbols and flags.

He commented on this on Twitter The Berlin police’s decision described it as “scandalous”. And the mayor of the German capital demanded that this decision be immediately rescinded. He told reporters at the RND portal live:- Cheek for Ukraine, Cheek for the Ukrainian people.

Ukrainian ambassador faces Berlin Also with senior politicians and if he doesn’t like something, he talks about it directly, without a diplomatic smokescreen. appointed German chancellor “offensive pie” (org. beleidigte Leberwurst) after Olaf Schulz He did not decide to go to Kyiv, because information was spread all over the world that the German president, Frank-Walter Steinmeier, would be unwelcome in Ukraine.

Many German politicians reacted indignantly to these words, including the organizer of the prestigious Munich Security Conference, Wolfgang Ischinger. Melnik reminded that he is an accredited ambassador to Germany and that his words could harm Ukraine.

The former president of the Bundestag, Wolfgang Thiersee of the Social Democratic Party, also joined the critics of the colorful style of the Ukrainian ambassador, who said in an interview with the newspaper “Sächsischen Zeitung” that Melnik reminds him of the Soviet ambassador to the German Democratic Republicwho was also a strong player, but unlike Melnyk, he didn’t make it public.

There is no doubt that Andrei Melnik is an ambassador Like Assad he fights for Ukraine’s good reputation, and as a diplomat, he does so in a controversial way. His conviction that such a style of diplomacy was appropriate was perhaps reinforced by President Zelensky’s dismissal of several ambassadors for underrepresenting their country in diplomatic missions. This is what happened, among other things, with the Ukrainian ambassador to Morocco.

And we hope his strategy will not fail, because sometimes, when you keep hitting the other side, the partner, instead of opening up, will have had enough and won’t want to talk. In short…it will be difficult to deal with matters to which diplomats are called.

Thomas Legman, correspondent for Polsat News and Interia

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